How to Properly Fold a Travel Towel?

How to Properly Fold a Travel Towel?

Do you ever find yourself enviously eying people who skillfully and neatly stuff all their clothes in minimal space while you need stacks of bags for equal gear? 

While carrying luggage is a part of travel, you can easily cut down on it if you fold clothes properly.

Towels are one of those things which take up a lot of packing space. Most people just randomly roll them before putting them between clothes. If you too, don't know what's the correct way to do the task, this post is for you. 

In this article, Mizu Towel brings you various techniques on how to properly fold a travel towel, which is sure to make packing considerably easier. In addition, we will also take you through some of the things you need to look for to buy the best travel towel. 

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How to Skilfully Fold Travel Towels?

Without delaying any further, let’s go through the packing process step-by-step.

Separate Towels by Size and Use

Towels come in various sizes. Even though travel towels are mostly tailormade in easy-to-carry dimensions, there still is a variety. The first and foremost rule in packing travels is to sort them in terms of size.

Important to mention that since we live in an innovative and productivity-centric world, there are some good-quality multipurpose towels too. This implies that you can buy one piece and use it for a bath as well as a washcloth, hand towel, beach, etc.

Know the Space in Your Bag

The amount of space in your bags is important. It is always preferable to carry as few suitcases as possible. So, choose a bag that you're comfortable with and measure the room in them. 

Consider how much space the rest of the clothes would occupy, and then decide which way would be better to pack the towels.

Pick Any of the Following Techniques

Buckle up as we are now going to discuss easy towel-folding techniques that you’ll surely thank us for.

Deep-Fold Method

The deep-fold method is way easier than other techniques. Lay the towel on a flat surface and fold it lengthwise so that the ends are in the center of the width. Then, make a parallel fold with the other end in a similar manner.

Now grab one folded side and make it half. Repeat the same for the other fold to have two thin, long, parallel lines. Fold the ends again horizontally. However, this time leave an inch between the two ends. Finally, give the last fold to bring the ends together, and you are done. 

Tri-Fold Method

Tri-fold is when you are extremely short on space and want the cloth to be super compact. Grab the wider sides and start folding to approximately two-thirds of the width. Place the unfolded third over the fold. 

Now here's the most amazing part, which will reduce your large rectangular towel to a small square. Fold the strip lengthwise in half twice and enjoy your easily stackable towel. 

Rolling method

Want your packing to have a nice presentation and appealing touch? Well, try out this spa-inspired folding arrangement then. 

Unlike other methods which involve folding in halves, the spa-like rolling technique starts with a diagonal fold. 

Lay the towel horizontally on a flat surface and hold the towel from a corner that is on your side. Bring it to the midpoint of the lengthier opposite side to get a triangle. Give it a fold in half from the long side, and then press to get a crease. 

Carefully flip it over, ensuring that the folded ends remain as is. Now hold the ends from the shorter side and tightly roll the towel. You'll now have one free-pointed end. So tuck it into the roll and place your perfect straight-outta-spa-looking towel in your bag.

Narrow-Fold Method

The narrow-fold method works particularly well if you have a shortage of room. Starting from the lengths, fold the towel in half, ensuring that the ends are aligned. Press on the midline for a perfect crease.

Then, fold the hand towel in half to obtain a perfect rectangle. Create a tight roll from the narrow open end. Now, fold it into thirds, and boom, your travel towel is ready to go into the luggage.

Wear-Reducing Method

In case your travel is expensive, or you are someone who wants to prevent the creasing and damaging of the material, try this technique out.

The wear-reducing method is a way to ensure that your fluffy towels remain the same for a long time. You need to first take the towel, place it in front of you lengthwise, and then fold it in half.

Afterward, fold it again, this time width-wise. Make sure that the ends are perfectly placed together.

As for the final step, you need to consider the space available. If you can do it with two folds only, then make them width-wise, and you're done. Otherwise, if you need a more compact towel, give three folds in width. 

This technique minimizes friction and hence helps preserve the material quality.

Towel Bar Folding Method

The towel bar method is your old classic way of neatly stacking towels. It's a simple two-step process. 

Give one fold lengthwise in half, and then a fold from the narrow side, and your towel bar will be ready.

How to Choose the Best Travel Towel

In this age, there is no reason to compromise on the quality of things. Ranging from mundane essentials to high-tech equipment, everything is available in smart, productive versions. Travel towels, too, now offer much more than a casual piece of a washcloth. 

Following are some things you need to look for to buy the best travel towel.

Towel Material

Towel material matters more than anything. They are available in linen, bamboo, cotton, and microfiber materials. However, each has its own benefits. Most importantly, the drying time of a towel highly depends on the stuff.

Mizu Towels are made of bamboo cotton and silver. Bamboo is the most premium cotton in the world, and there are a lot of benefits to it.

It dries faster than most materials and is soft and fluffy. In addition, it is eco-friendly and hence good for the environment.

Apart from that, it prevents 99% of bacterial growth and makes a perfect fit for sanitary needs.


The next thing on the list, which you, of course, need to consider, is the budget. You need to understand that in order to get hands on a dependable, long-lasting material, you need to invest money into it. Buying cheap stuff might work temporarily, but in the long run, only good quality makes up for the bucks. 

Most inexpensive stuff is low-quality and won't be in a functional state after some time. In contrast, if you prioritize material strength, it is likely to last long. In addition, they might also come with anti-bacterial properties, which are good for hygiene. 

This also depends on why you need a towel. If you want a basic washcloth only, then a normal towel would do. However, if you want to use it on your face, we'd recommend a fluffy, soft material that is gentle on the skin. 

Mizu Towels are available at reasonable rates and offer the best in the range. 


Towel size is another factor that you need to take care of. It is a no-brainer that larger towels will take up more space. Therefore, be very clear about the purpose you want towels for before shopping for them.

Mizu Towels are designed with the best material in a range of different sizes. You can also buy a set containing multiple sizes at lower prices.


The size and price of a towel depend on its use. There are different standard sizes as per the purpose. For example, a washcloth is 12"x12". As for the bath towels, it is 30"x56". Buy this set of smart towels from Mizu Towels at discounted rates. 

Anti-Bacterial Properties & Drying Time

One thing you need to look for in the towels is how good they are for hygiene. Speaking of sanitation and cleanliness, they have unique color-changing effects that indicate impurities.

Mizu Towels are equipped with the best technologies which prevent bacterial growth. To add to it, they absorb 5x their weight. They also have proprietary technology which enables them to dry 3x faster than ordinary towels. 

The material offers maximum comfort and is durable, making them the best travel towel.


This brings us towards the end of the article. Carrying minimum luggage is the thumb rule to enjoy a trip. Be it a visit to your home city, a work-related tour, or a full-fledged picnic or camping plan; it is best to fold your clothes smartly to stack them in minimal space.

Towels are usually made of thick material and generally take up a lot of room. Even if you randomly try to fold them, there is a high chance of wearing the material.

On the other hand, you can follow the techniques mentioned in our article to be able to fit them neatly in less space. Choose the best travel towel from the Mizu Towel's collection and get going.

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