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How to select the right baby bath towel for your toddler online?

Unwavering joy comes into a home whenever an infant is born! It is majorly seen amongst mums probably because they share a considerable connection with the newborn.

It increases with time, too; they get to go shopping together, play together, share quality moments when feeding, and even during bath time. Babies could give you a difficult time during bathing, but soft cotton made anti-bacteria towels like Mizu Towel can provide them with a moment to remember and always look forward to.

However, as unimportant as having a good baby towel might seem, the absence of it could have specific diverse effects on your infant. This can lead to skin infections or allergies, and they could be highly irritational.

These skin infections you toddler might be exposed to may include acne, cradle cap, milia, eczema (atopic dermatitis), erythema toxicum, folliculitis, etc.

This unpleasant occurrence can be avoided by using good quality baby towels. But getting good baby towels while making an online purchase could be a little bit dicey when you don’t know what to look for.

This article is aimed at coming to your rescue. Here is a guide on the things to look out for when selecting a bath towel for your toddler:

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 1. High Absorbency Rate

This can be checked by looking at the label of the towel to know what material it is made of. Absorbency is the number one thing to look out for in a towel; this means that every towel you purchase for your toddler should possess a high absorbency rate naturally. Bath and hand towels made of cotton are the most absorbent.

The nature of the fabric used in spinning your baby’s towel has a lot to do with its absorbency. It is highly recommended that you get a towel with a terry weave because it is the most absorbent of all.

2. Anti-Bacterial

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Surely, no mum would love to see her baby sick as a result of avoidable causes; you are definitely one of such mums. Bacteria can cause ailments that could be harmful to your body, but if detected on time, this could be averted. So, when next you're purchasing a children bath towel, it is necessary to look for one with anti-bacterial quality.

This is where Mizu Towel comes in as it is the best recommended anti-bacterial towel for your baby. It comes with stripes that change color when the dirt is noticed. You get to keep your baby safe with this towel because you're able to detect and prevent illness-causing bacteria from harming your infant.

3. Fast Drying Rate

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When you’re scrolling through that e-commerce site looking for the best towel to buy, you should also consider how fast the towel will dry. If you should purchase a baby towel that does not dry quickly, it tends to develop odor with time. A good luxury soft towel should have the ability to absorb water and, likewise, let it go quickly. Cotton bath towels are the best choice when it comes to quick dryness.

4. Softness

Checking for the softness of your baby’s towel could be very tricky. Most manufacturers coat their towels with fabric softeners to make them feel soft in your hand. In most cases, it is noticed that the level of softness reduces after the towel had been washed once or twice. The softeners they use also tend to reduce the towel's absorbency in the long run.

Towels made from bamboo, rayon, Pima, Egyptian, and Japanese cotton are usually soft and silky. Towels made from Japanese cotton are the best pick when it comes to softness, you can never be wrong with them. You will get a good reason for this recommendation at the end of this article.

5. Grams per Square Metre

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Grams per Square Metre is also known as GSM. It is the measure of the density of the towel. When buying a towel online, look for one with high GSM. Good soft, absorbent bath towels possess a GSM of between 420 to 600. They can provide the best luxury for your little angel. They are medium weight towels and could be used as a beach or bath towels.

6. Durability

You definitely would not want to pick a towel with low quality because it won't be good for your baby. Durability is just as crucial as absorbency, softness, grams per square metre, and fast-drying rate when it comes to baby towel selection and the selection of bath towels in general. So, this cannot be overemphasized.

Durable bath and hand towels should be able to last long no matter the type of condition they are subjected to. You should consider adding a 2-ply towel to your shopping cart instead of a 1-ply towel. The reason behind this is that 2-ply towels are much stronger.

Cotton towels are considered to be the stronger, that should be looked into as well. Durability is not something to look away from when you are purchasing your baby’s towel. So, when next you want to shop for a luxury soft towel for your toddler, it must be in play.

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You’ve been able to find out some of the common skin irritations that your baby could be faced with if you do not have a good bath and hand towels. The aim here is not to scare you. No, we will never do that. The objective is to educate you on what you could be up against. The only way you can fight an enemy and win is if you know the enemy inside out. You are now also able to identify all the right features to look out for when next you want to shop for a baby towel. So, you could confidently go to that e-commerce site and make an excellent baby towel choice for your toddler.

Having a warm and soft towel handy while bathing your baby is essential. A towel that is made with high-quality cotton should be your best pick, and you should make every effort not to settle for less. Baby towels should have absorption capacity that is five times greater than that of a regular towel to dry your baby in the least possible time and lower the risk of catching a cold.



Mizu Towel will go a long way to boost your baby's hygiene. When looking for anti-bacteria towels, Mizu Towel is the best bet. They are made of 100% Japanese cotton, which makes it very reliable, and the softness is out of this world. They come with stripes that serve as an indicator. It changes color to notify you when the bacteria level is too high. You can never be wrong with Mizu Towel. 


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