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Why Japanese Cotton Bath Towels Are the Most Absorbent Towel

Do you know that absorbency is one of the most important factors to consider when investing in bath towels for your home?Unfortunately, not all towels absorb water very well, but the good news is that Japanese cotton bath towels, like the well-known Mizu Towel, are the fastest to absorb water and they are reliable!

From the artisanal crafting techniques and maximum durability to the extra size, thickness, and other exceptional features Japanese bath towels stand tall as the most absorbent towel.


Read further to find out more about why the hand and bath towels made of Japanese cotton have the highest absorbency.


Cotton Bath Towel


    What Are Japanese Cotton Bath Towels Exactly?

    Japanese cotton towels, like Mizu Towels, are one of the few high-quality hand towels and best quality bath towels you can get in the market. They are made of Xinjiang cotton. This type of cotton is produced in China, precisely Xinjiang; one of the top cotton-producing states in the country. The stables of Xinjiang cotton are thins and long, and they measure up to 4cm.

    What Are The Factors That Make A Towel Absorbent?

    1. Size – The higher the surface area of a towel, the more ability to absorb water. For example, if you pour a glass of water on the table and have a handkerchief and kitchen towel which do you think will absorb more of the water? Of course, it is the kitchen towel because it has a bigger size. The same thing works for bath towels. Larger bath towels tend to absorb more water from your body than smaller towels. Some hyper absorbent towels, like Mizu Towels, can hold water up to five times of their size.

    2. Construction material – towels are constructed with different fabric types, and these include bamboo, microfiber, cotton, and others. Of all the fabrics, cotton is the most absorbent material. So it means a cotton towel will absorb more moisture than a microfiber, bamboo, or any other towel.

    Do you know why? Cotton fibers have a lot of space between them. The spaces allow more water to enter when the luxury cotton bath towel comes in contact with water. However, to burst your bubbles, Japanese cotton is the most absorbent of other types of cotton, like Bima, Egyptian, and more. One prime example of Japanese cotton is Mizu Towel. This is because of the cotton structure, capillary action, and hydrophilic properties.

    3. Thickness and density – these two factors vary with different fabrics. Even though they are also playing a role in determining how absorbent a towel is, it is important that you know that density and thickness are two different variables. The thickness of a towel is determined by how much space the fabric takes up. But on the other hand, the density of a bath towel is determined by how tightly the fibers are packed together. This means a luxury cotton bath towel with tightly packed fibers (high density) and high thickness will absorb moisture than luxury soft towels with lower density and thickness.

    What Makes Japanese Cotton Bath Towels the Most Absorbent Towel?

    japanese cotton bath towels

    Check the quick comparison table below!

    Material type Japanese cotton towels  Other towels
    Crafting techniques Cotton is harvested by hand, traditionally processed using a low-speed machine that protects the fibers from damage, few chemicals are used for dying, and iron-free and heavy metal-free water are used in the process. All this contributes to high absorbency Most materials such as microfiber, bamboo, and other cotton types are harvested by modern machines which damage the fibers, a lot of chemicals and softener are used to achieve coloring, and some manufacturers use hard water to wash the towels. All these reduce absorbency
    Size Most are oversized for more convenience and absorbency Most have a regular size of 38-inches by 20-inches
    Thread count and loops A higher thread count of up to 600 GSM and denser loops The highest thread count you often get is 400 GSM, and the loops are often less dense
    Weave Most Japanese cotton bath towels often feature twisted yearn or terry weave which delivers the highest level of absorbency They sometimes come in terry weave but often come in chambray, waffle, lattice, gauze, and ribbing weaves. These entire weave types absorb moisture less than the twisted yearn weave.

    1. The artisanal crafting techniques

    The Island region of Imabari is home to most of the manufacturers of towel (60-percent) in Japan. In this location, the production of towels has been their specialty for more than 200 years. As I mentioned earlier, Xinjiang cotton is used in the construction of these types of towels. The fibers of Xinjiang cotton are undamaged without bends, more uniform, durable, and stress-resistant because the cotton is harvested by hand.

    How is the Xinjiang cotton processed to Bath and hand towels?

    Low-speed, traditional machine weave each Japanese cotton bath towel gently to ensure the integrity of the threads is maintained. If you take a careful look at the towels in the market, most of them are heavily processed. Also, many manufacturers use softeners and chemicals to give hand and bath towels coloring. For the Japanese cotton bath towels, they are dyed with few chemicals, and this help to conserve the natural softness of the towels.

    When this is done, the towels are washed with a lot of soft, spring water from the melted snow of Japan’s Mount Inamura and Ishizuchi. The water is low in heavy metal and iron, and that is what makes it soft. Washing the towel with the soft water ensures that every thread is impurity-free. Since the quality of water is crucial when producing a towel, the soft water makes Japanese cotton bath towels soft and highly effective at absorbing water.

    2. Upgraded sizing

    Size matters when it comes to towels absorbency – I mentioned it before. Many of the best quality bathroom towels come with a regular size of 38-inches by 20-inches. However, Japanese cotton bath towels are oversized for complete coverage. A good example of the best water absorbing towels made of Japanese cotton is the Mizu Towel. It is a smart bath towel that is 50% larger than regular towels and most other towels in the market. The size also makes the luxury cotton towels comfortable to wear.

    3. Higher thread count and denser loops

    Most of the Japanese cotton bath towels in the market are known as the softest most absorbent bath towels because of the higher thread count they feature. The Smart bath towel, also known as Mizu towel is a perfect example of a Japanese cotton towel with higher thread counts. Unlike other types of cotton, Japanese cotton has up to 600 thread counts. This makes them luxurious, soft, smooth, and beautiful – no wonder royalty and celebrities travel to Japan from around the world to get the fabric.

    Additionally, when you check the loops of the Japanese cotton bath towels, you will see that they are denser than the loops of most other towels in the market. This feature is also a major contributor to its fluffiness, hyper absorbent power, softness, and luxuriousness.

    4. The yearn is twisted

    Seeing your so-called luxury cotton bath towels come apart after a few weeks of use is something you wouldn’t want to experience – especially if you bought an expensive bath towel. When your new towels start looking old after a few weeks of purchase, then the durability is questionable and so is the construction.

    The fibers of Japanese cotton bath towels such as the Mizu towel are bound together by the twisted yearn they feature. It means bath and hand towels made of 100-percent Japanese cotton with twisted yearn will deliver comprehensive durability, softness, and absorbency. This weaving method also ensures that your best quality bath towels maintain their softness for long and also get fluffier the more you wash them.

    Mizu Towel, The Best Japanese Cotton Bath Towel

    quick dry cotton bath towels

    You will notice that Mizu Towel is the brand of Japanese cotton towel I have been mentioning so far in this article. This is not because it is the only Japanese cotton bath and hand towels available in the market. Of course, there are lots of Japanese cotton towels available, but the Mizu towel is special as it comes with exceptional absorbency, softness, durability, size, thickness, loop density, and thread count.

    They also come with unique features such as the natural and pure silver linens, which prevent and even kill bacteria. The Mizu towels are available in high-quality hand towels and best quality bathroom towels that dry faster than most other luxury cotton bath towels. Beyond that, they also self-clean – no wonder they are often referred to as self-cleaning Mizu towels. With the self-cleaning feature, you will easily know when you need to wash them.

    Finally, going for a Japanese cotton bath towel can be one of the greatest favors you can do yourself if you are looking for a bath and hand towel that will absorb water faster and efficiently. However, if you are looking for a higher absorbency coupled with other special features such as royal softness, quick-dry, reliable bacterial prevention, easy maintenance, and more, I will suggest the Mizu Towels. They are Japanese cotton towels that stand a competitive advantage. 

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