How to Make Towel Storage for a Small Bathroom?

How to Make Towel Storage for a Small Bathroom?

Small bathrooms come with less storage space, creating the challenge of storing showering essentials, bath towel sets, and a myriad of little things that require space in your bathroom. Since storage space is necessary, we have rounded up some great ideas to help you set up a small bathroom towel storage.

These creative storage ideas will help you display multiple towels hanging on a rack or allow you to keep extra bath towel sets rolled up within reach, freeing up space in your small bathroom. So read below to say goodbye to your bathroom storage problems! 

1. Add a Shelf Above the Bathroom Door

Installing a shelf above the bathroom door will help make the available space in your bathroom functional. For this purpose, you can use wooden shelves or wrought-iron ones.

Then, all you have to do is mount the shelf above the bathroom door. This way, you can store your bath towel sets and other sanitary products within your reach. 


You can search for a shelf that fits the measurements of the space. For example, since most small bathrooms have less space, the bathroom door is near the shower. Thus installing a shelf above the door will help quickly grab the towel when needed.

The over-the-door approach will free up space in your bathroom rack, allowing you to store other accessories and products. Moreover, such a storage shelf will save you from leaving your towel on the sink or the floor.

Besides that, it is effortless to organize a shelf; hence there will be less clutter in your small bathroom space. 

2. Set Up a Ladder Rack

Setting up a ladder rack is another useful small bathroom towel storage idea to make the space more functional. With a ladder rack, you can display multiple bath towel sets without worrying about the space. 

Ladder racks do not need assembling. Hence they are a perfect solution for your organizing problems. Furthermore, since a ladder rack occupies minimum space, it’s an effective small bathroom towel storage organizer.

The ladder racks also have a rustic look that complements most bathroom interiors. In addition, they are crafted from reclaimed hardwood, which is lightweight and sturdy. Therefore a durable and sturdy ladder solves your organizing problems at an affordable price.

The best part about this idea is that you can slide the ladder into tight spaces. A ladder also occupies minimum flooring space. Thus, you get to keep baskets and pots on the floor to store other sanitary accessories. 

3. Accent an Empty Corner With Style

Small bathrooms often have space under the sink. You may also have available space near the shower or the toilet seat. To make the most of your available space, you can keep a spacious basket on the floor.

Keeping a basket is an easy fix to organize bath towel sets because it only occupies some space on the floor. Therefore, it doesn’t add clutter to your small bathroom.

Moreover, if you pick a decorative basket, it will enhance the overall interior of the bathroom. You could also pick a simple basket made from natural material such as jute. Such baskets are versatile, helping you store various bathroom accessories.

This idea will free up counter space as well. Overall, it is an affordable and efficient fix for your storage problem that also enhances the look of your bathroom. 

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4. Small Bathroom Storage Corner Cabinet

If you wish to use your bathroom’s available space efficiently, a small corner cabinet is an excellent buy. Most of the time, we do not add anything to the corners of the bathroom. Thus you can use this space to set up a small cabinet. 

A storage cabinet will help hold your toilet papers, bath towel sets, and other accessories. It will not only enhance your bathroom storage but also take up minimum space.

As most of the corner cabinets are slim, they fit perfectly in a tight space. Therefore we suggest that you get a narrow corner cabinet as a small bathroom towel storage option. 

Such cabinets are also easy to move, so you can carry them out of the bathroom whenever you want. Moreover, the top panels of the cabinets are open, allowing you to keep your cellphone or a Bluetooth speaker when you step in the shower. This way, all your essentials are within your reach.

The cabinet is a fantastic idea to keep your towels because they get dirty when you hang the towels on hooks. Sometimes they even fall on the floor. Therefore we suggest that you buy antibacterial towels to avoid dirt and bacteria. 

Mizu Smart Towel is a bacteria-fighting towel that has natural pure silver fibers which help kill bacteria. It also changes color due to dirt build-up. As a result, you’ll know when you have to wash it.

5. Over the Toilet Storage Shelf

Most of the bar towel racks occupy horizontal space, decreasing the available wall space and increasing clutter. However, if you swap them for a vertical over-the-toilet storage shelf, then it will clear up space in your small bathroom. 

For this purpose, you can use wrought-iron racks that fit right above your toilet seat. Since iron racks are durable, they are a single-time purchase.

Also, such racks are multipurpose as they allow you to store all your bathroom essentials such as toiletries, magazines, bath towel sets, etc.

Since you can place the space-saving toilet shelf right over the toilet seat, it will save up the floor space. In addition, you can add storage baskets to the floor for functional small bathroom towel storage options.

Overall, this idea will make your bathroom space more functional and organized. In addition, you will be able to utilize the tiniest corners of your bathroom by installing such a rack. Also, such racks come at an affordable price; hence they are a perfect low-budget storage option.

6. Over the Door Hooks Organizer Rack

An over-the-door hooks organizer rack is the perfect way to optimize the available space in your bathroom. In addition, the hook organizer allows you to display your bath towel sets effectively. 

Such a rack is excellent for organizing purposes as it provides a tidy and commodious small bathroom towel storage space. Furthermore, these organizing racks with hooks are made from high-quality steel. Thus, they are waterproof, which makes them perfect for your bathroom.

In addition, it’s effortless to install the racks because you simply have to mount them on the wall or hang them over the top of doors by using screws. 

The available hooks also allow you to hang robes, loofah, clothes, or any other shower accessories that you want within your reach. Overall, this creative idea enhances the storage space in your bathroom without taking up much space.

7. Space Saving Towel Bars

Space Saving Towel Bars are an excellent idea if you want to make the most of the space in your bathroom. These towel bars let you hang multiple bath towel sets without occupying much space.

Such bars are made from high-quality steel. They are perfect for hanging and organizing face towels, bath towels, and robes. Since they are rust-proof, you can mount them near the shower as well. 

Space-saving towel bars have a minimalist style, so they are ideal for an elegant interior. Moreover, they dont require assembly; hence the installation is easy. So if you want to save up storage space, you can remove the shower caddy to place a towel bar. 

Then you can keep your showering essentials such as shampoos and body scrubs in a small basket that you can place on the sink counter or over the toilet seat.

This way, you will free up more space in the bathroom. As a result, your small bathroom will become more organized and manageable. 

In addition, the space-saving towel bars allow a 180-degree rotation which means that you can place them however you wish. They weigh only about 1.7 lbs and measure 13.78 x 1.18 x 9.65 inches, occupying minimum space in your small bathroom.

8. WAll - Mounted Towel Shelf

If you are one of those people who prefer to hang their towels rather than keep them rolled away, then a wall-mounted small bathroom towel storage option is just what you need! A wall-mounted towel shelf not only makes it easy to hang your bath towel sets but also provides you the space to keep other shower essentials. 

As this rack comes with a tempered glass shelf, you can keep your shampoos and conditioners on this. So this rack will help optimize the space, making your small bathroom more tidy and functional. 

Moreover, the installation is effortless as you do not have to use a drilling machine. Also, this rack does not damage the surface, so it is suitable for tiles, marbles, metals, glass, or solid wood surfaces. 

The tempered glass is also safe as it has a high impact strength and good thermal stability. The bracket shelf is made of solid aluminum alloy that is rust-proof and durable. Furthermore, it is corrosion-resistant, so you wouldn’t have to worry when you hang wet towels on it.

Overall, a multipurpose towel shelf is suitable for your small bathroom and humid environment. In addition, since this rack isn’t expensive, it is an affordable and suitable idea for maximizing your bathroom’s storage space. 

The Bottom Line

You can pursue many ideas to make the most of the available space in your bathroom. Here we have chosen the best eight unique and creative ideas to help organize your bathroom. 

We hope that these excellent creative ideas will help you efficiently store your bath towels sets, making your bathroom more functional! 

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