Dirty is DEADLY

Towels in the average
household have


Bacteria per square inch



More than a toilet seat

Towels are home to

Dead Skin, feces, urine, sweat, blood and saliva

“Unwashed, used, and moist towels have the highest risk for skin infections.”

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Dr. Peter Barratt

Initial Hygiene

Mizu Towels
The World's First Bacteria Detecting Towel

Contamination Level



All clear!


Wash Soon!



Next Generation Towels For Your Next Generation

  • Babies attract a lot of bacteria
  • As a parent, you need products that work as hard as you do
  • Mizu helps you be the best at keeping your baby safe by detecting, blocking, and eliminating bacteria.

Tough on Bacteria, Soft on Skin

  • Our face towels often spread the most germs.
  • Avoid dirty face towels.
  • Keep your skin clean and clear.

Cleaner Towel, Cleaner You

  • Nobody likes a musty, smelly workout towel.
  • Your body is a canvas, and you put in work to maintain it.
  • You deserve a towel that works as hard as you do.
  • Kick the musty towels with Mizu's visual guide and breathable design
A Japanese Tradition

Imabari, Ehime Prefecture

Japanese towels are crafted with an extra dose of care. Just like in Japan, Mizu is manufactured using the very same artisanal crafting methods native to Imabari - the haven for the world’s softest towels. Over half of all Japan’s towels are produced in the city lying at the bottom of Mount Ishizuchi and Inamura. Cloths from Imabari are of such quality celebrities and royalty travel to the city from around the world to custom order personal fabrics. With Mizu, we’re bringing royalty quality at an affordable cost.

Royally Soft

Royally Soft

Celebrities and royalty from around the world travel to Imabari to custom make cloth for their households. Mizu cuts out the flight to Japan and brings the same quality and care to your home.

The Power of Soft Water

Water is very important in the creation of a towel. Our drinking water has small amounts of metals that are good for us. When this "hard water" is used in making most towels makes them rough and less effective at absorbing water. The craftsmen of Imabari create the world's softest and most absorbent towels through the metal-free "soft water" that flows from Mount Ishizuchi and Inamura.

"Creating towels with metal-free water gives them a coat of absorbency and softness you can't get otherwise." 


Next Generation Towels

Made with love
from Japan.

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