Make Your House More Alive With DIY Bathroom Decor

Make Your House More Alive With DIY Bathroom Decor

The bathroom is that one place where you spend a significant amount of your time on a daily basis. According to the Bathroom Habits Survey from MaP, the average person spends 30 minutes.

There is no reason the bathroom should be ignored when it comes to accessorizing. Bathrooms are meant to make a design statement. After all, it's where the greatest and most incredible ideas hit. 

A bathroom put together aesthetically can play a significant role in setting the tone for the rest of your home. For instance, accenting the bathroom design with candles, artwork, and matching towels

Your bathroom is an excellent place to decompress. If you’ve had a bad day or just want to disconnect from the world for a little while, there may be no better way than taking a long bath or hot shower. 

It's also a great place for solitude and serves as a great hiding spot. So, why not decorate it?

Fun DIY Bathroom Decor Ideas

We all are pretty familiar with bathroom selfies as being a part of the social media era. But, these days, it’s all about being aesthetic. 

You'll find budget-friendly DIYs and trendy decor pointers on Pinterest (a suspended shelf, for instance), and much more. Of course, there's no shortage of ideas for color palettes, cabinet hardware; you name it.

When upgrading your bathroom’s aesthetics, you can consider many things. For sure, like your bedrooms, balance is key in making all the components complement each other in the most important room of your house. 

There’s so much you can do beyond a fresh coat of paint or putting up a fancy wallpaper. Start with expressive artwork, brilliant storage solutions, and other chic decorative accents, like rugs to make your bathroom feel cozier.

There's even room to put a few interior design trends to the test if you're ready to step outside of your comfort zone. 

Here are a few fun DIYs that are affordable and easy to implement.

Touch of Greenery

A lush plant, a colorful rug, and unexpected window treatments make the bathroom feel as decorative as the rest of the house. 

Try a small potted orchid or asparagus fern in a corner (either will thrive in humidity) or reach new heights with a fiddle leaf fig. This DIY will add an aesthetic-vintage touch to your bathrooms that you’ve only seen on the internet.

Garden Stool 

This do-it-all piece of furniture is perfect for holding overflow items from a small shower or as a movable place to perch while bathing kids. As basic as it sounds, it will make your bathroom look more lively and comfier.

Hanging Plants 

Mini succulents look cute on the counter, but they can also uplift the look of your bathroom significantly. Just get a plant pot of your choice, and put it on a counter, or even better, hang them through the ceiling.

Relaxing Eucalyptus 

You can also hang fresh eucalyptus branches in the shower for a mini aromatherapy treatment each morning. Within a few minutes, the scented stems let off a relaxing fragrance in the steam, taking all the stress away from your body.

Easy Branches 

Warm-up cold tiles with a leafy arrangement are perfect for bringing some nature to your bathroom. If you'd rather exercise your green thumb, choose wet-loving vegetation like a Boston fern or dracaena.

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage Idea 

Mason jars add a rustic touch wherever you use them. You can leave them clear, whitewash, or paint them in pastels or other colors. 

Alternatively, they can be used for storage with or without lids or as vases.

No matter how you decorate the Mason jars in your bathroom, they are going to look good anyway.

Farm House Floating Shelves

Some rustic-looking inexpensive shelves made of wood and metal hardware give the bathroom an aesthetic look. It also adds to the combined storage and decorative space of the bathroom.

A trip to the hardware store can provide a multitude of inexpensive items that you can use as brackets to hold wood shelves.

Then, get some boards and make them coordinate with your bathroom.  Voila - you have just decorated a storage area in your bathroom that could instigate guests to ask where you got the accessories from.

Wall Art: Hanging Flower Pot

This adds sophistication to the idea of attaching canning jars to a board to hold small items or floral displays. 

To keep it farmhouse rustic, you can use copper cups along with a colored cord. Copper provides warmth and brings to mind copper pots and tea kettles. 

In addition, this easy and decorative DIY idea also organizes brushes and small make-up items. 

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DIY Mason Jar Bathroom Light Fixture 

Now, you are ready to make some changes to lighting fixtures, and that doesn’t mean buying new ones. Instead, purchasing some paint can change any light fixture from a shiny modern silver look to more of a vintage one.

A bronze metallic paint will give a warm vintage look. Then, you can change the globes to canning jars to finish the look. 

Even inexpensive, DIY bathroom ideas on small items in your bathroom will add more warmth and character than you might expect it to do. 

Cool Blue Theme

Try the other side of the color wheel if you want a space more suited for unwinding, like this powder blue. Cool colors bring to mind water and the sky and therefore create a more calming, focused, relaxed, restful, soothing, and refreshing feeling. 

Glam Mirrors 

Changing your mirrors also changes the room. If you have a plain mirror, go for a bit of glam, or vice versa. Or just add a sleek, smart countertop makeup mirror to see yourself in your best light. 

Dramatic Lighting 

Dining rooms shouldn't have a monopoly on chandeliers. Glam overhead lighting can set the mood in the bathroom, too. 

Bold Shower 

Save an unexpected pattern, such as this honeycomb-like tessellation inside the shower. It's also a less-expensive way to feature a luxe design without spending too much on the whole room. 

See-Through Storage 

Put your favorite bath salts on display by transferring them into clear decorative bottles. It's the instant decor and a reminder you should take a nice, relaxing soak. 

Pop of Color 

Leave what's on your walls as it is, whether patterned plates or a pretty print, and alter the color palette with a little pop. For instance, go for red, blue, and aqua to give just the right amount of tackiness to your old bathroom paint. 

Spa Essentials

If you're lucky enough to own a freestanding tub, turn it into a little zen zone with a padded stool and silky-soft bath towels sets. Decanting bath salts into a clear jar will inspire you to pamper yourself that much more. 

Storage Baskets

Keep bath towel sets rolled up in a cute basket on the (bright blue tiled) bathroom floor, where they double as decor.

Handy Bar Cart 

Roll in a wheeled cart for instant storage space. Put cute corral toiletries on the shelves below and apothecary jars up on the top. 

Painted Tub 

The walls aren't the only place you can take a brush to. A cool blue on the underside of a clawfoot tub can also give your bathroom a spa-like appearance.

Floating Shelves 

Take pretty cosmetics out of the medicine cabinet and display them as decor on clear floating shelves. Your morning routine will flow much faster when everything's out in front of you. 

Colorful Grout

Here’s an easy way to add personality to tile: Make the tile grout pop. 

Pick a sealer in a bold shade and apply it on top of your existing grout with a thin paintbrush. Go for a chic look with black, or take a more playful approach with a stunning shade like spring green!

Patterned Linens

Let your bath towel sets contribute to the decor by picking bold prints or bright colors. The good this that they're easy to swap out when you're ready for a change.

Over-the-Door Rack

No closets, no problem. Install a sturdy shelf above the bathroom door to store extra bath towels sets and washcloths. 

Antique Rug 

There's no furniture more versatile than a tiny table. Here, a wooden stool does the trick for holding potted plants, candles, and other spa staples.

Suspended Mirrors 

Don't let windows get in your way. Pulleys and rope can hoist mirrors into place for a rustic vanity. 

Colorful Trim

With a bit of ribbon and some fabric glue, ho-hum shades get a custom look. Brass pulls, and pyramid knobs add extra glam every time you reach for the toothpaste. 

Smart Storage 

In a small apartment, extra shelving makes all the difference. Wooden cubbies house essentials, while an invisible glass ledge provides a perch for fresh flowers. 

Pair of Mirrors 

In a tiny guesthouse, even the bitty bathroom doesn't feel cramped, thanks to the white-washed siding. A set of mismatched mirrors doubles down on charm. 

Bold Floor 

Experiment with Old-World-style cement tiles in a bathroom where the small square-footage is less of an investment. To make those pretty colors last, protect tiles from water damage with a penetrating sealer. 

Open Shelving 

A tall cubby takes up almost no floor space but multiplies storage in a snap, especially in the absence of a vanity or medicine cabinet. So put out your prettiest products, but remember, makeup, nail polish, and perfume should stay away from the humidity. 

Pay Attention to Detail

Don't overlook the details, like a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and other catch-alls for things like Q-tips, cotton pads, and more. 

Transferring those drugstore items from their original packaging makes the whole room look so much more put-together and beautiful; even a toilet brush can be pretty! 

Swap a Mirror for Wall Art 

It's all in the details—by giving accents an offbeat twist, you'll make a significant impact.

For example, instead of hanging a mirror above the sink, consider displaying artwork instead. Then put your hand soap and lotion on a small elevated shelf above the sink and turn a single tiny pendant light above to keep a minimalistic look. 

Splurge on Bath Towel Sets 

Hanging a few fancy and handy Mizu towels in your bathrooms will lift any dull space. The chic-looking bath towel sets are not only for show but also serve as the softest, most luxurious towels for any bathroom.

So hang them on your bathroom rack or keep them tucked in a sink drawer; they are a must-have essential of your bathroom decor. 

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Repaint Old Furniture 

Want a pop of color in the bathroom? Transform a dated family heirloom by sanding it and then repainting it a fun color. 

Bonus points if it's a dresser, armoire, or something else that provides extra storage. 

Add a Fun Shower Curtain 

A fun shower curtain with geometric shapes will shape a bathroom or play up existing tiles.

Put Out a Luxury Room Fragrance 

A high-end room fragrance will instantly elevate the overall feel of a powder room. 

If you don't want to splurge on one of the home fragrances, opt for a candle instead—they're a little easier on the wallet and smell great.

Hand-Paint the Floors

Instead of laying new tiles, which can be expensive and time-consuming, consider using paint instead.

Hand-painted details add a personal touch you can't get in many other ways.


Other than our bed, the bathroom is where we essentially begin and end each day. What happens in the bathroom will often set the tone for the rest of the day.

The best ideas come to us in the bathroom, more accurately the shower. It’s the place where you rehearse most of the conversations and comebacks. For some, it’s where they discover their inner bathroom singer.

So it’s high time that you make sure your bathroom is as aesthetic as you can with these DIYs and make sure it is picture-perfect.

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