How to Pick the Perfect Soft Absorbent Bath Towels on a Budget

How to Pick the Perfect Soft Absorbent Bath Towels on a Budget

Do you know that the smallest things can sometimes make the biggest difference?

Especially with soft and absorbent bath towels like Mizu Towel that is a total game-changer for your relaxing bath experience.

There are some easy steps that can help you choose the perfect soft absorbent bath towels if you are on a budget: The price that you can afford, how often you’re planning on washing them are things you have to take into consideration.

In case you want to stock up on an extra hyper-absorbent towel or refresh your linen closet, being mindful about your decision can make it worthwhile for your wallet.


Why You Need Soft Absorbent Bath Towels


How do you feel when you rub your skin or body with an item with coarse surface or a cloth that is hard and coarse? Of course, you will feel uncomfortable, and it can even hurt you if you are not careful. The same thing applies to bath and hand towels. Best water absorbing bath towels made of coarse fabric can be dangerous to your skin and body as a whole. They can cause scratches on your skin when you use them after a shower. But soft absorbent bath towels ensure you have a pleasant treat and feel more comfortable using them after a shower. So to avoid being hurt on your skin, you need the best water absorbing towels that are soft.

Also, soft absorbent bath towels cover you after your bath or shower and provide much more warmth and comfort. Additionally, the market is filled with different luxury bath towels. Some take time to dry you up after a shower, and other best quality bathroom towels get you dry faster. If you are someone who is always in a hurry, don’t have much time on your side, or have a lot to catch up with after shower or bath, highly absorbent bath and hand towels are needed. Softest most absorbent bath towels will absorb water from your body faster and get you dry without wasting time. If you are on a budget and wish to meet your needs by getting a hyper absorbent towel that is soft, there are some easy steps to follow.

Easy Tips to Choose the Perfect Soft Absorbent Bath Towels on a Budget

soft absorbent bath towels

Before you consider the tips below, it is advisable you consider the key features that make up the best quality bathroom towels. The features include the construction method, material (basically cotton such as Japanese cotton), weight, size, absorbency, durability, softness, quick dry ability, and more. These features are extensively discussed in our previous post.

1. Decide on how much you can afford for the best softest bath towels

The price of luxury cotton bath towels varies with brands, quality, and sellers. The softest most absorbent bath towels can either be affordable or expensive. Your choice should depend on your budget. If you can spare the extra cash, you will find the one that fits your budget, and if you don’t have much to afford, you will also find the soft absorbent bath towels that fit perfectly into your budget. So ask yourself, how much can I afford for the high quality hand towels and the best quality bathroom towels? Is it 100USD, 50USD or less? Once you have answered the question and made your decision, move to the next step on how to buy luxury soft towels that are hyper-absorbent.

2. Research for the soft absorbent bath towels that fit the price perfectly

The best way to research is to look for the top brands that offer a towel within the price range you can afford online. When researching, you can type sentences such as “the best soft absorbent bath towels under $100 or $50 or less” in a search engine. From the results, you will find some of the best luxury soft towels that are affordable. Go further to find out more about the top ones listed. You can check the official website of the best water absorbing towels or find them on e-commerce stores such as Amazon, eBay, and more.

On these websites, you will be able to get a better insight about them from what users or buyers are saying. If the bath and hand towels have many buyers with very high positive reviews, that may be the perfect absorbent bath towels on a budget for you. However, remember that choices vary from one person to another. Ensure the luxury cotton bath towels you pick are the best quality bathroom towels that work for you.

3. Shop on discount shopping sites that sells top quality towels

If you have an excellent knowledge of how the perfect soft absorbent bath towels look like, this is one of the best recommended ways to buy best softest bath towels on a budget. There are some stores that sell the best luxury cotton bath towels that are originally expensive but offer a bigger discount than other stores. Also, some stores provide the best quality bathroom towels at affordable prices and still offer their consumers the biggest discount. A perfect example of such stores is the Mizu Towel brand seller.

It is one of the best places to buy bath towels online if you are on a budget and want the perfect soft absorbent bath towels. For example, the best quality bathroom towels on the website store were originally selling for $100, and now it is $50. Additionally, the high quality hand towels were $50, and now it is $25. And you know what? These luxury cotton bath towels are smart bath towels that are hyper-absorbent, very soft, quick dry, and made of high-quality materials. Furthermore, the towels are lint free bath towels and bacteria detecting towels that keep you safe from germs and bacteria that can impact your health negatively. No doubt, the store is one of the best ones you need to try out when shopping on a budget.

It is one thing to buy the perfect soft absorbent bath towels that fit into your budget well, and it is another to ensure the luxury cotton bath towel serves its purpose for long. So, how do you do this? Of course, you need to consider how often you wash your soft absorbent bath towels, and how many times you need to use them before washing. Let’s take a look at these factors.

How Many Times Should You Use Your Soft Absorbent Bath Towels Before Washing?

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Environmental health agencies and most consumers suggest that soft absorbent bath towels should be washed after using them for three to four times. You can also use a bacteria detecting towel, which change colors when dirty.

During the time you’re using your towel, you need to take some steps that will ensure that the softest most absorbent bath towels do not breed mold and bacteria. Make sure you keep the luxury soft towels dry properly between washes. You can achieve this by:

  • Spreading the hyper absorbent bath towels out on a rack

  • Open the windows before, during, and after bath to make sure the towel air dry properly before and after a shower. The door can also be opened before and after a shower to prevent the air from becoming too moist.

  • If you have a bathroom fan, you can turn it on while bathing as this will also prevent mold or damp in the fibers. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Soft Absorbent Bath Towels

softest most absorbent bath towels

When you think about it, luxury soft towels have a rough life, and they need pampering too. According to Alok Vij, MD, a dermatologist, the longer you leave your bath and hand towels to damp, the longer the viruses, molds, bacteria, and yeasts stay alive and remain active. This can cause an outbreak of diseases. However, adopting healthier towel tactics such as washing the best water absorbing towels at the perfect time is very important. That said, take note that how often you need to wash your towels depends on some factors. There are:

  • How you dry the luxury cotton bath towels after usage

  • The condition of the person using the best quality bathroom towels and high quality hand towels
So depending on these factors here are some tips of how often you need to get your soft absorbent bath towels washed.
  • As mentioned earlier, wash your towel after every three to four uses

  • As a general rule of thumb, wash your luxury soft towel at least once in a week

  • If the humidity in the house is high, wash the soft absorbent bath towels more than once in a week

  • If you are sick, you will need to wash your towel more frequently to avoid reinfection or infecting others

  • If your bath and hand towel is a workout towel, it may require that you wash them every day because they are often full of bacteria, smelly, stinky, and pretty disgusting.

Moreover, keep in mind that some soft absorbent bath towels do not require a frequent wash. A perfect example is the self-cleaning Mizu towels. This smart bath towel as sensing areas that changes color and let you know when it is clean, you need to wash soon, and when the towel needs to be washed.

Purchasing Luxury Soft Cottons on a Budget - Warnings

 luxury soft towels

  • Beware of towels that appear too cheap than it should be. Even though some top brands can offer a discount, they are always reasonable discounts. Counterfeiters can come up with outrageous discount which can be more enticing so be careful.

  • Steer clear of towels that don’t say 100% Japanese cotton, 100% Turkish cotton, 100% Pima cotton, or 100% Egyptian cotton on their label. This warning is basically for those choosing cotton as the construction material.

  • Don’t allow “made with” on the label fool you. This phrase may indicate that the soft absorbent bath towels are made with cotton (Egyptian, Japanese, and more) plus some other materials. Avoid being duped by reading labels carefully.

  • Don’t let what you feel in the store fool you. Go by what you know the softest most absorbent bath towels are made of. With this, you will be able to avoid imitations that are guaranteed to disappoint.

Now that you know why you need a soft absorbent bath towel, tips on how to pick them, and more, you are on the sure path to getting the perfect luxury soft towel with high absorbency for you. However, do you know that you can make your new towels more absorbent after buying them? Generally, new towels often seem to repel water instead of absorbing it except for some top softest most absorbent bath towels such as Mizu Towel, Pinzon Towel, and more. But in case you notice that your quick dry cotton bath towels are repelling water when you first buy them, there are some tips to speed up the way they absorb water.

How to Make New Luxury Cotton Bath Towels More Absorbent

luxury cotton bath towels

  • Before you use the bath towel, wash it - We have mentioned this in some of our previous posts. But we need to inform you this time that if you want to make your bath towels more absorbent, you have to wash them in hot water instead of cold water. This will help to get rid of any coatings or extra dye preventing it from absorbing.

  • Add white vinegar to the rinse cycle – do not add more than a cup of vinegar. Ensure you dilute the vinegar first before adding it to prevent the discoloration of your soft absorbent bath towels. You can add a half cup of baking soda if you want to give your luxury cotton bath towels a second wash. Take note that baking soda and vinegar should not be used in the same rinse.

  • Make use of ultrasonic cleaner – if you want to make your luxury soft towel more absorbent, it is advisable that you make use of a machine that can wash and at the same time protect your towel efficiently. An ultrasonic cleaner is a perfect choice. We highly recommend the Sonic Soak, which is a portable ultrasonic cleaner that is convenient and eco-friendly. Not only that, the washing machine will wash your towels gently and ensure no damage come to your luxury cotton bath towels.

How Should You Pick A Perfect Soft Absorbent Bath Towels When You Are On A Budget?

  • Know the reason why you need the bath and hand towels that are soft and highly absorbent

  • Consider the features and factors that make up the best water absorbing towels and luxury soft towels

  • Follow the easy tips on how to select the perfect towels for you provided in this article

  • Shop from an online store that is trustworthy and sells the best quality bathroom towels and high quality hand towels

  • Heed to the purchasing warnings provided above

These are sure ways to becoming an owner of a more comfortable, softest, and highly absorbent, fast drying, and high-quality luxury cotton bath towels.

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