2021 Best Cool and Smooth Bed Sheets that are on SALE!

2021 Best Cool and Smooth Bed Sheets that are on SALE!

As the New Year is fast approaching, shopaholics are on a spree. All brands put up sales on their products, and this is the time when you can avail amazing discounts on things you want to buy. Not just high-end tech stuff and other expensive branded products, but essential things you use regularly are also available.  

One of those things is smooth bedsheets!

If you’re in need of premium bed sheets, we bring you a list of some of the best bed sheets that are on sale. So buckle up, read on and get yourself some of these high-quality, smooth bed sheets for yourself.

Smooth Bed Sheets on Sale that You Shouldn’t Miss On

To bring you the best of the lot, we considered a range of different factors. These smooth bed sheets check all the critical points like material quality, maintenance, and design. Moreover, all of them are available at lucrative discount prices, so you can save up a lot and get the best exchange for your bucks.

Below is the list of things we took into consideration for the list:

  • Material quality
  • Wrinkle-free
  • Stain-resistant
  • Design
  • Color
  • Customer Reviews

Following are some of the best smooth bed sheets collection that you should check out:

Mizu Sheets

The first on our list is Mizu Sheets. From the choice of material to design, Mizu has taken care of everything to give you the best. You might not know, but the sheets you sleep on are more than just covers for your mattress. 

While a lot of people do consider buying a mattress that allows proper thermoregulation for easy and effective sleep, not many pay attention to bed sheet quality. The fact is that smooth bed sheets can significantly enhance sleep quality and comfort. 

Mizu sheets are made of top-notch silver and bamboo lyocell. Bamboo lyocell is a renewable material that is acquired after the proper processing of bamboo pulp. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic and contributes to the silkiness of our smooth bed sheets.

Silver, on the other hand, is an effective anti-microbe. With its natural capability of killing off germs and bacteria, it keeps your sheet clean. 

Apart from the hygiene and health benefits, a plus point of our bed sheets is that they keep your skin healthy. On low-quality sheets, skin repeatedly undergoes friction against the material that leads to breakouts and multiple other problems. 

Since our bed sheets are silky soft and anti-bacterial, they keep your skin soft, supple and clear.

Something that plays a pivotal role in improving your sleep is the thermo-regulating property of our sheets. Silver enables the sheet to adjust to your body temperature, giving you a comfortable sleep at the 'just-right’ temperature.

In addition, these sheets are anti-odor as well. Most of the time, sheets and towels start giving off a bad smell due to bacterial invasion. Keeping the germs and microbes away, the smooth bed sheets prevent foul smell. 

MattRest Hotel Luxury Bed Sheets

Next up, we have the luxury sheets by MattRest. Available in multiple sizes, you can choose an appropriate size for your bed. Made of pure cotton, these are some of the best you can get your hands on for both comfort and style. 

Cotton, naturally as a fabric, is breathable. Therefore, these sheets woven carefully with multiple threads of pure cotton make for a good night’s sleep (thread count 1500).

The material is soft and silky, which means you won’t have to deal with the terrible dryness, wrinkles and breakouts that result from rough sheets due to rubbing.

Another plus is that the sheets are low maintenance. This means that you won’t have to wash them regularly to ensure they are clean. Most importantly, they last longer and won't start wearing off after some time.

MattRest sheets are thick and hence best suited to snuggle in on cozy winter nights. 

To add to this, they are flexible, so if you have trouble finding sheets that go well with the size of your mattress, you might want to give this a try. Important to note that the sheets are woven with a special technique, so stretching them to an extent won't leave creases, as is the case with most low-quality bed sheets.

In terms of design, you know how solid monochrome colors are in-trend these days. The combination of solid color, modern style and crease-free quality material gives you the promised luxury feel.

Elegant Comfort Egyptian Bed Sheets King Gray

Egyptian smooth bed sheets by Elegant Comfort are vouched for by their customers. These sheets are woven with 1500 threads. If you are looking for low-maintenance, high-quality, smooth bed sheets, you should not ignore these.  

Made of cotton, these sheets are designed to add premium feels to your bed. Many people buy mattresses that are soft and long-lasting. However, they are often oblivious to the fact that cheap bed sheets can affect the material of your mattress as well.

Therefore, Elegant Comfort is one of the best you can buy to complement your mattress. Keeping up with their name, they are an all-in-one package having everything you look for in good-quality smooth bed sheets.

The material is super-soft and dependable. This means that the tightly woven neat threads won't come off even after multiple washes. In addition, it is breathable. Often due to sweat and bacteria, sheets give off an odor. Cotton as a breathable material allows proper ventilation and keeps the germs and smell away.

One of the best things is that these sheets are stain-resistant. So you won't have to harshly rub the sheet with expensive soaps multiple times to get rid of spill stains.

The Elegant Comfort's bed sheets are wrinkle-free, too, so they will give a charming aesthetic look to your mattress. Also, the color will stay solid as-is and won't go pale after some time, making it one of the best fits for regular use.

The striped design of the King size sheets sits perfectly well with your large, double bed. Considering all these cool features, we highly recommend you to check them out.

SONORO KATE Bed Sheet Set 

SONORO KATE is a people's favorite brand for bed sheets. This set includes sheets of different dimensions. 

The material is microfiber. This is a combination of polyester and nylon. The stand-out point of this particular fabric is that it is easy to clean. You won't have to repeatedly wash them to get rid of dirt. Just a single wash in the machine is sufficient.

Although this one is no less than any other premium material, it costs less. On top of it, they are up on discounts, so you may want to buy these if you are low on budget.

As with any other high-quality, smooth bed sheet, they are dependable, and you can use them for years. Another plus is that they dry quickly. So if you want to use them soon after a wash, you won't have to wait for long.

These sheets are available in a range of different colors and have a thread count of 1800. So you can easily choose whichever goes well with the contrast of your room. They are flexible, and you can stretch them to fit the size of your bed.

The solid colors, design, and material can make for a festive gift as well.

LDC King Bed Sheets Set

In contrast to all other smooth bed sheets in our post of monochrome, simple designs, the LDC King Bed Sheets Set has all the incredible prints and colors. If you fancy a vibrant variety of colors and old school designs, LDC bed sheets should be your go-to.

They, too, are made of microfiber, which makes them breathable and easy to clean. Particularly for summers when sweat and germs in conjunction make it impossible for a sheet to go long without a wash, these bed sheets will be your best friend.

The design is comfortable and crease-resistant, so you sleep peacefully and go about your day while an idyllic, wrinkle-free sheet stays spread on your bed.  

You don’t have to constantly worry about hygiene and cleanliness because the material stays clean for long. Moreover, a single wash is sufficient to remove all the dirt and dust. Just bear in mind that you need to wash them with cold water and avoid bleach.

For festive occasions and presents, they make a great choice because of their design. The color does not come off, so with a one-time investment, you can use it for years to come. Plus, the thread count is an impressive 1800. 


This was our collection of the smooth bed sheets you can buy. From product quality to design and maintenance cost, everything about these sheets is perfect. With sales up on products left, right and center, you definitely have a range of sheets at your disposal. 

However, there is no guarantee of the sheets being long-lasting and worthy of your money. It is only wise to look things up for a proper work-up in order to ensure you spend your money on the best.

To save your efforts and time of scrolling through various web results, this post lists down the premium-level stuff. So if you want smooth bed sheets, refer to our article and get yourself one. 


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