How to Make Silver-infused Towels? And Who Has the Best Silver Towels

Silver has been infused in fabric for ages, but it is now taking the world by storm. Why? Because of its self-cleaning properties. We’ll talk about that later but first, let’s talk about how the magical product actually works. 

We all have towels hanging in our bathrooms, but they only get washed once every week.

So, to no surprise, towels are a breeding ground for bacteria, and the damp and dark conditions of a bathroom just make it ten times worse.

Imagine using a towel filled with microbes and bacteria; it is harmful to your skin and overall well-being.  

Let’s see how to make these silver-infused towels and which ones provide the best quality so you can swap your regular towel with them. 

How are Silver Towels Made 

Recently brands have started to indulge more in infusing silver in their fabrics, like sheets, towels, pillowcases, and much more. Silver infused with cotton increases the antibacterial properties of fabrics. 


Of course, the first thing you look for in any towel is the fabric it’s made from. For example, the fabric used in pure silver towels is cotton and silver fibers.

The silver fibers are self-cleaning, and they are woven into cotton to make the yarn.

Ordinary towels are made with cheap cotton; it is grown with many fertilizers and synthesizers.  Unfortunately, ordinary cotton towels also collect bacteria, and whenever you use them, they transfer harmful bacteria back to your skin. 

This non-stop cycle of bacterial infusion can cause your skin to break out and also transfer germs to the next person who uses the towels. 

Pure cotton towels made with Egyptian, Turkish, Pima, or other certified organic cotton fabrics are a little less abrasive to your skin. Still, even they are not safe from microbes and bacteria.

The rough texture of some towels can likely irritate your skin because of the fabric rubbing against your skin. In addition, some low-quality towels lose their smoothness after a few washes, and their texture becomes rugged. 

The Best Material -  Bamboo Cotton

Mizu towels use authentic bamboo luxurious cotton woven with silver fibers to make a silver towel. The revolutionary bamboo cotton is not only suitable and eco-friendly to grow, but it also provides a soft, comfortable texture to the silver towels. 

The bamboo cotton is highly absorbent and naturally mold-resistant; the silver cotton made with this material draws moisture away from wet surfaces and gives you clean skin. 

In addition, bamboo cotton is extremely durable and will not lose its texture even after several washes. Surely, it will save you some laundry trips, if not all. 

Silver Threads 

The obvious material used in the silver towel is *drumroll* SILVER. The pure silver threads are woven with bamboo cotton to eliminate 99% bacteria. The silver thread prevents bacteria from multiplying and destroys them upon contact. 


Regular cotton towels have a size of 20”x38”; however, this size is most suitable for kids. The standard size of the towel hardly fits anyone, and what’s the point of a towel that you can’t wrap around your body? 

Size matters when it comes to towels, so they have upgraded the towels to a 27.5’’x55’’ size. The Mizu towel covers a much larger area than a regular cotton towel. 

Not to mention, with 50% more coverage, the towels are specifically designed to give you the softest and most comfortable wear.

The silver towels are also a perfect size to hang in bathroom racks, and because they are light and thin, they can fit any cupboard comfortably. 


The quality of cotton towels depends on how much water they can absorb; most of these towels do a poor job of completely drying you off. 

Cotton towels made with premium cotton are more likely to be absorbant because they are thicker and fluffier. However, if the material is mixed with other fabrics like rayon or linen, it can make the towel less absorbent. As a result, you will often find yourself not getting dried off completely. 

Mizu cotton silver towels are made with the best luxurious material that is highly absorbent and absorbs five times its weight in water. 

Adding to that, the silver towels are quick-drying, which means they do not stay damp for a long period and are ready to use after a brief time. 

While average towels stay damp for hours, Mizu silver towels dry three times faster, making them super convenient to use. 

Color Bleeding  

Nobody likes running dyes and color splotches on their daily-use towels. Sometimes, the dyes used in many cotton towels run after a wash, which is not a pleasant sight for your laundry. 

It is better to always read reviews before buying vibrant colored cotton towels, which can also affect the absorbability of a towel. 

It is also a good idea to give your towel a separate wash after buying it to avoid any color bleeding. 


Common cotton silver towels are blown through tubes, then blended and spun.

High-quality cotton gets blended more before spinning; this process is based on the manufacturer's preference. 

Each company has a different and unique method of making silver towels. Some spin their own yarn, while some grow their own raw materials. 

Nevertheless, Mizu takes great consideration of the water used in crafting pure cotton silver towels. Other cotton towels use hard water, which can ruin the towel’s texture and make it less absorbent. 

The traditional Japanese crafting technique used in manufacturing is highly efficient for strengthening the towel’s fibers. 

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The Best Pure Cotton Silver Towels 

Surely, the best silver cotton towels have the required criteria to be considered best. This list will explain how you can choose a cotton towel to add to your daily routine. 

Stay Clear of the Fabric 

Pure cotton towels are made with 100% cotton, every pure cotton towel comes with a label, and all you have to do is read one. 

The type of cotton such as Bamboo, Egyptian, or Pima is mentioned on the label. 

Some cotton towels have other fabrics blended in them. The common combination is cotton and polyester or cotton and linen. 

Higher Weight - Higher Density 

A common measurement of towels is grams per square meter (GSM). On average, pure cotton towels can range anywhere between 300 to 900 GSM.

It is more likely that the towels with more weight will absorb more water while lightweight towels dry quickly. 

Not All Cotton Fibres are Same 

If you are a rookie in buying pure cotton silver towels, make sure to look for these high production points. 

Different woven fibers have different properties; some fibers are short, while others are twisted. All these have an impact on the texture, absorbance quality, and durability of a towel. 


The cotton is brushed and treated further after it is spun to remove short fibers. As a result, it is smoother than regular cotton and more durable. 


You might have heard about the zero-twist towels, which use long cotton fibers to loop through a towel. 

This process has zero twists meaning it’s loose, which gives towels a smoother and fluffier texture. 

Zero- twist or low twist towels are great for sensitive skin because they have more air and space along their fibers. 


A terry cotton towel has uncut loops, which make these cotton towels extremely cozy and absorbent. 

Moreover, the ground warp and the pile warp give the towel upward-facing loops and a unique texture.


These cotton towels have long and short fibers both; the fibers are twisted to make loops durable and soft. 

The technical terminology may confuse you, but simple research can solve most of your queries. All luxury towels are made with different weave styles and yarns, and it’s hard to choose which is superior. 

At the end of the day, it really depends on your preference and what you are looking for in your cleaning partner! 

Why Should You Choose Mizu Towels? 

For skeptics who don’t believe that silver towels have antibacterial properties or are a hoax, maybe this list will change your mind. 

Mizu towels ensure the best customer experience without a compromise on quality. 

Anti- Bacterial & Self - Cleaning 

The silver threads used to make cotton silver towels are naturally clean and fight bacteria residing in towels. 

Since you can’t see microorganisms with the naked eye, it’s impossible to know when to wash your towels. However, Mizu pure cotton silver towels are anti-bacterial and self-cleaning. 

As a result, they detect bacteria and kill them instantly with 99% efficiency. 


Sheets and towels made out of pure silver threads work to eliminate any bad odor in the fabric. It is a holy grail for people who want to avoid doing laundry or just do not have the time to do so.

Silver-infused fabric can go three times the amount of regular towels when it comes to washing. 

The Smart MizuTech 

Mizu towels have a layer of solvatochromic dye strip woven within the towels. This smart system changes color from blue to red when the towel is dirty.

Unlike ordinary towels, you do not have to wait for your towels to smell before you wash them; until then, it is too late.

The color change allows you to wash the towels before harmful bacteria attack them, which can cause cross-contamination and harmful bacteria to spread all over your face and body.

Crafted With Care

Mizu towels are made to provide comfort and a soft-to-touch feel. The inspiration is taken from the infamous Imabari towel techniques. Unfortunately, regular towels can cause your skin to dry out and irritate it with its rough texture. 

Traditionally, Japanese craftsmanship uses artisan methods to keep the towel’s texture extra gentle on your skin without causing any irritation. 

The cotton silver towels are great for sensitive skin and stay fluffy because of the weaving technique for a long time. 

Hence, Mizu towels are made with twisted yarn weave for durability. It also gives the fibers extra strength. 

As mentioned earlier, the twisted yarn gives the fibers a stronghold without compromising the smooth texture and also makes it lint-free. 

Bamboo cotton is highly hydrophilic in nature which makes water absorption a piece of cake for cotton silver towels. 

The towels are designed to dry faster. When they dry faster, the surface becomes less likely to be infected with bacteria. 

The quicker they dry, the fresher they are. So, Mizu silver cotton towels provide a spa-worthy luxurious feel to your skin at the comfort of your home. 

Affordable Luxury 

Mizu towels use luxurious materials like bamboo cotton and 100% silver threads, a perfect blend of softness and royalty.

Unlike other luxurious towels, Mizu silver towels come at a lower price yet offer greater value.

Good for Your Skin

Mizu cotton towels and sheets are highly efficient when it comes to eliminating bacteria. Bacteria is a root cause of skin breakouts, acne inflammation, and other skin diseases. 

Because silver-infused fabrics kill 99% of harmful bacteria, they are extremely skin-loving! 


Although, the properties of silver in fabrics have not fully been explored yet. Essentially, it has been proven time and again for its properties as natural cleaning fibers. 

When it comes to silver towels, they are far more superior than normal towels, which lose their quality after a few washes. 

Towels come in the closest contact with harmful bacteria, so it only makes sense to have antibacterial fabrics like silver-infused towels for daily use. 

So, hopefully, this list answers all your concerns about silver-infused towels and how you can make your decision to start using one. 

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