How to Choose a Premium Baby Bath Towel Online? Great Way to Chose

How to Choose a Premium Baby Bath Towel Online? Great Way to Chose

When it comes to your little bundle of joy, you shouldn't take any chances when purchasing a baby bath towel because toddlers have extremely sensitive skin. As a result, you need to invest in a towel that not only guarantees comfort but also is highly absorbent and soft. 

With thousands of baby bath towels available on the market, it can be daunting to pick the right product. But don't worry! Our towel picking guide has you covered! 

How to Pick the Best Baby Bath Towel? 

Babies can give parents a difficult time when they bathe. You need to wrap your baby in a soft and highly absorbent towel right after a bath to protect them from catching a cold. 

Picking the right towel may seem unimportant, but the absence of a good towel can cause skin irritation and allergies. This is why you must choose a premium baby bath towel. Here is a quick buyer's guide to help you pick the right product for your child. 

Choose the Right Material

You have to pick the softest material for a baby bath towel, so it does not irritate your child's skin. Some bath towel materials may seem warm to you, but they aren't as soft to touch. So you need to choose a material that is warm and soft.

We suggest that you opt for a cotton or flannel towel because they are the best materials for towels. Such towels have a thicker feel, and they are also more absorbent. In addition, cotton threads are unlikely to irritate the skin. 

If you decide to buy a cotton baby bath towel, you should look into combed cotton material. Many towel brands boast softness, but the towel thread loses its softness after one wash. On the other hand, combed cotton remains extremely soft even after multiple washes. 

Another great option is to buy Mizu Towel, made from hand-harvested Xinjiang cotton. This bamboo cotton contains fibers coated with silver. As a result of silver, this towel can fight bacteria. Thus it is not only made from the top quality cotton but also can fight bacteria.

High Absorbency Rate

you should always look for a high absorbency rate when you pick a baby bath towel because you would want the towel to immediately absorb water once you've bathed your baby.

The fabric's nature plays a vital role in determining the absorbance factor. Mostly, cotton towels are the most absorbent.

Some towels that have a terry weave are also highly absorbent. However, since you want your baby to dry up quickly to avoid catching a cold, you must invest in a towel that is twice as absorbent as an adult's towel.

Make sure that you don't have to rub the towel on the baby's skin. Instead, it should immediately soak up the moisture by itself with minimal effort. 

Unfortunately, it isn't easy to guess which towel offers better absorption when you're buying online. 

So the best way to pick a towel for maximum absorption is to check for the towel's thickness, as thicker towels are better absorbents. As a result, they can soak up more water in less time. However, they take longer to dry.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

When buying a baby bath towel online, you must look into its maintenance. Having a baby around is pretty overwhelming, and you need to make sure that you keep your baby's clothes and towels clean.

Purchasing a towel with a rigorous cleaning process will only increase your everyday chores. Thus, you must opt for an easy to clean bath towel. Make sure that you buy a machine-washable baby bath towel that does not become rough after several washes. 

You must also read the care label before making an online purchase. Moreover, many bath towels become a breeding ground for bacteria because they are damp. This is why you must purchase an antibacterial bath towel for your baby. 

Mizu Towel's antibacterial properties can save your child from many ailments. In addition, this futuristic towel comes with color-changing stripes that indicate that it needs a wash. This way, you get to keep your baby safe since the towel can detect dirt and bacteria. 

Fast Drying Rate

When you scroll through various ecommerce sites to purchase a towel, you must keep the towel's drying rate in mind. If a baby bath towel does not quickly dry up, it tends to develop an odor if it packs moisture. 

The best luxury baby bath towel must quickly dry up. Both soft and absorbent, Mizu Towel is one of the most high-quality cotton towels available on the market. It is not only luxurious but also very comfortable to use.

Being soft and fluffy, Mizu Towels are great at efficiently absorbing moisture. In addition, it has a quick-dry capacity. The twisted weave pattern enhances the quick-drying ability and makes it perfect to use for babies. 


You can never be sure about the softness of a fabric when you make online purchases. Most manufacturers use a fabric softener on their towels. Thus, the thread loses its softness after a few washes.

Using fabric softeners reduces a towel's absorbency ratio. Therefore, when you purchase a baby bath towel online, you should opt for bamboo cotton, Egyptian cotton, Japanese cotton, or Pima cotton, which is more soft and silky. 

Towels made out of Japanese cotton are your best pick because they are always the softest and feel nice against the skin.

Mizu Towel uses Xinjiang cotton, woven traditionally, ensuring that the threads do not come apart after washing them. They also stay soft after several machine washes.

Grams per Square Meter

Grams per square meter is also called GSM, which measures the density of the fabric.

You should look into the GSM factor before purchasing a towel online. For example, a highly absorbent bath towel has a GSM of 400-600. 

Opt for a higher GSM ratio if you're exclusively looking for a baby bath towel. 


You should never pick a low-quality towel for your baby. The durability of a towel is equally essential as absorbency, softness, and fast-drying rate. It is pointless to purchase towels that look like rags after a couple of washes. 

This is why purchasing Mizu will work as a one-time investment because Mizu uses traditionally weaved Xinjiang cotton, which is more durable. The threads do not come apart after several washes. 

The towel also remains lint-free and fluffy. Thus it is perfect for your little angel. Moreover, you should look into 2-ply towels as they are stronger and more durable.

Besides this, cotton towels are neatly weaved, and the threads do not come apart even after machine washes. 

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Things to Keep In Mind When Washing a Baby Towel

  • Wash the new towel before using it
  • Do not wash the towel with a fabric softener 
  • Wash the baby towel separately 
  • Frequently rinse the baby bath towel
  • Use a gentle detergent to wash the towel
  • Dry on low heat
  • Do not use bleach
  • Only store the towel when its fully dry

Towels can easily irritate your baby's skin. This is why you must look into the softest towel available. Moreover, self-cleaning towels help fight harmful bacteria that can cause various skin infections.

Purchasing Mizu Towel for your baby is a perfect choice because it will efficiently fight bacteria and keep the towel odor-free. Moreover, the color-changing stripes will turn red, indicating that you need to wash them. 

Thus, you can always know if the towel is clean enough to use. This will not only protect your baby from skin irritants but also help you maintain hygienic conditions. Remember to look into the material, absorbency, and durability before purchasing. 

Mizu Towel | The Perfect Baby Bath Towel

Mizu Towel will help boost your toddler's hygiene. When you look for an antibacterial towel, Mizu is the best option. Since it is made from hand-harvested Xinjiang cotton, it is extremely soft and durable. 

Bathing a newborn baby is challenging, and you may drop the towel on the bathroom floor many times. This is why you must purchase an antibacterial towel to fight off harmful bacteria — the silver fiber thread efficiently fights off bacteria, keeping the towel clean.

In addition, the color-changing stripes are good indicators of when you should wash your towel. This quality makes Mizu a modern fabric. 

Since Mizu Towels are warm, fluffy, and soft, they will feel nice against your baby's skin. In addition, you won't have to rub the towel as the fluffy threads immediately soak up moisture. 

Most of the towels that have a high absorption capacity take longer to dry, but Mizu has a quick drying ability that keeps the towel dry so you can hang it in the bathroom even after using it. 


There is a wide range of baby bath towels that you can purchase online. They come in different sizes, colors, and qualities. 

Since new towels with quick-dry techniques and new threads hit the market every day, you're going to have to be wise with your online purchase. This is why we suggest that you only buy the very best towel for your toddler.

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