How to Make Silver-infused Towels? And Who Has the Best Silver Towels

How to Make Silver-infused Towels? And Who Has the Best Silver Towels

Silver has been infused in fabric for ages, but it is now taking the world by storm. Why? Silver is all the range because it has self-cleaning properties. We'll talk about that later but first, let's discuss how the magical product works.

We all have towels hanging in our bathrooms, but they only get washed once every week.

So, to no one’s surprise, towels are a breeding ground for bacteria. A bathroom's damp and dark conditions make it ten times worse. Imagine using a towel filled with microbes and bacteria. It harms your skin and overall well-being. 

Let's see how to make silver-infused towels and which ones provide the best quality so you can swap your regular towel with them.

How Are Silver Towels Made

Recently brands have started to indulge more in infusing silver in their fabrics, like sheets, towels, pillowcases, and much more. Silver infused with cotton increases the antibacterial properties of fabrics. 


Of course, the first thing you look for in any towel is the fabric it's made from. For example, the fabric used in pure silver towels is cotton and silver fibers.

The silver fibers are self-cleaning and woven into cotton to make the yarn.

Ordinary towels are made with cheap cotton; it is grown with many fertilizers and synthesizers. Unfortunately, ordinary cotton towels also collect bacteria, and they transfer harmful bacteria back to your skin whenever you use them. 

This non-stop cycle of bacterial infusion can cause your skin to break out and transfer germs to the next person who uses the towels. 

Pure cotton towels made with Egyptian, Turkish, Pima, or other certified organic cotton fabrics are slightly less abrasive to your skin. Still, even they are not safe from microbes and bacteria.

The rough texture of some towels can likely irritate your skin because of the fabric rubbing against your skin. In addition, some low-quality towels lose their smoothness after a few washes, and their texture becomes rugged.

The Best Material -  Bamboo Cotton

Mizu towels use authentic bamboo luxurious cotton woven with silver fibers to make a silver towel. The revolutionary bamboo cotton is not only suitable and eco-friendly to grow, but it also provides a soft, comfortable texture to the silver towels. 

The bamboo cotton is highly absorbent and naturally mold-resistant; the silver cotton made with this material draws moisture away from wet surfaces and gives you clean skin. 

In addition, bamboo cotton is extremely durable and will not lose its texture even after several washes. Surely, it will save you some laundry trips, if not all. 

Silver Threads 

The obvious material used in the silver towel is *drumroll* SILVER. The pure silver threads are woven with bamboo cotton to eliminate 99% bacteria. The silver thread prevents bacteria from multiplying and destroys them upon contact. 


Regular cotton towels have a size of 20”x38”; however, this size is most suitable for kids. The standard size of the towel hardly fits anyone, and what’s the point of a towel that you can’t wrap around your body? 

Size matters when it comes to towels, so they have upgraded the towels to a 27.5’’x55’’ size. The Mizu towel covers a much larger area than a regular cotton towel. 

Not to mention, with 50% more coverage, the towels are specifically designed to give you the softest and most comfortable wear.

The silver towels are also a perfect size to hang in bathroom racks, and because they are light and thin, they can fit any cupboard comfortably. 


The quality of cotton towels depends on how much water they can absorb; most of these towels do poorly to dry you off completely.

Cotton towels made with premium cotton are more likely to be absorbant because they are thicker and fluffier. However, if the material is mixed with other fabrics like rayon or linen, it can make the towel less absorbent. As a result, you will often not get completely dried off.

Mizu cotton silver towels are made with the best luxurious material that is highly absorbent and absorbs five times its weight in water.

The silver towels are quick-drying, which means they do not stay damp for a long period and are ready to use after a brief time.

While average towels stay damp for hours, Mizu silver towels dry three times faster, making them super convenient.

Color Bleeding  

Nobody likes running dyes and color splotches on their daily-use towels. Sometimes, the dyes used in many cotton towels run after a wash, which is not a pleasant sight for your laundry.

It is better to always read reviews before buying vibrant colored cotton towels, which can also affect the absorbability of a towel.

Giving your towel a separate wash after buying it is also a good idea to avoid any color bleeding.


Common cotton silver towels are blown through tubes, then blended and spun.

High-quality cotton is blended more before spinning, based on the manufacturer's preference. 

Each company has a different and unique method of making silver towels. Some spin their yarn, while some grow their raw materials.

Nevertheless, Mizu considers the water used in crafting pure cotton silver towels. Other cotton towels use hard water, which can ruin the towel's texture and make it less absorbent.

The traditional Japanese crafting technique used in manufacturing is highly efficient for strengthening the towel's fibers.

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Best Silver Infused Towels 2022

Here are some of the best silver-infused towels that protect you from pathogens and boost your hygiene.

Silvon Luxury Antimicrobial Bath Towel

The Silvon's luxury bath towel is a standard-size bath towel woven with pure silver threads. These threads can eliminate 99.97% of odor-causing and acne-causing bacteria because the silver threads reduce bacterial colonies, preventing the transfer of harmful bacteria on your skin.

The Silvon luxury modern towel improves your skin health as you no longer have to use dirty bath towels. In addition, the towel stays clean due to the presence of silver threads, preventing pore-clogging after a steamy shower.

When you take a steaming shower, it opens your pores. Bacteria can clog these pores, causing acne. When you pat yourself dry with the Silvon Luxury Antimicrobial Bath Towel, it protects your body from microbes.

Moreover, Silvon's luxury towel is made from Supima cotton. Supima cotton is one of the softest materials to craft bath towels.

In addition, Silvon only uses organic Supima for the towels. Therefore, these bath towels are ultra-soft and silky with an excellent absorbing capacity.

These towels maintain their softness as they become softer with each wash, keeping you from worrying about the threads losing their texture. In addition, Silvon's luxury towels are also durable with anti-odor properties, making them ideal for everyday use.

With Silvon's antimicrobial towel, you won't have to worry about the musty towel smell as the silver fiber threads prevent odor-causing bacteria, helping you maintain your hygienic lifestyle.


  • Eliminates acne-causing bacteria
  • Prevents bacterial colonies 
  • The blend of organic cotton and silver provides maximum comfort
  • Stays fresh
  • Requires fewer wash cycles than most competitors


  • Available in limited colors 

Resorè Body Towel

Resorè Body Towel is a highly fluffy antibacterial towel made from silver-infused threads that help fight bacteria, including E-coli and other microbes such as mildew and fungus. The towel's two active ingredients are Tencel Lyocell and Silverbac, which break down odors and germs and eliminate skin irritants. 

These antibacterial properties make the towel ideal for face and body use. If your skin gets irritated by rough towels, Resorè is perfect for you as it promises to protect your skin from all types of microbes, stopping the incubation and growth of bacteria. 

The towel also requires fewer wash cycles. Moreover, it is eco-friendly and provides great absorbency capacity. The eco-friendly and hypoallergenic materials make it an excellent towel for regular use. 

Besides this, the towel's hydrophilic fibers come from plant-based cellulose that leaves your skin rejuvenated and hydrated. Therefore, it is a uniquely woven towel with silver threads that is not only soft and eco-friendly but also highly absorbent. 


  • Eco friendly 
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fewer wash cycles required
  • Highly absorbent 
  • Fights all types of skin irritants 


  • Available in limited colors
  • On the higher end of the price spectrum

Miracle Hand Towel

Miracle Hand Towel is woven from premium cotton infused with natural silver to eliminate bacterial colonies. It fights up to 99.9% odor-causing bacteria and skin irritants. The Miracle towel's silver-infused threads fight the bacteria through the ionization process. 

The silver ions have a positive charge on them. As a result, they connect to harmful bacteria and prevent their growth. Therefore, the Miracle hand towel successfully eliminates musty odor as the odor-causing bacteria cannot reproduce. 

In contrast, the standard towel fabric provides a breeding ground for acne and odor-causing bacteria to grow and reproduce. This irritates your skin when you dab yourself dry with a heavily contaminated towel. 

The primary purpose of a steaming shower is to boost hygiene. If your towel is becoming a hindrance, it's time to purchase a Miracle hand towel to save your skin from pimples and breakouts. 

Besides this, these towels can stay fresher for longer compared to your standard regular towels due to the infused silver threads. It is also more lightweight and doesn't get heavy after use as it dries in half the time compared to other towels.

Moreover, the Miracle towel's surface is a sound-absorbent that quickly wicks away water droplets. This lightweight, lint-free, durable towel also has a quick-drying ability with its antimicrobial effect, making it an excellent purchase.


  • Affordable 
  • Fights germs and bacteria
  • More durable 
  • ½ time for drying 
  • Ideal size
  • Self-cleaning properties


  • The threads aren't fluffy.

Mizu Towel

Mizu Towel is crafted from bamboo cotton yarn and silver-infused threads that make it a futuristic towel. This smart towel boosts your hygiene by reducing the incubation and growth of bacteria. 

Mizu Towel is an incredibly soft and durable towel made from hand-harvested bamboo and Xinjiang cotton. One of the best features of this towel is its color-changing property. 

Mizu Towel has color-changing stripes that change colors to indicate that your towel needs a wash. This lets you know when your towel needs a good wash and also cuts down excessive towel wash.

Moreover, Mizu towels are incredibly soft and fluffy as they have bamboo threads that feel soft and warm against the skin. 

These towels also have an excellent absorbency ratio. As a result, you won't have to harshly rub it against your skin to absorb moisture as it immediately wicks away dampness. In addition, Mizu is a quick-drying towel suitable for everyday use.

You can hang it in your bathroom as it'll quickly dry itself. Moreover, the towel can indicate when you have to wash it. Therefore, it's perfect for keeping in your bathroom. 

Since Mizu towels are traditionally weaved, they are more durable than their competitors. You don't have to invest in a towel that starts to look like a rag after three washes.

Mizu will ensure that the threads do not come apart even after several machine washes. These towels also remain lint-free and fluffy.

Since it features silver-infused fiber, the towel keeps away odor-causing bacteria. Moreover, Mizu's Japanese towel crafting techniques ensure that the microbes do not form a breeding ground, protecting you from 99% bacteria. 

Mizu towels are also bigger than standard towels. Therefore, these exceptionally absorbent and soft towels are ideal for everyday use. 


  • Bigger than regular towels 
  • Exceptionally absorbent 
  • Soft on the skin 
  • Long-lasting 


  • None 


Currently, consumers have become more eco-friendly due to the global environmental crisis. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in eco-friendly products to reduce your carbon footprint. Bamboo and silver-infused threads are not only environmentally friendly but also are more durable.

Furthermore, these materials are biodegradable and do not end up in a landfill. When your towel requires fewer washes, it doesn't only save water but also protects the environment. Therefore, you need to make a wise purchase.

With these four luxurious towels, you can indeed find something that doesn't only maintain your hygiene but also has good value for money.

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