Mizu Towel: 10 Best Quick Dry Cotton Towels You Can Buy Online

Mizu Towel: 10 Best Quick Dry Cotton Towels You Can Buy Online

Looking for a towel that is more hygienic, convenient to use, and offer luxury? - The answer is quick dry towels!

These towels are easy to use and travel-friendly as you don't have to wait for hours to use them again. In addition, the super absorbent towels can resist odor, mildew, and can also fight bacteria.

This is exactly why quick dry towels are getting more and more popular. If you add cotton as a material into the mix, these convenient towels become even more luxurious, soft, and comfortable to use.


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10 Best Quick Dry Cotton Towels You Can Buy Online

The good thing is, you can find hundreds of options available in the market, mostly made of cotton and microfiber. However, in this article, we have listed only cotton towels as they offer superior softness and luxurious feel.

Towel Material  Size
Mizu Towel Japanese Cotton

27.5 x 55 inches

12 x 27.5 inches

AmazonBasics Bath Towel 100% Cotton 54 x 30 inches
Waffle Towels 100% Long-Staple Turkish Cotton 56 x 30 inches
Wayfair Basics Quick Dry Cotton Towel Set
100% Cotton
27 x 52 inches
Plush Bath Towel 100% Organic Cotton

30 x 58 inches

Pinzon Luxury Bath Towel 100% Cotton 56 x 30 inches
Superior Luxury Bath Towel 100% Long-Staple Combed Cotton 30 x 55 inches
Resort Cotton Bath Towels 100% Long-Staple Turkish Cotton 30 x 58 inches
The Onsen Bath Towel 100% Supima Cotton 31 x 57 inches
Pottery Barn Quick Dry organic Bath Towel 65% Organic Cotton 35% Lyocell Tencel 28 x 55 inches

Mizu Towel

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First on our list is Mizu Towel, and for all the right reasons. Made of Japanese cotton, it is one of the most absorbent towels on our list. The cotton is also called Xinjiang cotton, as it is manufactured in Xinjiang. As specific centuries-old Japanese crafting techniques are used, hence the name Japanese cotton.

However, super-absorbent Japanese cotton is not the only thing that makes Mizu Towel one of the best quick dry cotton towels. It also comes with some other amazing features like softness, durability, ability to fight against bacteria, and stripes that change color as the towel gets dirty.

Smart, isn't it? So now you know exactly when you need to wash your towel. Mizu Towel not only absorbs water quickly, but it also dries really fast. On average, you can expect Mizu Towel to dry three times faster than an ordinary towel, even when it can absorb water up to five times its weight.

To put it in simple words, Mizu Towel is a fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, offering you both luxury and convenience. The bath towel is available in the size of 27.5 x 55 and 12 x 27.5 inches, making it perfect to cover your body after a good bath or as a hand towel.


  • Available in two sizes for bath and hand towel
  • The design uses twisted yarn weave for strength
  • Affordable price
  • Excellent option for people with sensitive skin
  • Available only in one color combination

Three-Piece AmazonBasics Bath Towel


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Second, on our list comes from AmazonBasics. The quick dry cotton bath towel is available in eight different colors, allowing you more options to choose your favorite color. The three-piece set includes a washcloth, hand towel, and bath towel.

The durable towel is made of 100% cotton that offers both durability and softness. As it absorbs moisture really fast, it offers you a cozy feel every time you use it. The tear-resistant material is also OEKO-TEX Standard certified, offering you premium quality.

It weighs only 400 grams, while loop construction is Zero Twist, which is different from most cotton towels that use Ring Spun.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Perfect to use in areas with high humidity


  • Light colors like white get dirty quickly
  • Not an anti-bacterial towel
Waffle Towels
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Made with 100% long-staple Turkish cotton, the Waffle Towel is next up on our list. These towels come with a ¼-inch self hem, which gives them a clean, modern feel. If you prefer products that are safe for both the environment and for your health, then this is the towel for you. Free from harmful synthetic dyes, these towels are the safer bet for you and the environment.

However, as it is with most fabrics that use natural dyes, these towels are also susceptible to discoloration. The color might fade away when exposed to certain chemicals. So, if you use skincare products that contain ingredients like benzoyl peroxide, we suggest you choose a white towel to avoid discoloration. This also means that washing these towels may require a bit of extra effort.


  • 100% long-staple Turkish cotton
  • Uses natural dyes
  • Environment-friendly


  • Expensive
  • Susceptible to discoloration
  • Washing requires a little extra effort and care
Wayfair Basics Quick Dry Cotton Towel Set
quick dry cotton towels


The highly absorbent Wayfair Basics Quick Dry Cotton Towel Set is a great buy at a reasonable price. This set of six towels includes two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. Given the hypoallergenic nature of these towels, they can cater to a wider range of clients. If you have sensitive skin, this towel will be great for you.

The Wayfair towels are quite lightweight and are made of 100% cotton. This multi-size set requires little effort to wash and dry. The terry cloth weave, combined with the dobby weave border, gives the towel a classic look.

While the product description claims this towel set is plush, customer reviews tell a different story. The reviews reveal that the towels are on more on the thinner side. However, if you don’t mind thinner towels, these would be great for you.


  • Lightweight
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Reasonable price
  • Comes in a set of six


  • Thin
  • Bath towel size is a bit small
Plush Bath Towel

    luxury bath towels


    If you want to cocoon yourself in an oversized luxurious towel, the Plush Bath Towel is the pick for you. This fluffy, absorbent towel is made with 100% organic cotton. Not only does it provide uncompromising quality, but the production of the towels is also done in an ethical manner. So, there are no moral complications that you need to worry about.

    The ultra low-twist yarn of these soft and fluffy towels makes them last quite a long time. Moreover, the high pile height and the two-ply organic yarn give the towels a plush, luxurious feel.

    If you’re on a budget, this towel might not be the best option for you. While it is more expensive than most towels, the design and quality make it worth the price. People who prefer vibrant colors will probably be disappointed by the very limited and dull color range of these towels.


    • Ethical production
    • Organic
    • Durable
    • Expensive
    • Available in limited colors
    Pinzon Luxury Bath Towel

    luxury towels online


    Designed with a classic pique border, the Pinzon Luxury Bath Towel is made of 100% cotton. This towel is quick to absorb and dry, despite the fact that it is densely woven. The thick woven loops of the 2-ply yarn strengthen the fabric and add to the longevity of the towel.

    A plus point of this towel is that it is certified by Oeko-Tex for ecologically safe textile production. This ensures that the production of this towel is done in high safety and environmental standards.

    This towel is a bit heavy and isn’t ideal for travel. However, the extra weight isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You can assess the quality and performance of a towel through its weight. Heavier towels tend to be more absorbent. High-density towels provide a luxurious, spa-like feel and can be more substantial than low-density towels. While high-density towels do take up more time to dry, they balance it out with their coziness.


    • Certified as ecologically safe
    • Durable
    • Substantial, luxurious feel
    • Heavier
    • Limited color options
    Superior Luxury Bath Towel

    best quality towels


    The Superior Luxury Bath Towel is a 100% premium long-staple combed cotton that provides users with the ultimate experience of luxury. Available in a set of two, these towels have a double-ply weave, which not only adds to the density and thickness but also makes it more absorbent.

    Soft, fluffy, and colorful, these towels not only feel great, but they can also liven up your bathroom.

    A little care is required to wash these towels. While the towels can be washed in the machine, using drying sheets or fabric softeners can decrease their absorbency. Be sure to carefully read and follow the instructions on the care label.


    • Thick
    • Available in a wide range of colors
    • Heavy 
    • Washing towels requires care

    Resort Cotton Bath Towels

    luxury towels online


    Perfect for five-star hotels and luxury spas, the Resort Cotton Bath Towel is crafted with 100% long-staple Turkish cotton. This towel is soft, plush, and absorbent. Its Zero Twist process not only gives it a plush feel, but it also strengthens the yarn of the towel. Furthermore, the 5-inch border provides ample space for an elegant monogram.

    However, this towel is vulnerable to certain chemicals present in some skincare products. These chemicals may cause discoloration of the towel. We suggest reading through the care instructions once to ensure the best use of towels.


    • Wide range of colors
    • Durable
    • Risk of discoloration
    The Onsen Bath Towel

    quick dry towels
    The next on our list is made of American-grown extra-long-staple Supima cotton, but with lattice weave, also called honeycomb or waffle. The smooth towel is soft and absorbs humidity and water quickly. However, it also dries quickly.

    The towel is available in four different colors, which include white, oatmeal, cinder grey, and denim blue. Even though it comes with a large size of 31 x 57 inches, it is still lightweight. The design and style include curvy weave, which not only makes it look good but also offers better softness.
    As it is made of long cotton fibers, it is more durable than many other options. However, it may feel extra thin to some people. In addition, the towel doesn't offer anti-bacterial properties like Mizu Towel.


    • Durably built and unique design
    • Different color options to choose from

    • Too thin
    • Not as soft as some other on our list
    Pottery Barn Quick Dry organic Bath Towel

    quick dry cotton towels


    Unlike other products on our list, the Pottery Barn is not made of 100% cotton. Instead, the towel material is 35% Lyocell Tencel and 65% pure organic towel. This unique mix makes it softer, more luxurious in feel, and even more absorbent.

    Available in five different colors, the towels are also large in size and weighs around 550 grams. The towel set features a washcloth, a hand towel, and a bath towel that measures 28 x 55 inches.

    The product is also GOTS certified, which ensures its high-quality and durability. The material is also easy to wash as it is machine washable. Just make sure you are washing it in warm water with non-chlorine bleach.

    The towels offer you the best plush and nice touch, as they are constructed with a 500-GSM. Overall, these are comfortable quick-dry towels that are good for those who want to buy organic products.


    • Comfortable and soft
    • Offers a plush and luxurious touch
    • Organic towel
    • Available in a set of three

    • Not 100% cotton
    • Not as absorbent as some other options on our list

    What Makes a Cotton Towel a High-Quality Quick Dry Towel?

    So what is the difference between an ordinary cotton towel and the quick dry cotton towel? Well, when a cotton towel absorb a lot of water, and thus, remain wet for a longer period, the quick-dry towel dry much faster.

    This is because of various reasons. First, the material is constructed with smarter and latest techniques that make the cotton dry faster. Second, the quick dry towels are thinner and weigh less. The overall size is also moderate, as they are not bulky. The larger the size, the more time it takes to dry.

    One of the key features to look for is weight. The lighter the towel is, the better it is for fast drying.

    Smart Towel

    Final Verdict

    Almost all on our list are some of the best quick dry cotton towels out there.

    They are all made of high-quality cotton, absorbs water and humidity, and dry quickly. However, the smart features like color-changing stripes and anti-bacterial material make Mizu Towel the best option out of our top ten!

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