Softest Cotton Sheets

What Are the Softest Cotton Sheets to Buy in 2023?

If you can’t sleep well due to uncomfortable and scratchy bed sheets, it’s high time you switch to a soft and smooth cotton sheet.

When buying a bed sheet, you may come across several options on the internet. Unfortunately, this makes picking one quite confusing. 

So how to choose the softest cotton sheets like a pro? 

Firstly, you need to make sure whether the bed sheet is of high quality or not. To determine that, you have to answer a few questions: Do the sheets feel gentle to your hands? Are they durable? How long can they go without wrinkling?

Typically, the thread count can give some indication about the quality and softness of the sheet and answer the questions above. 

Moreover, the texture of the bed sheet also plays a significant role in giving you a good night’s sleep. 

Since there are thousands of bedding brands available, we picked the 7 softest cotton sheets to help you choose the best. So keep reading!

What Types of Cotton Make the Softest Bed Sheets?


While some people prioritize comfort in their bedsheets, others look for breathability and fabric strength. 

Although sateen and percale have the smoothest texture, the crispiness of linen sheets is also appreciable. However, you should avoid linen if you’re looking for a soft bed sheet.

Here are the softest cotton types you should go for:


Sateen is a more durable type of cotton fabric made with the satin weave structure, where the yarn from one direction goes to the opposite direction of the other. This process gives sateen an exceptionally smooth texture that varies a lot from other rough cotton fabrics. 

That’s why people prefer sateen the most when it comes to choosing breathable and smooth bed sheets.


Rayon is a partially-synthesized fabric blended from cotton and other natural fibers. The thin fibers of rayon make it silky, soft, and breathable. This means you can use the rayon-made bed sheets in hot weather as well.


It is a simple and plain-weave fabric produced by the warp and the weft threads tightly woven under each other. This gives percale an excellent fine texture, making the softest bed sheets ever. 


Flannel is a soft cotton fabric with a brushed finish on one or both sides. This manufacturing process helps it in offering the desired warmth along with a comfortable and cozy feel. 


Bamboo bed sheets are made of a semi-synthetic form of viscose extracted from bamboo plants. Its smooth texture is very similar to silk; however, the lightness, softness, and breathability resemble the cotton. Plus, it is free of chemicals.


It is the most luxurious and higher-end type of cotton, known for making the most buttery smooth bed sheets ever. The fabric has a longer fiber than ordinary cotton. As a result, it prevents wrinkles, is super-durable, soft, and feels ultra-gentle on the skin.


Supima is USA-grown cotton. Like other types of cotton, it also makes soft and smooth bed sheets, which are then given a Supima® trademark.


Not particularly a type of cotton, microfiber refers to a superthin material made of polyester fibers with a smooth texture. The microfiber sheets are usually cheaper than cotton sheets.

Since it is a man-made fabric, it lacks the natural feel that the softest cotton sheets have. 

Note: If you believe that only the sheets with higher thread counts are the softest, you’re missing the more important part. While shopping for the softest cotton sheets, you have to look for the quality and weave of the fiber before falling for the thread count.

So far, sateen has the most solid thread count (400-500 is a reasonable count).

We’re not denying the fact that higher thread counts do matter in making any sheet buttery-smooth and soft. But you shouldn’t overlook other factors as well!

The Softest Cotton Sheets to Buy in 2023

In this list, we included most cotton bed sheets tested by the textile lab at Good Housekeeping Institute

The institute's panel judges several bed sheet brands based on their fabric quality, strength, and shrinkage capacity. Then a number of people get invited to test these bed sheets and give feedback about their overall experience.

So, here are the softest cotton sheets that you can buy in 2023:

1. Layla Bamboo Bed Sheets

    Layla Bamboo Bed Sheets have scored the highest ratings in all the softness tests they went through. 



    Many consumers confirm that Layla’s bamboo bed sheets are ultra smooth, super-soft, and impressively thin.

    More importantly, this set of Layla bed sheets is manufactured with 100% viscose from bamboo, which means the fabric is synthetic and not natural. That’s why these sheets have a gentle and soft feel on the skin.

    Apart from being the softest, the Layla bamboo bed sheets are moisture-resistant as well. In addition, they guarantee to keep all the dust mites and allergens away from you. 

    If you’re wondering why bamboo? Actually, the fabric has some extraordinary eco-friendly characteristics that pure cotton can’t deliver. 

    For example, it has twice the thread count of natural cotton to give you a more relaxed, comfortable, and odorless sleep. 

    However, the sheets may shrink in water. So, if you’re looking for something less-wrinkly, you can pass on it. But, the fabric is highly durable and pill-resistant - so you’ve to think thoroughly.

    Key Features
    • 100% viscose from bamboo 
    • Breathable with temperature control 
    • Pill-resistant
    • Soft, silky, and strong fabric 
    • Naturally hypoallergenic

    2. California Design Den 100% Cotton Sheet Set

    Usually, 100% cotton sheet sets are much more expensive than others; but luckily, this California Design Den Cotton Sheet Set comes under $40.

    So if you’re looking for affordable, high-quality cotton sheets, this product can be your true calling.

    Moreover, this sheet has a 400 thread count, meaning that it is just as soft as you want. The material is made with yarns of cotton and luxurious sateen weave.

    California Design Den has all of its products certified with the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. As a result, this sheet set is free of harmful substances and is environment-friendly.

    Besides, this set comes in multiple colors, including prints and solids, with a detailed hem style.

    If you want a fancy yet a soft option, this California Design Den 100% Cotton Sheet ensures you a smooth and pilling-free experience.

    Key Features
    • High-rated on Amazon
    • Sateen weave with 400 thread count
    • Smooth texture
    • Pill-resistant
    • Low shrinkage
    • Colorfastness

    3. Mizu Core Silver Sheets Set

    Mizu Core Silver Sheets are so far the best antibacterial cotton sheets on this list. The brand uses natural antimicrobial silver, which is considered one of the best bacteria-fighting metals.

    So if you’re allergic to any kind of viruses, bacterias, mites, or molds, you should go for these Mizu sheets without thinking twice.

    Apart from that, the sheets are made of bamboo lyocell fabric with percale weave and have an impressive 600 thread count. This guarantees a buttery finish to the sheets.

    Fortunately, Mizu also claims that their sheets reduce acne and revitalize your skin every time you take a nap on them. Seems like a dream, no?

    What’s more, these silver-infused bed sheets are self-cleaning, requiring very few laundry sessions. So, you can use them for weeks without feeling any sort of odor.

    Additionally, these silver core sheets are breathable and thermoregulating, keeping you cool and comfortable all night.

    So, if you need a soft bed sheet along with numerous health benefits, Mizu is the best option.

    Key Features
    • Antimicrobial silver-infused sheets
    • Eliminate 99% bacterial growth
    • Percale weave with 600 thread count
    • Rejuvenate the skin
    • Breathable and thermoregulating

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    4. Wamsutta Dream Zone PimaCott Sheet

    Wamsutta Dream Zone PimaCott Sheet is manufactured from the most luxurious cotton fabric, which is softer and more robust than the staple cotton sheets.


    The longer and uniform fibers give this bed sheet a smooth texture. Plus, it also has a classic stripe design that makes it stand out from other cotton bed sheets.

    Believe it or not, this Wamsutta bed sheet is produced exquisitely with 100% sateen-weave 1000 thread count, giving it a fancier vibe. 

    So, if you’ve some extra dollars to spend, you can have a hotel-like luxurious experience with this bed sheet.

    Moreover, it also scored a higher rating in softness than its competitors. Furthermore, it got good scores in other aspects as well, including pill resistance, fabric strength, and attractive design. 

    Besides, the vast collection of fabulous colors, including ivory, navy, charcoal grey, teal, and taupe, will make your bedroom nothing less than the one in a magazine.

    Key Features
    • Sateen weave Pima cotton with 1000 thread count
    • Luxurious feel
    • Unique Stripe design
    • Pill-resistant
    • Multiple colors

    5. Gryphon Home Comfort Washed Cotton Sheet Set

    Gryphon Home Comfort Washed sheet is an easy laid back option in the cotton beddings that offers softness and durability side by side. This cotton sheet is true to its name, and gives its consumers a home-like comfort and relaxation.

    It is made of 100% Supima cotton, which is washed to attain a smooth finish. As a result, the sheet has a casual and wrinkled texture.

    That’s the main reason why this Gryphon’s bed sheet doesn’t score well on the wrinkled appearance test.

    Moreover, it is woven while keeping the thermoregulation and breathability factors in mind. So if you feel hot at night, you can easily rely on these sheets to stay cool and cozy.

    All in all, this Gryphon Home Comfort washed cotton sheet is designed for people who prefer casual bedding over luxurious silky ones. 

    So, if you want to add some more lived-in crinkled-textured casual bed sheets to your collection, you should check this cotton sheet set.

    Key Features
    • Casual, laid-back feel
    • Percale weave with 300 thread count
    • Lightweight

    6. Marriott Hotel Signature Sheet Set

    This sheet from Marriott is another good option to get that hotel-like crispy bedding experience at your home. 

    It is made of percale fabric that may not be as soft and smooth as sateen, but you can still get that comfortable and cozy feel when you sleep on it. 

    Moreover, this Marriott Hotel Signature Sheet is made of a blend of cotton and polyester. Therefore, the fabric has impeccable strength. 

    Besides, the sheet has a 300 thread count, which means it can offer more than the average level of softness.

    The best thing about this sheet is that it has a very low wrinkling rate. This means that it won't shrink in the water. Plus, it is very easy to wash as compared to other cotton sheets.

    However, the price of these sheets is a little higher than the other poly/cotton blends.

    So, if you want to recover from a bad day at work, you can let these Marriott Hotel Signature Sheets caress your skin and take you to the world of comfort.

    Key Features

    • Percale fabric with 300 thread count
    • Extremely durable
    • Wrinkle-resistant

    7. Peru Pima 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton Sheet

    Renowned for its premium quality, Peru Pima offers the best cotton sheets made of luxurious and super-smooth sateen fabric. 


    This signature Peru Pima 100% Peruvian Pima Cotton Sheet has the perfect resistance and sheen. The fabric is made with sateen-weave 600 thread count that gives this sheet a creamy soft texture with a little luminous shine.

    What’s more, this Peru Pima sheet has a classic 4-inch hem design, which makes it look more elegant.

    Peru Pima also claims that its products are all certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100. So, if you don’t like the smell or touch of chemicals, you can pick this Pima bed sheet without any worry. 

    Besides, the fancy bed sheets you see in the 5-star hotels are provided mainly by none other than Peru Pima. So, if you’re tired of those basic beddings, this sheet can be your ticket to something special. 

    Key Features

    • Unique sateen striped weave 
    • 5-star hotel-like bedding experience
    • Silky smooth 
    • Luminous sheen
    • Elegant hem design

    The Bottom Line

    A smooth and soft bed sheet matters a lot when it comes to having quality sleep. 

    With thousands, not hundreds, of brands available in the market, choosing the softest cotton bed sheets is always a challenging thing to do. However, hopefully, we made it easier for you.

    So, buy any of the above-mentioned cotton sheets and transform your boring bedding into a luxurious and cozy one.

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