Mizu Early Black Friday Promotion, Don’t Miss Up to 70% Discount Off Storewide!

Mizu Early Black Friday Promotion, Don’t Miss Up to 70% Discount Off Storewide!

While the preparations and celebrations for Thanksgiving are in full swing, people around the world are eager for the mega shopping season. As the local and international brands are all set to put up big, fat, lucrative discount tags on their products, shopaholics are buckled up to make the most of the opportunity.

But, what if we told you that Mizu is going to give its customers a pre-Thanksgiving treat? 

That's right! As one of the best brands dealing in premium quality smart towel sets and smooth bed sheets, Mizu is opening early Black Friday promotion discounts, which implies that you can now avail up to 70% discount on all our products. 

Why Choose Mizu Towels?

Black Friday is not just about expensive tech gadgets, glamorous dresses, and branded boots. Buying essential items of daily use is equally important. 

While cheap material is always available in the market and wears off soon, you sure don't want to miss on prime level things at similar or even lower prices. 

Smooth bed sheets, blankets, and towel sets are few to name in the list of necessary staples. So while you are at it, let us save you the hassle of running through a whole range and directly present the best stand-out attributes of Mizu Towels.

Top-Notch Material 

When it comes to basic things, people like to go for towel sets with comfortable fabric, smooth bed sheets, etc, so while we are discussing the qualities that make Mizu towel sets the perfect choice, let's first talk about the material. 

Mizu towel sets are made of bamboo cotton and natural silver. If the name doesn't sound royal enough, wait till we explain how it is potentially one of the best and most cozy materials to get hands on. 

Bamboo cotton is a cloth synthesized from bamboo fibers. The first and foremost quality of it is that it's extremely gentle on sensitive skin. Towels usually are thick and rough. Hence generally, they are harsh on the skin. 


Our Mizu towels, however, have a special design that goes beyond serving just water drying purposes. Therefore, if you have sensitive skin that develops a rash from using low-quality fabric, our towel sets should be your go-to.

In addition to this, bamboo cotton in our towels helps regulate your body temperature as well. This is done by its exponentially high moisture absorbing power, due to which it soaks up all water from the skin.

Apart from that, bamboo cotton also imparts the ultimate luxurious and grand feels to the towel sets. 

To further enhance the wonderful benefits of bamboo cotton, we have put it in combination with natural silver. Our towel sets are weaved of silver to harness its antimicrobial properties. 

As a result, the fabric provides you with advanced protection from bacteria and foul smells. 

Japanese Towel Crafting Technique

Japanese towels are popular for being lightweight and compact with perfectly woven threads to ensure long life.

Mizu towel sets are inspired by the unique towel craft of Japan. The place is known to produce the softest towels in the world. Incorporating their ideas for the wonderfully soft and comfortable fabric in our modern design, we present you with one contemporary creation.

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While the world has for sure advanced at a mind-boggling rate, could you ever imagine innovation can be brought in fabric? Well, Mizu towels are here with the self-cleaning powers. 

Our towels contain natural silver. This precious metal has powerful antibacterial powers. It can help eliminate bacterias, germs, and fungi from the surface. Over time as you use the towels, contaminants and dust accumulate on it. 

With silver as a part of the fabric, our towels are capable of cleaning the dirt and bacteria on their own. This does not only prevent the awful odor that otherwise results from germs but also reduces the need for machine wash.

Fast Drying

One of the main properties people look for in towel sets is how quickly they can dry. Particularly in the case of travel towels, you cannot possibly wait for hours for the fabric to dry out before stacking it in your bags. Also, the ability to absorb depends largely on drying speed because towels that dry slowly cannot be used for longer durations.  

In our commitment to deliver the best quality to our customers, we have developed a special technology that enables fast drying. So leave your poor quality, old-style fabric behind and buy Mizu towels that dry 3x faster than an average one to match with the pace of today's life.

Detects and Signals Bacterial Growth

Speaking of technology, we have equipped our towels with the power of detecting bacterial growth. Yes! The fabric can automatically detect the buildup of bacterias and germs. Apart from the self-cleaning properties, it also signals the accumulation of impurities.

We have developed a special Mizutech technology that changes colors when sweat, germs, and dirt build up beyond a certain range.

This helps maintain hygiene and health.

Hyper Absorbent

Of course, everyone wants a towel that absorbs well. One feature that distinguishes Mizu's high-quality fabric from the locally available cheaper choice is the hyper-absorbing power. The towel sets are able to hold 5x their weight in water. 

The fast-drying, hyper-absorbing factors in conjunction make it one of the perfect towel choices, especially for travel.

Eco Friendly

With the climate crisis now going beyond control and all the buzz on planet conservation happening, it is our duty as responsible citizens to reduce non-biodegradable waste. 

Hence, as a modern brand, Mizu Towels pay adequate attention to using environmentally friendly products. 

Cotton bamboo is a raw material for our towels, and it is an environmentally friendly crop. Firstly, it requires minimal fertilizer and water to grow in comparison to other alternatives. 

Secondly, it is biodegradable and completely decomposes after disposal. 


Low-quality towels might seem like a cheaper option. But the truth is that their material can easily wear off. With frequent washing, threads start coming off. Hence, they are not of much use beyond a certain time. 

Mizu Towels, on the other hand, are a real investment. Our towel sets are durable and can really last long with quick-drying and impurity detecting power.

Now that we have our products up on sale, you can get the quality we promise at low rates. 

Soft on Skin

Mizu Towels are soft and gentle on the skin. Many people with acne-prone skin experience severe breakouts after using cloths made of cheap synthetic substances. Our towels, on the other hand, do not irritate the skin in any way. 

Mizu Silver Smooth Bed Sheets

Now let's proceed forward and talk about Mizu's smooth bed sheets. Manufactured with the softest fabric and anti-microbial material, they give you the most relaxing sleep.

Here’s why you should bring Mizu’s smooth bed sheets in place of your old ones.


The material we pick for our smooth bed sheets is silver and bamboo lyocell. Pure silver, as in the case of towel sets, keeps up to 99.9% bacterias away. In addition, it also eliminates germs, dust, and pollution, hence ensuring that bed sheets stay in the best condition for a long time. 

Bamboo lyocell is different from bamboo cotton that is used in our towels. To give our bed sheets an even silkier feel, we use a bamboo lyocell that is a derivative of pure organic bamboo pulp. This, too, is eco-friendly and non-toxic and produces minimal waste.

Thus, smooth bed sheets, available at an amazing sale price, are the best deal you can make to get a comfortable sleep.


One of the best properties of our sheets is that they go well with all seasons.

Just like our towel sets, smooth bed sheets to adjust themselves to your body temperature. The pure silver in our sheets helps in providing you just the right sleep. So hurry up and book your Mizu Sheets now. 

Perfectly Goes with Skin Care

If you ardently follow a skincare routine and keep up with all the articles and available knowledge online, you must know how towel and sheet materials impact the skin. 

Often bad quality cotton and polyester sheets are rough. Skin rubs against the sheet, and as a result of friction, a number of skin issues can arise. 

This goes from the development of fine lines to scars and even breakouts. Moreover, some people are allergic to regular cotton, satin, and linen. Since a lot of locally available towels that come at lower rates are made of sensitive material only, it is often a hassle to find suitable sheets. 

Apart from smooth bed sheets, we also have pillow covers and duvet covers as a complete package for a perfectly set bed.

Now that Black Friday promotional sales are here, take your skin-pampering routine a step further and buy yourself Mizu smooth bed sheets now.


While you wait for Black Friday sales, Mizu Towels brings you amazing promotional discounts on towel sets and sheets, so you can catch hands on premium stuff at mind bogglingly low prices. Head to our website, enjoy up to 20% off this holiday season, and take home the best of our stuff.

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