7 Useful Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying Pillowcases in 2023!

7 Useful Tips to Keep in Mind Before Buying Pillowcases in 2023!

For a good night's sleep, you must use a comfortable pillow with the softest pillowcase. However, buying an ideal pillowcase isn't easy. That's because you must consider several factors, including material and fabric. 

You must also search for eco-friendly options to ensure your purchase doesn't affect the planet negatively. For instance, you can buy pillowcases made from organic and sustainable materials. 

To help you choose a suitable pillowcase, we've compiled a list of useful tips. From considering the thread count to features for maximum comfort, these tips can allow you to buy the best product. So let's start exploring. 

7 Tips to for Buying the Best Pillowcases 

Before you buy pillow cases in 2023, you should follow a few useful tips to choose the best available products. Here are seven tips to help you for this purpose:

1. Consider the Fabric Quality and Thread Count Range 

When selecting the right pillowcase, fabric quality should be a top concern. Look for materials that provide comfort and breathability, like cotton, linen, or silk. Ensure to check the thread count range when purchasing any of these fabrics. That's because a higher thread count means softer and smoother materials. 

Moreover, you should consider brands like Mizu that offer hypoallergenic fabrics if you have allergies or asthmatic conditions to keep dust mites and other allergens away. 

The type of material should also factor into your purchasing decision. Consider if the item is nicely woven together to get maximum comfort from any fabric type. 

Additionally, the higher number of threads per square inch indicates better fabric quality, so keep that in mind before buying a new pillowcase

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2. Choose the Size that Fits Your Needs

Pillowcases come in various sizes, from Standard, Queen, and King. To ensure you choose the size that fits your mattress perfectly, measure the length and width of your bed before placing any orders. This way, you won't feel frustrated after the purchase if it is too big or too small for your sleeping comfort. 

Additionally, consider any nuances when looking at decorative features like charms or flanges that require different sizes to accommodate them correctly on your bedding set. Pay special attention to these features, as they can make a huge difference in getting the right look and feel.

3. Buy Organic and Sustainable Materials 

Making the switch to organic or sustainable materials for your pillowcases is a great way to protect our planet. Organic fabrics are usually made without harsh chemicals, dyes, finishes, and bleaches - making it easier on sensitive skin and helping reduce allergies. Plus, these materials have a tighter weave than their synthetic counterparts, which can improve durability and lessen the impacts of abrasion over time. 

When searching for organic or sustainable products, look for seals such as GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) or OEKO-TEX Certified cotton labels. These labels indicate items are certified organic by international standards. 

4. Think About Practical Washing Care Instructions  

Before purchasing any pillowcase, it's important to think about the washing care instructions. Every type of fabric requires different techniques and materials for cleaning, regardless if you choose natural or man-made fibers. Read the care label carefully to determine what best suits your needs. Then decide on a washing schedule to maintain optimal fabric quality and sanitation purposes.  

To avoid fading or damaging material in the wash cycle, use a mild detergent on low heat settings with no bleach or other harsh chemicals. 

Dark fabrics may require special considerations, such as not being allowed in the dryer or being washed with like colors only. Always follow these special instructions carefully, and always add an extra rinse cycle before drying for good measure.

5. Look for Features that Enhance Comfort

When looking for features that truly enhance comfort and make your sleep experience enjoyable, look for special cooling technologies or flame-retardant labels. To buy pillow cases with a cooling effect, materials like silk and bamboo have been known to offer a nice cool sensation on the skin. That's because they bring real relief for sleepers during the summer months. 

Additionally, look for flame-retardant tags on items released and sold in North America, as strict standards test these products to ensure safe wear. 

Moreover, pillowcases with odor control treatments are a must-have for anyone looking to reduce unpleasant smells from sweat, oil, and other environmental factors. These treatments help neutralize odors and make your bedroom a more pleasant environment. 

6. Research Different Manufacturer Brands for Reputation and Reviews 

Before picking up pillowcases, it's important to do your research. Look for reviews and feedback from social media, product listing pages, and friends. This way, you can get an unbiased opinion on material feel, build quality, and customer service in case of warranty claims.

It's also beneficial to look for manufacturers that provide great post-purchase support, such as follow-up emails or checking in after delivery. These silver bullet indicators will let you know how seriously companies take care of their customers before and after purchase. Make sure to double-check any information you find before making a final decision.

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7. Examine Any Labeling for Material Compliance    

Once you've narrowed down your best picks, examine any labeling for material compliance and make sure all pillowcases match safety standards set by government-regulated organizations. Look for certification labels such as OEKO-TEX Standard 100 or Cotton USA Certified. That's because they guarantee products are up to industry standards and safe to use.

In addition, reputable brands always provide a detailed list of material ingredients and other safety materials. If buying from overseas suppliers, look for additional labels such as BSCI or Sedex. These certify that the manufacturers comply with ethical labor standards that protect workers' rights and well-being beyond the product itself.

Final Thoughts 

Pillowcases are an important part of your bedroom setup and can greatly affect the quality of your sleep. Following these seven pieces of advice, you can easily pick a pillowcase that fits your bed size, individual needs, and budget. 

Make sure to read labels carefully to check for material certifications and safety regulations before purchasing any item.

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