How to Identify Quick Dry Cotton Towels

When you are heading to the gym, traveling, hitting the beach, or taking a shower, your bath and hand towel are one of the essential items you can’t leave behind. But do you know that not just any towel but quick dry cotton towels can make a lot of difference? - It can help prevent smelly mildew and odors, get rid of wet messes, and alleviate hassles.

When you are shopping for the best quick dry cotton bath towels, you will find out that there are thousands of towels that claim to fast dry. If you are not very careful, you will take the fake ones to be the high-quality luxury cotton bath towels. This article will show you how to identify quick dry cotton towels to help you make the right choice and reduce the risk of falling victim to counterfeiters.

What Are Quick Dry Cotton Towels?

Quick dry cotton towels are luxury cotton bath towels that are highly absorbent, soft, lightweight, and can dry within a few hours after using them so they can be ready for use again. They are the best quality bathroom towels and high quality hand towels that are perfect for travel, especially when you are going to a place where you won’t have time to spread your towels in the sunlight.

Why You Need Quick Cotton Bath Towels


  • If there are lots of places you want to visit and you plan to be in a new location every one to two days, you will need a quick dry cotton towel. Putting a wet towel in your bag after having your bath in the morning is the last thing you want to do. Wet luxury soft towel can result in bad odors and mildew.

  • When you are traveling, time is valuable, and getting your skin dry faster can help you save more time. Quick dry cotton towels can be a perfect option to bridge the gap.

  • When you are going to the gym or going on a summer vacation to the beach, you need a towel that won’t take up much space in your bag. Luxury cotton bath towels that dry faster, take up less room. Some quick dry cotton towels are small. You can even hook up most of them outside your bag.

  • If you are a scuba diver who needs to get dry between dives, quick dry cotton towels may be what you need because they dry on back to back dives.

  • If you need a mat to lie down unto or sit on, quick dry cotton towels can help you in situations like these.

  • If you need a yoga mat in case of emergencies, luxury cotton towels that dry quickly can be used because they are often non-slippery.

  • If you are going on a long bus journey, or your dorm room is freezing, fast drying towels can keep you warm by serving as a perfect blanket.

  • Quick dry cotton towels don’t stink or smell even if you don’t dry them under the sun.

  • They don’t require lots of maintenance like traditional towels.

  • If you are going camping, luxury cotton bath towels that dry faster are a perfect way to freshen up.

What Makes Up A Quick Dry Cotton Towel?

A lot of features make up a quick dry cotton towel, and these include the material it is constructed of, the weight, size or dimension, and more.

  • Material

If you search for the best fast drying towels on Google, most of the results suggest that luxury soft towels made of microfiber are the best choice. This may not be true in all cases. Some luxury soft towels that are cotton-blended or 100-percent made of cotton can also be a good option for people looking for quick dry towels for their next trip. Fast-drying towels made of cotton materials that are constructed using innovative techniques do a better job than some microfiber towels. A good example of a quick dry cotton towel available in the market is the Mizu Towel. They are Japanese cotton bath towels that use proprietary technology to dry 3-times faster than most cotton towels and average bath and hand towels in the market.

  • Weight

If you have a wet, thick clothing such as jeans and a wet thin clothe, which one will dry faster? Of course, it is the wet cloth that is thin and lightweight. The same thing works for towels too. Quick dry cotton towels are luxury cotton bath towels that are lightweight. When you hold them, they are not too heavy neither do they feel too light in your hands. Even though heavier and thicker towels are generally known to very absorbent and soft, excellently manufactured and engineered quick dry cotton towels such as Mizu Towel and some others also have these characteristics. Absorbency and softness are not given up for lightweight. 

  • Size or dimension 

Generally, bulkier or bigger soft absorbent bath towels takes more time to dry than smaller luxury soft towels. So, quick-dry cotton towels are often small in size. Take note that there are some large towels and even oversized best quality bathroom towels that dry faster.

  • Antimicrobial treatment

Even though this may not be one of the key features that make up fast drying high quality hand towels and best quality bathroom towels, some quick dry cotton towels come with antimicrobial treatment. An example of this kind of towels is the Mizu towels that self-clean and are also bacteria detecting towels. They are smart bath towels that let you know when they come in contact with sweat, chemicals, bacteria, and other contaminants.

Check here for other general features that you need to look out for when selecting the best quick dry cotton towels.

How Do You Identify Quick Dry Towels?

    Research about the top quick dry cotton towels available; this is a good way to start. You can’t just work up to a store and pick a luxury soft towel that you don’t know anything about its quality and features. Researching fast drying towels will give you an excellent and general knowledge of how they look like. Some tips that can help you identify quick dry cotton towels are: 

    • Quick dry towels are often made of microfiber, and some are made of cotton. But it is advisable you choose the ones made of cotton if you want the best water absorbing towels and luxury soft towels that at the same time quick dry. Look for towels constructed with Xinjiang cotton. Japanese cotton bath towels have all you are looking for in a towel from great water absorbency and softness to durability and quick dry. A perfect example of this type of towels is a smart bath towel known as Mizu Towel.

    • Most quick dry towels available are lightweight. So, look out for lightweight towels. Don’t misinterpret this. A lightweight towel does not mean thin towels. Thin towels, especially ones made of cotton, may not offer you all other features except that they can dry quickly. Look out for lightweight luxury cotton bath towels with dense loops. Ensure you don’t see the bottom or see through the towel.

    • Buy from top brands of quick dry cotton towels. Most of the top brands of quick dry cotton bath towels do what they claim. So when they tell you their towels quick dry believe it but not without reading what their customers have been saying about the claim. This is one of the best ways to identify a genuine luxury cotton bath towel that dries quickly.

    • Another sure way to identify quick dry cotton towels is to buy from the brands’ official website. Buying from random online stores may have a high risk of falling victim to counterfeit quick dry cotton towels.

    • The best quick dry cotton bath towels that will serve you for long often come with close and secure stitching, and neatly folded edges. So, look out for this feature as it is a sign of high-quality craftsmanship.

    • As a general rule of thumb, quick dry cotton towels are small in size, but there can sometimes be an exception. Some brands are large and still fast dry. The size depends on what you want. Just ensure you are buying from manufacturers who do what they claim.

    How to Care For Quick Dry Cotton Towels to Make Them Last Longer

    • Take a careful look at the instruction manual – depending on the brand, reading the instruction manual will keep you informed on how to use the towel, and the type of soap to use for the towel. Also, it will show you how to wash the towel and some other essential things that will make the quick dry cotton towels serve you for long.

    • Wash the quick dry cotton towel for a few times – you need to get rid of color before using your luxury cotton bath towels to get the best out of them. Also, washing them a few times will also ensure they don’t leave fabric pieces on your body. You need to soak some quick dry cotton towels overnight before you wash them for the first time. Take note that this depends on the instruction manual.

    • Use the perfect washing soap – the right soap will help you alleviate or even remove the factory smell on the towel.

    • Don’t wash the towel with other clothes, especially if their color is different.

    • While on the trip, let your towel dry out in the air when you have a chance. Also, wash your quick dry cotton towel properly and spread it outside to dry under the sun.

    • Store you quick dry cotton bath towel properly by folding it away or hanging it in your closet.

    • Use an ultrasonic cleaner like Sonic Soak that is ideal to wash your luxury soft towels gently and deeply, without damaging them. 

    How to Store Quick Dry Cotton Bath Towels

    Having clumps of wet towels on the floor or in your luggage is never a good idea. Some of the best ways to store your luxury cotton bath towels are:

    quick dry cotton towels

    • Displaying them on the rope inside your bathroom. This storage idea ensures the quick dry cotton bath towel takes little to no space in your bathroom.

    • You can stack the fast drying towel on the chair

    • Arrange them in baskets. You can organize the bath and hand towels on the bottom and put your washcloths on the top

    • There are stainless-steel bases that can be fixed to the wall so you can stack your quick dry cotton towels on them.

    • You can store the best quality bathroom towels and high quality hand towels in a hanging box

    • Your quick dry cotton towel can be stored by rolling them on a wine rack.

    • Also, you store them in the shelf, drawers, or inside the closet

    How to Wash Quick Dry Towel to Keep Them Fluffy

    • Don’t use too much detergent. It will prevent the luxury soft towel from rinsing clean. This will cause the towel to be stiff instead of fluffy

    • Wash your quick dry cotton towel in cold water with the help of an ultrasonic clothes washer. It helps to keep the true towel colors, prevent shrinkage at the seams, and also work for some stains.

    • Let towels dry naturally. Even if you use a tumble dryer, remove the bath and hand towels before they dry completely. It prevents a reduction in the towel’s absorbency and also alleviates damage to the fibers.

    • Do not use fabric softener to wash your quick dry cotton towels. Also, you can avoid pilling of the towel by washing it separately.

    Shop Quick Dry Cotton Bath Towels

    quick dry cotton bath towels

    With the excellent knowledge of how to identify quick dry cotton towels, we believe you should not have a problem shopping for the best luxury cotton towels that fast dry. Remember to look out for the type of cotton it is constructed with, the weight (is it lightweight, heavyweight, or thin), the size, the brand, and other essential features. Remember, buying from trustworthy sellers of quick dry cotton bath towels can reduce the risk of buying counterfeit towels that claim to fast dry.