Beach Day, What Are The Best Quick Dry Towels To Bring?

Beach Day, What Are The Best Quick Dry Towels To Bring?

Large, wet, smelly towels are the last thing you want to deal with on a picnic. Therefore, taking quick dry towels that are easy-to-carry and can be cramped in your bag immediately after use is a must when heading to the beach.

Regular towels are larger in size and do not soak moisture in as well, so taking them to a picnic only adds to the hassle. Therefore, knowing different quick dry towels for the ever anticipated beach day is important.

So, in this article, we highlight some of the must-have qualities of a picnic towel. Additionally, we list some of the best quick dry towels you can consider buying for your beach day. 

Essential Qualities of a Good Quick Dry Beach Towel

A generic towel is not a suitable fit for your beach essentials. There are special quick dry towels tailor-made for your beach day. Following are some of the imperative qualities you need to look for in a beach towel:


When on a beach, you need a towel that can soak in and contain a lot of moisture. The absorbent power of cloth depends on its material. For example, towels made of rayon and premium cotton like Pima or Bamboo cotton are capable of absorbing more water than low-quality, regular cotton.

Regular towel cloth, although cotton, may not efficiently soak in moisture. Therefore, for the beach, shop for quick dry towels that are made of premium stuff. 


Anti-bacterial properties for a towel are a plus. The damp surface is prone to the buildup of molds and bacteria; therefore, you need a towel that can protect against them. 

Mizu towels are woven with silver fibers that repel bacteria and hence, make for the best choice for standard hygiene.

This is particularly important for skin health. Using regular towels exposes your skin to bacteria and germs, hence leading to breakouts and skin irritation. This can especially be extremely harmful to people with sensitive skin.

Using an antibacterial towel protects your skin against contaminants and keeps it safe, supple, and clean.

Soft on Skin

Cheap, low-quality towels can be harsh on the skin. For regular towels, most of the time, the cotton and other fibers are often not woven perfectly and get rough after a few washes. 

Therefore, make sure to choose a fabric that is soft on the skin!

Small in Size

When you're going to the beach, it is only convenient to take along a minimum load. 

Quick dry towels for the beach are specially designed in small sizes so as to occupy little space in your bag. 

Quick to Dry

Wet surfaces make a favorable ground for molds, fungi, and bacteria. This buildup eventually causes a foul smell and ruins the fabric. 

Therefore, quick dry towels like Mizu should be your go-to choice as they dry three times faster than regular towel cloth and hence, prevent any possible odor.

Top Quick Dry Towels For Beach

Following are some of the best quick dry towels for the beach:

Mizu Towels

Mizu towels have set a standard for premium quick dry towels. We are an environmentally friendly brand that uses bamboo cotton and pure silver for towels. 

Bamboo cotton is one of the best materials for towels. It is soft on the skin and extremely durable, thanks to the Japanese craftsmanship used for weaving. So you can stay assured that the towel will last long and the fabric will remain intact even after multiple washes.

One of the best parts about bamboo cotton is that it regulates body temperature. Hence, our towel material adapts to a suitable temperature adding to the comfort. This soft and sustainable fabric gives a luxurious feel to the quick dry towel.

In addition, threads of pure silver are used. This material is antibacterial and therefore keeps any bacteria, germs, and contaminants away. Since this fabric does not allow any germ buildup, you can use it on your skin without worrying about breakouts, infections, and rashes. 

These towels don’t require a daily wash, as dust cannot easily accumulate on the fabric. Hence, they are more manageable. To add to this, they are hyper-absorbent and also dry quicker than regular towels.

It is available in various sizes, so you can choose whichever best suits your beach trip—all in all, they make for one of the best quick dry towels available in the market.

Quba Linen Quick Dry Towel

Next up on the list, we have Quba Linen Quick Dry Towel. These towels are made of linen which is a natural, eco-friendly fiber. 

One of the stand out qualities of this material is that it can repel insects. This makes it reliable and easily manageable, as in you won't have to give it a daily dip in detergent to keep it clean. 

Furthermore, the fact that it prevents pollutants and germs implies that it won't leave rashes and infections on your skin; hence, a perfect choice, particularly for sensitive skin.

The towel is multipurpose, and no matter if you are going for a hike, hitting the beach, or taking a bath, Quba Quick Dry Towel can be used for all.

Bagail Basics Microfiber Quick Dry Towel

Speaking of eco-friendly brands, we present you Bagail Basics Microfiber Quick Drying Towel. This is one of the popular mainstream towel brands that ensure not to add any allergenic additives in the fabric.

A hyper-absorbent towel cloth is what you need for the beach. Bagail Towels can soak four times more than their own weight. What's more, the highlight is its quick drying power. With a towel cloth that dries 10 times faster than regular towels, you can finally forget about the characteristic mold stink.

The microfiber is soft and gentle on the skin, so you can comfortably use it without worrying about the otherwise horrible rashes that low-quality towel fabrics leave on the skin.

This towel is available in a range of different sizes, and you can buy whichever feels convenient for your picnic day. 

One of the best things is that it is 5 times lighter in weight than traditional towels, so even if you choose to purchase it in a large size, it won't be difficult to carry.

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Chakir Turkish Linen and Cotton Beach Towels

Chakir Turkish Linen and Cotton Beach Towels are exclusively for your beach and pool day. The material is Turkish cotton and linen, which are both extremely soft and gentle on the skin. What's more, is that the threads are all double stitched so as to make the fabric durable and long-lasting.

In fact, as per the brand's claim, the towel grows softer and fluffier with use. The towels are all that you need; super-absorbent, eco-friendly, quick drying, soft and safe for skin.

Also, to save some bucks, you can buy a set of towels that contains four pieces, 30 x 60 each. Hence, they are one of the best investments you can consider making before heading for the beach. 

JML Microfiber Quick Dry Towel For Beach

If you want to buy a towel made of comfortable cloth and have a stylish design, JML Microfibre Quick Dry Towel has got you covered. It features special dark and light stripes that are a perfect classy addition to your gym essentials as well. 

Apart from the design, you get the best of other qualities as well. The towel can absorb  seven times more water than its own weight. The microfiber fabric and large surface fasten the drying process, making it one of the best fits for the beach.

It is low maintenance, and with just one quick hand wash or a round in the machine, you can have clean towels with both threads and color intact.

They also have a 30-day return policy in place to ensure customer satisfaction, hence making for a reasonably smart choice.

Touchat Beach Towel

Last on the list, we have Touchat Beach Towel. This one, too, has microfibers woven into a thick towel that is thick, durable, and can last multiple washes.

One of the biggest hassles people face when on the beach is the sticky sand. It sticks to clothes and can be difficult to get off. However, Touchat beach towels prevent any sand from sticking onto them, and hence stay clean of dust, sand, and germs for days without requiring a wash.

They are thick and will offer the best protection from the fluttering cold breeze you encounter at the seaside. The fabric can absorb seven times its own weight and dries quickly as well.

It is available in tropical, vibrant colors and will complement the beach picnic vibe.


Now you know the many essential characteristics you need to look for when buying a quick dry towel for your beach party. Additionally, we also recommended some of the best brands dealing in premium quality towels that you can consider shopping for.

So make sure to go for a quick dry towel for the beach so it dries quickly and doesn’t get smelly.

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