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How These Antimicrobial Towels Ended My 11-Year Acne Nightmare In A Single Week

By Ashley Schumaker, November 11, 2022

Do you get a new breakout every little and can’t tell why? Then this article is for you!

See, despite sticking to a rigorous diet and treating my skin with genuine care, I struggled with acne for years.

I had no idea WHY they wouldn’t let go of me…

It took away my self-confidence. Messed up my social life. Limited my ability to enjoy myself.

All I could do is wonder what I did to deserve it…

But I finally found out what was causing my acne to return again and again.

I struck the root of the issue and my skin is finally clear, plump and radiant again.

So if you want to get rid of acne and take back control of your skin, read on!

It doesn’t get simpler than this, and I’ll tell you all about it - nothing held back.

My Worst Mistake? I Let My Acne Define Me.

Whatever you do, don’t let acne mess with your head!

See, when I got my first breakout at age 16, I immediately slipped into a downward spiral without 
even realizing it…

“Is she really going out looking like that?” I heard my girlfriends talking secretly.

You think “Oh, that could never happen to me!”, and then it does.

It’s sad, but after a while, you begin to accept it as your new reality.

So I ended up stuck in a nightmare for years, thinking I’d never again be able to enjoy life and 
love what I see in the mirror…

Before learning about Mizu Towels, I didn’t have a single week without new pimples for 11 years!

Then My Sister — Who Works As A Physician In Japan — Recommended These New Antibacterial Towels

At the beginning of the holiday season, I got the most overwhelming breakout yet…

Every cell in my body screamed: Do I really have to deal with this again?!

So I got on the phone with my sister, and she stopped me right in my tracks:

Ashley, I want you to take a big breath of relief. Shut up and listen to me, sister. I know you’re dealing with 
a lot right now and I don’t want to get your hopes up yet, but I’m quite sure I found a way out of this for you.

That’s how I first learned about Mizu Towels.

So What Exactly Makes Silver-Infused Mizu Towels So Special?

It’s simple: Colloidal silver lowers levels of acne-causing bacteria on the skin, 
reducing inflammation & pimples.

Apparently, these antibacterial towels are made by infusing the most luxurious bamboo cotton with pure natural silver, which stops 99.9% of bacterial growth.

Upon contact with bacteria, silver strips an electron from the bacteria's membrane preventing its reproduction and destroying it.

In this recent study, researchers assigned 32 people with moderately severe acne to each group.

Those in the silver treatment group:
Noticed an improvement in inflammatory acne by the end of the study
Said they were slightly more satisfied with the treatment after 6 weeks
Didn’t report any adverse effects

This really piqued my interest, so I did some extra digging...

I Was Absolutely Blown Away By What I Found!

My sister's words echoed in my head...

"It has already cured acne for thousands of patients. Something in my gut tells me that it might work for you, too!"

So I went ahead and researched the web for Mizu Towels, supposedly the world’s best antibacterial towels for acne.

I fell in love with the brand and decided to get these towels on the spot no matter if they make a difference with my acne:

Each towel is lined with solvatochromic dye strips that change from blue to red, so you know 
it's time to give them a wash
They're hyper-absorbent and can hold up to 5x their weight in water
They're woven with 600-gsm thread count to maximize exposure to open air and let water easily evaporate through the towel's fibers

Turns Out, People Are Raving About These Towels...

See what all the hype is about:

Best of all, they were on a huge 70% off discount a couple of weeks ago when I ordered…

So I went for a set of eight towels right away and decided to ditch all of my old towels the moment my 
Mizu set was delivered!

That’s how, instead of paying $1,200 for the whole set, I got 8 towels for a mere $380!

Update: I recently checked and that 70% off offer is still running, but I can’t say for how long. 
So if you’re going to try them, you may want to hurry up!

Soft & Delicate Bamboo Cotton, Elegant Design — It Was Love At First Sight!

Before I break down exactly how Mizu Towels ended my acne nightmare, my first impressions are definitely worth a note!

First off, the elegant packaging makes them the perfect gift if you’re searching for something really thoughtful that your friend or loved one will use every day.

Second, these towels feel so soft and luxurious to the touch that I knew right off the bat I was in for a premium experience just by rubbing the material between my fingers. Gorgeous!

Before learning about Mizu Towels, I didn’t have a single week without new pimples for 11 years!

Last but not least, the towels themselves are incredibly good-looking and large enough to wrap around yourself.

Everything about them feels extra!

But even after reading through hundreds of other people’s experiences saying their acne was gone specifically thanks to Mizu…

That their skin was smoother, tighter, and that it glows again, even more than ever before…

I was still super weary of getting my hopes up, thinking to myself “Even if it works, it may take months. I better manage my expectations!”

But Just Like That, After The First Week My Face Looked & Felt Cleaner Than It Did In Years!

This is where I share my experience with Mizu Towels in-depth!

I didn’t notice any changes after the first 2-3 days, but then my acne started to shrink a little bit and appeared noticeably drier at the end of the third day.

That’s when things began to really take off;

By the 5th day, my rosacea was gone. All of a sudden, that redness and irritation were nowhere to be seen!

That caught me completely off guard because next to acne, it was one of the most troublesome symptoms of my deep skin inflammation.

Not even a week in, I looked like an entirely different person.

My rosacea was GONE! I didn't get a single new pimple, and the pimples 
that I already had started to dry out and heal.

I shower twice per day and the dye strips usually change from blue to red after the second or third use, signifying that the towels need to be washed.

Now I know that at this pace, my acne will probably take 2-3 months to heal entirely and there will still be some scars to deal with afterwards…

But I can’t begin to describe how grateful I feel that I finally have something to look forward to.

Final Thoughts - Will Mizu Towels Work For You?

After reading about my experience in such great detail, you're probably only asking 
if Mizu can do the same for you.

The answer is a simple YES, if:

If you’re like me and you hate seeing yourself — a powerful person — negotiate with acne…
If you want to put an end to the misery of being unable to look at yourself in the mirror for more 
than five seconds at a time without getting a panic attack…
If you don’t want to wake up every day accepting the fact that you gave up and 
now you have to live with acne…

For yourself or a loved one that struggles - there’s no risk and the rewards are amazing. You have nothing to lose!

If you’re asking me, it’s plain and simple: The best time to start with Mizu was years ago. 
The second best time is right now.

Update #1

It's now been three weeks and my acne aren't half the monster they used to be. You wouldn't even notice if I put on some foundation!

Update #2

I just realized I said close to nothing about the benefits of MIZU for the whole body! It’s not just the face… 
My skin is literally glowing. My legs, my back, everything looks and feels better than ever. Best of all, right after the face, my neck transformed as well - I see fewer wrinkles and fine lines, and there’s little to no redness at all.

Switching to Mizu Towels and going all in right from the start may have been the best decision I ever made!

Due to the world's growing need for bacteria-fighting products, these towels keep selling out.

I highly recommend reserving some now before they go on backorder.

NOTE: You might not be able to believe the results you get, so you may want to take a pic 
every other week to track your progress!

Last I checked they had an awesome sale going on, so make sure to check it out and see if it’s still available. I highly recommend taking advantage of the deal and replacing all the towels in your house, because trust me, you will come back and buy more!

Make a Gift for Yourself with Mizu

Made with natural silver-infused fibers with strong 
antibacterial properties to keep you clean after bath.


Sale now on:


Make a Gift for Yourself with Mizu

Made with natural silver-infused fibers with strong 
antibacterial properties to keep you clean after bath.


Sale now on: