How a Japanese Bath Towel Could Be the Best Gift for This Christmas Eve!

How a Japanese Bath Towel Could Be the Best Gift for This Christmas Eve!

Ho Ho Ho! It looks like Santa is getting his sleigh ready for Christmas. The holiday season is just around the corner, and you should get busy too. Prepare your list of presents you wish to give your loved ones. Make sure they're special and memorable. 

Shopping for Christmas gifts is an exciting experience. Yet, most people are bored with buying the same old, conventional gifts. 

If you want your gift to be unique, buy Japanese bath towels. These towels are the best gift you can give this year. Wonder why? Let's find out. 

Reasons Why You Should Gift a Japanese Bath Towel for Christmas

Japanese bath towels can be a Christmas gift choice. These towels are special compared to ordinary bath towels and can elevate the bathing experience for their users. 

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Wonder why? 

Have a look at the following qualities of a Japanese bath towel:


Japanese bath towels are highly absorbent. They're adept at soaking water quickly. So, if you're running late for a meeting, you can dry yourself quickly with one of these towels. The best part is that these towels do not get too heavy or wet after soaking in all the water.  

Quick Drying

Bath towels can stay wet for a long time. Usually, after one use, you need to leave these towels for a few hours to dry properly. 

This makes it impossible to use repeatedly throughout the day. During the drying time, bath towels can also accumulate dirt and bacteria. They provide an ideal breeding ground for germs and can get you sick. 

Additionally, wet towels can develop an unpleasant smell if they don't dry properly. To remove the odor, you must wash them frequently. 

However, Japanese bath towels are quick drying. They not only absorb water quickly, but they can get rid of moisture rapidly too. 


Bath towels shouldn't feel like sandpaper. Luckily, Japanese bath towels are ultra-soft. They get softer with each wash, so you can dry yourself without rubbing your skin with harsh towels.

Most ordinary towels are rough to the touch. They can also lose their softness over time. As you wash them, they become even harsher.  


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Bath towels are not a product you'll want to buy every month. They can be expensive. Thus, they should serve you for a couple of years. 

Japanese bath towels are long-lasting and durable. They can even stand regular, rigorous use. Therefore, they can be the perfect gift for Christmas this year. After all, nothing's better than a high-quality towel that can be used for a long time. 

7 Best Japanese Bath Towels You Can Buy

Japanese bath towels are easily available in the market. You can buy these towels from some of the best brands of the finest quality. To lend you a helping hand for Christmas gift shopping, here are the top 7 ideal Japanese bath towels you can buy:

Mizu Bath Towel

Mizu bath towels are made from Japanese cotton. They are exceptionally soft, absorbent, and durable. Additionally, they feature varying thicknesses and sizes. Thus, they can suit people with different needs. 

The Japanese bath towels are delicately crafted with pure silver and natural linens. This way, your bath towel can not only prevent bacteria, but also kill germs. The towels are adept at drying quickly, as they contain high-quality cotton. 

Additionally, Mizu towels are self-cleaning. This means your bath towels can signal you when they require a wash. Not only that, but these great towels are also easy to maintain. All in all, an excellent purchase for the holiday season.

CYBERL Imabari Bath Towel

The CYBERL Imabari bath towel is a popular choice in the Japanese bath towel category. They're an ideal gift due to their high quality and fine material. 

These towels are soft, durable, and adept at absorbing water. The best part about them is that they suit adults and babies. So, they can be the perfect gift for new parents. 

Additionally, the Imabari bath towels are light and can dry quickly. Thus, you don't need to worry about unpleasant odors.

Iori Amanogawa Bath Towel

This one is another Imabari towel in an ocean blue shade. The Iori Amanogawa Bath Towel is considered one of the highest-quality Japanese bath towels. Made from 100% cotton, this towel is suitable for use by all ages. 

The durable and thick towel is made from an airy and soft material with non-twisted yarn. It's a reversible used towel, as you can use it from both sides. This Imabari towel is also adept at drying quickly and absorbing moisture effectively.

Iori Umi Sea Bath Towel

The Iori Umi Sea Japanese bath towel features pile fabric on one side and gauze fabric on the other. This combination of fabrics makes the towel soft and light. 

The gauze fabric used in the towel is soft to offer a comfortable feel. In addition, the pile fabric is excellent at absorbing water. It's a good gift choice for travelers as it can dry quickly without getting too heavy.

It's a gentle pick, suitable for babies. If you have sensitive skin or skin issues, this towel can be a lifesaver. It features a herringbone pattern that can remind you of the ocean.

Shikoku Bath Towel

If you're searching for an elegant gift, this bath towel is the right choice. The Shikoku bath towel can also be an ideal wedding gift. The wooden box has a set of bath towels with premium texture and high quality.  

These amazing Japanese bath towels are crafted from long, thin, and delicate fibers that offer the skin's softest touch. They're also durable and highly absorbent to wipe away maximum moisture.

Haroon Bath Towel

This bath towel is soft on the skin and can be very comfortable. The Hacoon bath towel is thick and can absorb a lot of moisture. 

However, it isn't heavy and weighs more like falling snow. It's one of the best bath towels you can find as a Christmas present. It glides over the body smoothly as it's very soft and fluffy.

Hiorie Imabari Towel 

The Hiorie Imabari bath towel is a lightweight and thin towel. For this reason, it can be great for travelers. The towel isn't fluffy but is adept at absorbing water. It's also quick at drying. Additionally, its soft texture isn't harsh on the skin.

Tips for Choosing a Japanese Bath Towel with Best Fiber 

When choosing a bath towel, you must consider the different fibers used. That's because different fibers result in varying finishes. 

Here are a few fiber choices you can select:


Cotton fiber is ideal for a balanced towel. It can be the best towel material as it suits most people. The all-rounder towel material is long-lasting and highly absorbent. 

Not only that, it offers a soft texture to prevent harsh rubbing. Additionally, these towels can dry quickly depending on the cotton type used. 


Microfiber is an ideal material for towels to make them quick drying. These towels are time savers because they absorb maximum moisture in a single wipe. 

Additionally, they aren't heavy, so you can travel with ease. Usually, microfiber towels are crafted from nylon, polyester, and other synthetic polymers. 


If you want the ultimate quick-drying towel, gauze should be your choice. These towels are suitable for travelers as they're lightweight. Additionally, they are breathable and thin. 

How Can You Keep Your Japanese Towel Fluffy and Soft?
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You must follow a few essential tips to keep your Japanese towel fluffy and soft. This way, you can maintain their luxurious texture for longer. Here's what you should do:

  • You should wash your towels with cold water using mild soaps and detergents. You can also switch to washing them with your hands for a gentler wash. 
  • Before washing your bath towels in a machine, ensure to put them in a protective net. Additionally, check if your washer is overloaded with other clothes. If so, reduce the load to carefully wash your towels. 
  • Avoid washing the towels with clothes containing zippers or other sharp attachments. 
  • Use plenty of clean water to wash your towels.
  • Once your towel is washed, you should give around 15 or more good shakes. Then, leave the towel to air dry gently. This way, you can allow more air to circulate through the fabric. 
  • You should also avoid using certain soaps and bleaches to wash the towels. That's because harsh chemicals damage their texture and cause discoloration. 

Final Thoughts

Japanese bath towels can be the best gift for Christmas. These towels have various qualities that an ideal bath towel should have. From being gentle to the skin, to efficiently absorbing water, these towels never miss to delight us. 

They can offer a luxurious bathing experience and dry quickly for multiple uses. They can also be the perfect investment since they're long-lasting and durable. 

If you want to elevate the shower experience for your loved one, make sure to find an excellent Japanese bath towel for them. 

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