Unique Ways to Fold Your Hand Towel to Look Fancy

Unique Ways to Fold Your Hand Towel to Look Fancy

Imagine walking into a bathroom and seeing a beautifully folded hand towel set at the sink. You will be impressed, won't you? 

You must be wondering how to fold a hand towel to make it look so fancy. Let's spill the beans.

All it takes is a little bit of practice and origami skills. Remember how your art teacher taught you to fold a piece of paper to make different 3D shapes? Using the same technique, you can turn your towel into a stunning accessory. 

Trust us when we say it's possible with a bit of patience, spare time, and lots of creativity. Let's see how you can fold your linen to make it look neat and impressive. 

How to Fold Hand Towel

If loosely hanging towels that almost touch the ground is your biggest pet peeve, we got you sorted. Lots of creative people use intriguing ways to fold them for house staging and their guests.

Using a good quality towel from Mizu, which is sturdy and soft, can make the process pretty much effortless. 

Lollipop Folding Technique

If you use colorful towels, this cute and fun folding technique is perfect for you. It's straightforward, but the result is brilliant. 

Hand towels or washcloths are perfect for this fancy look as they are small in size. Roll your towel lengthwise and twist it to form a circle. Use a safety pin to secure the corners, so they don't unroll.

Experiment with different colors and prints to create striking results.

Pocket Fold

You need two towels for this style. A big one that acts as the pocket and a smaller one to tuck neatly inside. This is a popular technique used in hotels all around the world.

  • Begin with the bigger towel. Fold it about one-third from one side.
  • Next, fold the towel in half vertically.
  • Flip it over and tuck the lower ends inside one another to make a pocket on the bottom panel.
  • Take your small towel and fold it into a fan shape.
  • Finally, tuck it inside the pocket.

Your kids and guests won't stop grinning from ear to ear as soon as they catch a glimpse.

How to Fold Fancy Towel Animals

Some folding techniques are uncomplicated but pack tons of impact. It makes you wonder why you never thought of it before.

Here are some super simple ideas that are unique as well as classy. Let's see how you can fold your linen to make animals.


Here is a detailed step-by-step guide if you want to recreate the swan-shaped towel you fell in love with on the holiday cruise.

Recreate the magic of your honeymoon and add romance to your life. This one may be a tough nut to crack. However, nothing is impossible with a bit of practice. 

  • Spread your towel on a clean flat surface in portrait orientation.
  • Now you need to make a triangle by folding the top two corners down. The two corners should meet right in the center. 
  • Simultaneously roll both sides lengthwise towards the center.
  • There should be an arrow pointing out of the other side.
  • Finally, use the arrow as the swan's beak, and fold it to make an S shape. 
  • Roll the leftover material to make an O shape.

A pretty swan is ready to adorn your bathroom or bedroom. 


The snake is a pretty easy fold. You can use your bath or hand towel for this technique.

  • Place your towel in landscape orientation.
  • Next, fold two corners to make a triangle from one side.
  • Roll the towel lengthwise.
  • Then flip it over and twist it completely.
  • Take the pointed edge and bend it in an S shape.
  • Roll the other end to give the impression of a snake's body.

Your warm and plush snake is ready to squish!

Teddy Bear

Is your little one fond of teddies? Who isn't! Try your hands on this folding technique to craft a teddy bear using your hand towels and a few rubber bands.

  • Lay your towel in portrait orientation.
  • Next, roll both sides lengthwise, so they meet in the middle.
  • Now fold the towel in half from top to bottom and flip it over.
  • Slide the rubber band a few inches down the top side to make a face.
  • Use two small rubber bands to make ears. 

The teddy bear makes a great holiday present too. Surprise your loved ones by including it in their gift boxes. It's simple and inexpensive!

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Tie Your Folded Towels With a Ribbon 

Do you have that extra special pair of towels you don't want your kids laying their hands on? It might seem weird to others, but some of us love saving our decorative towels for guests or special days.

An easy way to make them look super fancy is to tie them together using a colored ribbon. 

It's a great way of signaling "hands-off," and they look stunning too.

  • Use twine or any leftover ribbon from your craft projects. 
  • Fold your towel as you usually would. 
  • Place the hand towels on top and loosely tie a ribbon around it. 

Use Decorative Holders

Want to make your bathroom look super luxe? Adding a brass or iron towel holder is a great idea to change things up. 

There are tons of holders available that are durable, lavish, and super functional.

A triple towel rack is also a welcome addition and adds value to the look without added effort. The three layers give you enough space to place your neatly folded hand and bath towels. 

Similarly, storage ladders are entirely in vogue which means you can use them in your bathrooms too.

Just make sure to get waterproof material, so it doesn't spoil. If you have a knack for DIY, you could even repurpose an old ladder to use as a decorative linen holder.

How to Fold Towels to Save Space 

It is entirely up to your preference whether you want to roll, fold or hang your towels. However, rolled linen takes up very little space compared to flat folded ones.

If you are looking to store towels and don't have a dedicated space, you should try the following towel folding techniques.

Hotel Fold

  • First, fold towels one-third lengthwise.
  • Next, bring both the corners to the center
  • Finally, fold it in half again. 

The point of the hotel fold is to hide all edges and seams, so the towel looks fluffy all over. 

Spa Style Roll

Why do the towels at your spa look so soft and plush? It might be the fabric softener or the plushy linen they use. We think presentation makes a lot of difference too. 

This towel folding technique makes your linen look sophisticated and is a great space saver too. Here is how you can fold them. 

  • Lay your towel on an open flat surface and smooth it over with your hand.
  • Now hold one corner and bring it to the center of the opposite side. Your rectangular towel should now look similar to a trapezium.
  • Next, flip it over.
  • Finally, tightly roll the towel to make it look super cozy and spa-like.
  • Once you tuck the corners, it is ready to be stored on a shelf, basket, or even in the laundry closet.

Whether you display your towels on an exposed shelf or in a basket, rolling makes them look perfectly dainty. Stack them up on the bed in pyramid style to sweep your guests off their feet. 

Marie Kondo Style Fold


Unless you live under a rock, you must have heard about Marie Kondo and her legit organizational skills. 

If you feel stressed at the sight of droopy towels and overflowing linen cabinets, this fold is right up your alley.

The best part is it's super straightforward. Once you get the hang of it, you'll probably never look back.

  • Begin by laying your hand towel flat.
  • Next, fold in half lengthwise. 
  • Keep a steady tight hand and gently smooth over creases as you go.
  • Last, fold it three more tightly.

Marie Kondo's linen folding technique is focused on utilizing the least amount of space.

Thus, if you are short on storage or maybe love your house in order, this one's for you.  


Why yank your towels on the bar when you can fold them brilliantly to look like art installations? Not only does it bring a sense of luxury to your home, but it also helps you save precious space.

Use our clever folding techniques to give your guests and family a spa-like experience. Some of you might even find the practice of folding to be meditative and a stress buster.

Don't forget to use good quality towels from Mizu, so you don't end up wasting your time and energy. Have fun while you practice and keep experimenting along the way.

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