6 Top Rated High Quality Hand Towels in 2021

Hand towels are one of the `most indispensable sanitary items in your home, which is why they are important. Here are the top 2021 hand towels you need to own now!

Although they appear as a small and simple set of fabric, they possess qualities such as absorbency to help dry one’s face and remove moisture from hands. Some of them like Mizu Towel even have some antibacterial properties, we call them Smart Towels!

In this post, I will be offering the best variety of top quality hand towels you can buy in the market today. Interested right? - Let’s take a look at them and their exclusive features.


The 6 Top Rated High-Quality Hand Towels

Hand Towels
  Material Construction
  Key Features

 Mizu Hand towel

 Mizu Hand towel

Xinjiang cotton fabric

Presence of smart impurity detection technology.

5x absorbing capacity.

Extremely soft and fluffy.

Twisted weave pattern.

 Lvse luxury Hand towel

Lvse luxury Hand towel

Egyptian long staple cotton. Mulberry silk luster.

Has a smooth and thick texture.


Comes with regular stitching and finishing.

  Amazon Basics quick dry hand towel

Amazon Basics quick dry hand towel

100% cotton material.

Quick drying towel. Resistant to tears.

Highly breathable fabric.

 Cotton Craft Hand towel

Cotton Craft Hand towel

100% cotton

Luxurious rayon brand

Comes with style and matches home décor.

Durable to use.

 Utopia hand towels

 Utopia hand towels

Natural Cotton material


Protect skin from irritants.

Machine washable.

 Chakir Turkish Linen Hand towel

Chakir Turkish Linen Hand towel

Turkish cotton material

Long lasting.

Totally natural with no harmful dye stuff.


1. Mizu Hand Towel

If Mizu Towel is one of the most luxurious towels on the market it's not only because it's extra soft, fluffy and made with high-quality cotton! If Mizu Towel is becoming so famous and so loved it's because it's a smart towel able to detect and fight bacteria. How amazing does that sound? 

This Japanese towel, made of Xinjiang cotton, contain silver natural silver-coated fibers that are proven to eliminate 99% bacterias that your towel can hold. Moreover, Mizu has some magic strips that turn red when the towel is too dirty and needs a wash. Do you really know when a towel needs to be washed? After a week, or when it starts smelling maybe? No worries, Mizu Towel will tell you!  

The self-cleaning Mizu towel is quite effective during travels because it possesses a hyper absorbance and quick-dry capacity. This hyper-absorbent feature enables the towel to absorb 5 x its percentage weight of water while still maintaining its lightweight and fluffiness. The luxury towel is made in a twisted weave pattern to help promote faster drying time. The twisted weave pattern on this quality hand towel allows for free air circulation hence preventing any form of unhygienic smell to emanate from the towel.

2. Lvse luxury Hand towel

Lvse luxury Hand towel

The Lvse Luxury hand towel is a well-defined hand towel that comes in a decorative style. It comes out of the box with material construction of a 100% Egyptian long staple cotton material and a mulberry silk luster. Egyptian cotton material is one of the best cotton materials in the world. It is softer, finer, and last longer since the weave of the fabric is significantly rugged. Its rugged nature ensures it has a longer shelf-life than other regular cotton material. A combination of both the Egyptian cotton material and mulberry silk luster makes the Lvse luxury hand towel thick, strong, and have a smooth texture. This luxury soft towel comes with 606 grams per square meter weight meaning it a thickly dense.

The presence of fluffy texture ensures the hand towel is breathable and confers on it a good absorbing capacity. The stitching and finishing of the Lvse luxury define a real touch of luxury as they are properly done in a regular pattern. Also, the Lvse luxury hand towel features a good dyeing effect, which ensures it is well protected from any form of fading. It comes with an Eco-friendly technology to ensure the hand towel has no irritating effect against the skin. It is easy to wash, and it also dries well. Highly applicable for use in the bathroom, spa house, kitchen, and gym.

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3. Amazon Basics Quick Dry Hand Towel

Amazon Basics Quick Dry Hand Towel

Need an extremely soft and quick-dry towel? Then The Amazon Basics quick dry hand towel is one of the best picks of a quality hand towel. It is proudly manufactured from the Amazon brand. For sanitary reasons, the quick dry feature enables the towel to withstand mildew or bacterial that arises from a wet surface. It is manufactured out of a 100% cotton material through a single loop system of construction. The 100% cotton material contributes highly to the softness of the hand towel and makes it resistant to tears. It is unique and classic as it designed with a simple pique border. The quick dry cotton towel comes with a style which can blend with the house décor.

This high-quality hand towel is extremely useful to take out on workouts as it comes with a fluffy softness and has quick absorbent features. The fluffy texture of the hand towel contributes to its comfortability in usage and yield fast drying results. The fluffiness is also responsible for providing proper air circulation for the towel to prevent the emanation of unpleasant smell. The ability of this high-quality towel to absorb moisture easily stems from the fact that it is extremely lightweight. It is durable and can withstand heavy washing due to its fade resistant teal color feature. All these features in one hand towel make it ideal for use in bathrooms, kitchen, gyms and even for use by a college student.

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4. Cotton Craft Hand Towel

Cotton Craft Hand Towel

Need a hand towel that dries fast? Then the Cotton Craft Hand towel will be your genuine option. It is a high-quality hand towel with divine lushness, color and style. The luxury soft towel has an excellent softness which dries the body in one simple wipe. Cotton craft hand towel has an excellent quality stemming from the fact that it is made from ring sprung weave of cotton material. The cotton material is well laced with a luxurious rayon brand which contributes highly to its brilliant style.

Although the hand towel is extremely soft, it is quite durable and rugged. It comes in an extra-large size of dimensions 16 x 28 inches, which help in absorbency and promotes its comfortability. Cleaning this towel is quite easy all you need is making use of machine wash and spreading out to dry. However, one needs to avoid the use of bleaching agents such as chlorine that could tarnish its radiance.

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5. Utopia Hand Towels 

Utopia Hand Towels

The Utopia hand towels manufactured from the Utopia brand have been quite homely for a while now. They are known for producing high-quality towel materials that are well standardized and gives one exceptional results. The bath and hand towels are constructed using a high-quality ring spun material of cotton to give you exceptional results. You can, therefore, be guaranteed of safety with the Utopia hand towels.

These towels feature a natural material in the form of 100% cotton free from synthetic material to help protect sensitive skin from irritants. The towels are also made such that they can be machine washed to take proper care of them after use.

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6. Chakir Turkish Cotton Luxury Hand Towel

Chakir Turkish Cotton Luxury Hand Towel

The Chakir Turkish Linen Hand towel was uniquely designed with a 100% ring-spun Turkish cotton fabric made in Turkey and promises to have a soft feel on the body. These high-quality hand towels are durably made and built to be long-lasting hence ensuring they have a long shelf-life. Also, washing for the first time of use makes it softer to touch. The hand towel does not come with any synthetic material and does not contain any harmful dye making it safe for use on sensitive skins. Its high absorbency makes it essential for keeping hands and face dry from moisture. Washing this variety of hand towel requires you wash it separately from cloths and dry well by spreading.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Luxury Hand Towel

Choosing a hand towel for home and personal use can be a tough chore. Of course, you will be on the look for hand towels that are soft or have high absorbency. However, getting such quality might involve you to consider some basic details such as:

1. Weight of the Hand towel: Making an exclusive pick of a hand towel requires you to check the GSM (grams per square meter) of the towel. The GSM of hand towels varies somewhere from 300 to 900. A thin and lightweight hand towel has a GSM around 300-400 making it ideal for use in Kitchen or gym classes to clean off less moisture from the body. 400- 600 GSM means that it is medium sized and a 600-900 GSM weight of hand towel means the towel is dense, absorbent, slow in drying time, and suitable for use in bathrooms.

2. Price: Remember, buying quality materials comes with an in-depth investment, and the case is no different when it comes to hand towels. Hand towels that could last long for use and serve a great advantage usually come at no low price. However, buying a cheap hand towel could mean it doesn’t have good quality, and you will need to replace constantly once they deteriorate within a small time frame. 3. Material construction: All regular hand towels are made of standard cotton material types. There is Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, zero twist cotton, Xinjiang cotton fabric, and so on. Of all the basic types of cotton, the Xinjiang cotton fabric used in the construction of Mizu hand towel is one of the best as it promotes 5x absorbency, yet remaining lightweight and airy.

3. Material construction: All regular hand towels are made of standard cotton material types. There is Egyptian cotton, Turkish cotton, zero twist cotton, Xinjiang cotton fabric, and so on. Of all the basic types of cotton, the Xinjiang cotton fabric used in the construction of Mizu hand towel is one of the best as it promotes 5x absorbency, yet remaining lightweight and airy.

How to Maintain your Hand Towels?

Believe it or not, using hand towels requires that you always take proper care of them. However, keeping it fresh and of good quality requires that you pay attention to some laundry tips. Cleaning and maintaining a hand towel is not always about tossing them into a washing machine, drying, and folding. There are necessary tips that need to be followed in ensuring their quality isn’t dented after a said period of time. Here are easy tips that help ensure that hand towel maintains its quality while being softer, absorbing, and last longer.

1. Washing them on first use: Washing a new hand towel will help improve their absorbency by making them fluffy and destroys manufacturing chemicals that can be toxic to one’s body. Also, running towels through a laundry cycle before use will help reduce the case of shedding commonly found in new towels.

2. Use of Vinegar: Adding one and a half cup of vinegar will help brighten, soften, and kill odors in on your hand towels.

3. Wash Towels with similar materials: Cleaning your hand towels by machine washing involves that you wash alone or preferably with similar towels for sanitary reasons. Washing hand towels, especially with clothes, might encourage bacterial build-up and color fading.

4. Avoid the use of softeners: Since the majority of the hand towels are made out of cotton materials and come in a soft and fluffy texture. One needs to avoid the use of fabric softeners as it could contribute to the deterioration of the towel fibers by causing them to be stiff and also reduce their absorbency over time.

5. Avoid Ironing: For whatever reason, do not iron hand towels. Ironing hand towels makes them smoother and destroys the towel’s softness.

6. Dry Towels carefully: With hand towels such as the Japanese brand Mizu hand towel. There may not be a need to dry exclusively due to absorbent and quick drying nature. However, other towels could accumulate molds/mildew once it is slightly damped and not properly dried.

Why Do You Need A High-Quality Hand Towel? 

To keep proper hygiene, you need a hand towel with good absorbency, soft, and breathable, with the ability to deliver fast drying results. An exclusive pick out of the top-rated hand towel is the Mizu hand towel which possesses some exceptional features above the quality of other regular towels. With the self-cleaning Mizu towels, you can be sure of your health safety as it comes with an impurity detection feature. This impurity detection feature makes it smart and allows you to make healthy choices whenever you want to make use of the hand towel.