Reasons to Buy A Bath Towel This 2022 Holiday Season

Reasons to Buy A Bath Towel This 2022 Holiday Season

You enter the towel section of a store, and you still can't figure out if you need this bath towel or that. How do you decide on picking the right one? 

More importantly, why do you decide to invest your energy and time in choosing something as basic as a bath towel? Is it THAT important? We bet it is! You have to figure out why your pick might impact the next 1 year of bathing, harmoniously or nastily!

What are the reasons to buy bath towel sets in 2022? Is it to add versatility to your bathroom? It can also be the long-lasting quality of the fabric. It might also be an extravagant feature to buy bath towels in the same colors as your bathroom accessories. 

Finally, it might simply be an investment for bringing more freshness and hygiene to your bathroom!

Something as insignificant as a bath towel might not have crossed your mind as a point of discussion. But trust us when we say this, it is! However, all these reasons are important but let's dive into the importance of each component and its usefulness in your daily life! 

Reason to Buy A Bath Towel

As mentioned before, bath towels in your mind must be so insignificant that you don't spend more than 5 seconds thinking about the reasons before choosing one. Let us assure you that all the reasons we give here will be something to ponder before you decide on your favorite pick. 

You have to tick all boxes for your needs and preferences before you decide on your favorite one in terms of bath towels. Let us have a deeper look at them:


The first reason to choose bath towels is their versatility. Your exciting life must be having a lot of normal everyday activities where you unconsciously need a bath towel. 

These activities include swimming, changing clothes, stepping out of a hot shower, coming back from scuba diving, and whatnot? A set of flashy and effective bath towels will ensure that it stays with you as your better half and provide you the versatility it has promised!

Let us explain,

  • You can wrap yourself up when you step out of the pool to stop the water from dripping away. Protect yourself from slipping onto the floor.
  • You can even cover your body with the tower when you are changing and stay unsureich color will suit you best today!
  • After a great scuba diving experience, you must get back underwater and cover your body. Yet, simultaneously, you dream about the exotic underwater life you just witnessed.
  • Or simply drying your hands after washing them in the sink is the most basic purpose of your everyday towels!

Bath towels come in different styles, colors, and sizes. So everyone in your family can find the one that suits them best. You can choose the ones that fit perfectly with your red patterned tiled bathroom. 

Towels brands like Mizu offer exquisite sets that can offer you the best variety to work within the decoration.

Moreover, it may sound mundane, but it's entirely believable that these bath towel sets make the perfect gift for new homeowners. They just moved next door to you! It can be an incredibly thoughtful gift that guests can feel comfortable using. 

Try out this tip as the next gift you buy for any friend who just bought a new apartment or a family member who got newly married. This will be the most considerate and, more importantly, a valuable gift from your side!


Most people don't realize how dirty it is to wipe your body from the spare clothes you just took off before the bath. It is when the absence of a bath towel hits; you realize how dear these hidden in plain sight fabrics are! 

This is the most crucial reason for your skin health. Why you should purchase good bath towel sets and add this as a necessity for adding flexibility, hygiene, and freshness to your lifestyle.

Even though keeping you hygienic through bath towels is an important reason to buy them. You still have to keep these towels clean and wash them frequently to continue the freshness without buying them repeatedly. Most towels don't lose their lives for a very long time until they are rightly taken care of. 

There are ensured ways how you should wash these towels;

  • You should always hang them to dry without adding them to the pile of laundry. Keep wet towels in the laundry. It will add a stale scent to all the inclusive fabric in a heap as bath towels have a certain level of body chemicals that can smell bad and not go away, even after a wash.
  • You should never bleach a towel as it does not do any good to kill the germs present.
  • If your towels are made of cotton or linen, you need to follow the instructions for this fabric to make your wash more effective. Also, always check the water levels and temperatures.
  • Adding a fabric conditioner, in the end, is the cherry on top! These fabric conditioners will make your towels smell nice for a long time and keep them softer than usual.


The look is everything! You often think about lighting your bathrooms with beautiful accessories like scented candles, colorful washes, trendy tiles, flashy shower curtains, and patterned bath towels. The point is that beauty and attractiveness, even in your bathroom, are essential alongside comfort.

You still need to pick a towel, even for decorative purposes, with multiple factors in your mind, such as;

  • The towels you decide to buy must be absorbent to serve their purpose effectively. A good absorbent towel takes you the long way serving its purpose and keeping you comfortable!
  • They should be longer than the regular ones so that the structure can help you after a relaxing shower. Bath towels are usually longer than the average ones.
  • Pick the towels based on the quality as well. 100% cotton bath towel sets are practical for ensuring quality for your bathrooms. 
  • This fabric also allows maximum comfort to your body as compared to other smudgy materials.

For adding the décor to your bathroom, you need luxurious bath towels. This kind of décor will make you feel happier, and your bathroom will not be so dull after all. This décor is primarily required in your guest bathroom. 

To make your home feel more welcoming, you have a reason to buy patterned bright bath towels. Take a second opinion from any interior designer regarding the importance of displaying bath towels; they will assist you regarding how these towels can be significant for the look of your bathroom.


Another important reason for buying new bath towels, especially in bulk, is to ensure durability. Of course, you must already have a few sets of towels in your home, but for how long? You must have had these towels for a handful of years, and they have started to appear rough on your skin. 

This is where you need to pay attention and start stocking up on new towels. Next time, use the above mentioned points and wash the fresh towels effectively.

What are the signs when your already existing towels start to go wrong?

  • Your towels have lost their absorbency and are no longer effective in keeping you dry at a quicker pace.
  • Your current towels have a foul smell, even after you have washed them with your best detergent and even a fabric conditioner.
  • Even after using all the tricks in the book, you still cannot eliminate the stubborn stains on your bath towels.
  • The fabric of your towel appears to be extremely rough on your skin.

Mostly, the fabric used for producing these bath towels is either cotton or linen. Both materials are effective positively on your body and skin. In addition, these fabrics do not cause any irritation or allergic reactions after you take a bath. 

Sometimes you can see a bulk of bath towels delivered to your room whenever you stay at a hotel. Mostly, these towels are found in classic white. Still, these are available in all colors and patterns to further enhance the look of your bathroom!


Just brought some bath towel sets? Are these towels short and not covering your body after a bath? That's because you don't know the difference between a regular towel and a bath towel. 

This small detail is why your random towel can still not serve its purpose. Pick the best size so that it will dry you in no time with its absorbency level and effectiveness.

Most people are unaware of the concept or the difference between ordinary towels and bath towels. The towels, usually longer and can be used for bathing purposes, are known as bath towels. These towels are also a clever and cheap substitute for bath robes.

There are still many differences between ordinary towels and bath towels, such as;

  • The difference in size is pretty noticeable! A typical tower can be 30” x 56”, while a bath towel is usually around 40” x 70”. The bigger size increases the absorbency of the fabric.
  • As compared to regular towels, bath towels can be easily used to roll around your hair, ultimately protecting it and stopping the water from dripping away.
  • The purpose of these towels is different. You can use a regular towel for washing your hands or sweeping away a stain from your carpet. However, you ought to get the perfect bath towel for showering, swimming, or diving.

For a differentiated touch, you can even buy a set of bath towels to have all these options in your bathroom closet for multiple purposes. You can also purchase these sets in bulk because bath towel sets are something not often a priority on our shopping list! Yet, it does not diminish its evergreen importance in our everyday life. 

With multiple towels, you can keep them divided and allow more discipline in their usage through small steps!

Germ-Free Environment

Most of us habitually throw our towels under the bed or hang them in the sunlight after use. Unfortunately, these methods are equally damaging to your currently existing bath towels. But why?

  • After a wash, if you throw away your towel and do not let it dry, it will absorb all sorts of germs from your environment. These environmental germs are a bonus to existing body chemicals in that towel.
  • On the other hand, sunlight will remove the softness and absorbency from your towel, taking away the sole purpose of why it came into your life! It takes away all the softness from the fabric and also shrinks it from its actual size.

The significance of this reason is relative to keeping you healthy. Science suggests that your home is the dirtiest compact space out of all the places in the world. So you must keep buying affordable everyday-use items, such as towels, to keep yourself healthy and germ-free. 

If you wipe your body with an old cloth, it will instill the same germs in your body where the need for fresh towels is amplified!


As a person, your health is of utmost importance to you. So before you buy clothes, shampoo to keep your hair healthy, or extravagant shower accessories, consider the above reasons to buy the best bath towel sets. Along with serving you the ever-important purpose, these bath towels will also add to the decor of your bathroom.

Remember, you don't have to feel shy about purchasing these items in bulk if a good deal is available, like Mizu Bath Towels. Keeping multiple sets of bath towels means these products are always there under your nose to cover your back!

To keep yourself neat and hygienic and add color to your bathroom, you must purchase the ideal bath towels. Always check the fabric and ensure durability, so they last longer and keep you comfortable! With all the reasons above, you will definitely pick the next bath towel with careful consideration for your use.

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