Most Stylish & Matching Family Christmas Pajamas You Can Buy Online 2021

Most Stylish & Matching Family Christmas Pajamas You Can Buy Online 2021

The long-awaited holiday season is finally here! Christmas is the best time to make memories, revisit traditions, and decorate festively. Undoubtedly, one of the sweetest Christmas traditions to practice is wearing matching pajama sets with your family.

This adorable tradition gives you a chance to revisit childhood memories and bond with your family in a hilarious way. Plus, we can all admit the best part of Christmas as a child was seeing your parents in matching onesies or pajama sets as you. 

If you want to match with your family this Christmas in festive shades of red, green, and white, you're at the right place. Here are the 10 most stylish matching Christmas pajama sets for your family in 2021. 

Top 12 Matching Family Christmas Pajama Sets for 2021

From luxury satin to cozy fleece, this list has got it all. So, read on to take your pick from any of these 10 matching family pajama sets for Christmas.

1. CARETOO Matching Family Pajamas Sets

These soft-polyester checked rever collar pajamas from CARETOO are the epitome of comfort and chicness combined into one. Made from extra-soft fleece to ensure total comfort, these are the coziest PJs your family will ever wear.

Plus, the elastic waistband and comfortably-loose fit ensure extra snugness during your Christmas morning traditions. Lastly, the plaid print is a timeless classic that you can rock any year, any season.

2. ANGELGGH Family Christmas Pajamas Matching Sets

The chic Christmas tree print isn't the only eye-catching attribute of this Family Christmas Pajamas Matching Sets from ANGELGGH. In fact, each of those Christmas trees consists of adorable Christmas quotes.

If you've got babies at home, these fun pajama sets are the best way to put them in a cheery Christmas mood. 

Admittedly, this pajama set is on the pricier side, but ANGELGGH doesn't compromise quality. Made from high-quality polyester, you don't have to worry about itching or discomfort while wearing these jammies.

3. PajamaGram Plaid Flannel Matching Family Christmas Pajamas

The red and blue color palette and cozy plaid print of these PajamaGram Plaid Flannel Matching Family Christmas Pajamas combine to make the perfect Christmas pajamas. Aside from being extremely cozy and snug, they're also stylish and trendy.

Although they are available in other colors, these shades of red are most appropriate for the holiday season. Plus, it makes for the most adorable family matching set in 2021!

4. VENTELAN Family Matching Christmas Pajamas Set

These matching pajamas are for those with a new addition to the family celebrating their first Christmas. The VENTELAN Family Matching Christmas Pajamas Set are the perfect holiday season attire due to the Santa hat and mistletoe print on the bottoms.

Plus, it comes in many different colors, styles, and prints. However, the red accents and mistletoe prints make this set ideal for the holiday season, while the text on the t-shirts wishes everyone a Merry Christmas!

Lastly, this set is available in adult men, women, teenagers, toddlers, and baby sizes.

5. #followme Matching Christmas Pajamas for Couples, Dog and Owner

If candy canes are your favorite holiday sweets, you'll love these Matching Christmas Pajamas for Couples. The simple yet adorable, red-and-white themed Santa print is what your Christmas morning is missing.

The t-shirt showcases your love for Santa, while the trousers match the sleeves to create the perfect Christmas set. Since it's made from high-quality cotton and polyester, you can count on a relaxing and comfortable Christmas morning in this pajama set. 

The best part is that this “Santa Squad” Christmas set includes PJs for your dog as well as fuzzy socks for everyone!

6. PajamaGram Matching Christmas Pajamas for Family

If you want a cuter way to showcase your love for Santa, we've got something even better. These PajamaGram Matching Christmas Pajamas for Family are the best way to upgrade your Christmas morning and tell everyone you’re a fan of Santa.

Undoubtedly, this pajama set is the most fun and adorable way to match with your family this holiday season. It has a chic Santa outfit print that will make your kids’ Christmas morning and even your pets’! 

That’s right, PajamaGram makes holiday season PJs for your dog and cat as well.

7.Personalized Pajamas with Your Design Photo Text



This next set on our list is ideal for the family that wants personalized pajamas without going overboard. The cozy green plaid print of these Personalized Pajamas with Your Design Photo Text perfectly matches the black tee. 

Additionally, you can personalize these pajamas according to each family member's preferences within the character limit. Then, this personalized text will show up on the black t-shirt in white print.

As they're made from pure cotton, these personalized Christmas pajamas are the epitome of warmth and comfort. 

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8. Oriental eLife Matching Christmas Pjs For Family


If your kids are fans of elves, these Oriental eLife Matching Christmas Pjs For Family are the best way to make their Christmas morning even better. Its green, red, and white color palette is ideal for the holiday season.

Not only does the print feature an adorable Christmas elf outfit, with striped trousers and red collars, it also has a candy cane print under the belt. What more could you want in your family’s Christmas PJs?

9Qiylii Red Satin Silk Sleepwear Parent-Child Holiday PJs

These Red Satin Silk Sleepwear Parent-Child Holiday PJs are for those families with luxurious preferences. Handmade from pure satin, this matching set is all things lush, comfortable, and festive.

Although it's available in many colors, this luscious red and white combo works best for the holiday season. Plus, you can also customize these pajamas with each family member's name with vinyl.

10.PajamaGram Nordic Fleece Christmas Onesie

This PajamaGram Nordic Fleece Christmas Onesie is the perfect family matching set for Christmas. The lovely combination of red and gray gives a cozy feel, while the white snowflakes set the mood for a snowy Christmas morning.

This matching set's cozy design and material ensure you wake up on Christmas day feeling warm and loved. Plus, each onesie has a red hood. What more could you need on a Christmas day morning?

11. PajamaGram Soft Cotton Family Pajamas




If your family wants to match this holiday season without looking completely identical, these PajamaGram Soft Cotton Family Pajamas are exactly what you need. Each family member’s t-shirt is different, while the bottoms stay the same, maintaining the matching aspect.

As we mentioned, PajamaGram makes PJs for pets, which means you can include your furry friend in the mix too! Moreover, the cotton and jersey mix ensures comfort while also providing a flattering fit for the whole family.

The kids’ sizes come with white tees, while the female sizes come with red tees and the male sizes come with gray tees. This festive color palette is ideal for Christmas morning!

12. Letter Printed Loungewear Matching Family Christmas Pajamas Set

Last but not least, this Letter Printed Loungewear Matching Family Christmas Pajamas Set will help you go the sophisticatedly festive route. The black t-shirt has a wonderful quote in the shape of a Christmas tree paired with cozy plaid-print trousers.

The quote, “Believe in the magic of Christmas!” will set the mood for a magical Christmas morning full of love and presents. 


Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Christmas Pajamas.

What are the most affordable Christmas pajamas in 2021?

The most affordable family Christmas pajama set on our list is the soft-polyester checked rever collar pajamas from CARETOO. These holiday-season-appropriate PJs are an all-rounder; they’re cozy, fashionable, festive, and cheap!

Don't worry; the low price tag doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality. 

What are the most high-quality Christmas pajamas in 2021?

The Red Satin Silk Sleepwear Parent-Child Holiday PJs are the most high-quality and luxurious Christmas pajamas on our list. Made from pure, high-end satin, these matching PJs will give your family the lushest Christmas morning experience.

Where can I get the best Christmas pajama sets in 2021? 

PajamaGram and CARETOO are a few affordable yet high-quality brands selling Christmas pajama sets on Amazon this holiday season. There are many other brands on offer as well, and you can even find some at your local stores. 

Wrap Up

There's no better time to bond with your family than Christmas time. The joy of unwrapping presents under your Christmas tree in your matching pajama sets is truly unmatched. It's one of the most adorable traditions of the season!

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This holiday season, you can match with your family in the chicest way. Take your pick from our list of the 10 best matching family Christmas pajamas for 2021 to make the season even more memorable. 

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