Poof! My Acne and Allergies Vanished After Switching to These Antimicrobial Towels

“I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror after just a few days with these towels.”

Are you tired of breakouts, redness, and dry skin? No matter what creams and treatments you use, the foods you avoid, or the vitamins you swallow, your skin just doesn’t go along with the plan.

This was my life. For YEARS.

My name is Michelle Christy and I have bad skin. It’s something that I’ve always struggled with. I had a rigorous skincare routine and a strict diet. I even saw a specialist who prescribed some seriously expensive ointment. But my skin was still splotchy, and new pimples would pop up throughout the day.

The worst part was the impact my skin had on my confidence and social life. I was not assertive at work because I was worried about pimples and cracked skin. And I had trouble dating because I was afraid of anyone seeing me at home without my makeup.

It was a nightmare.

But then, totally by chance, the nightmare ended.

With the help of a friend, I found out the true source of my bad skin. And now, my skin is clear, firm, and hydrated for the first time since I can remember.

I Had No Idea I Was Feeding My Skin Bacteria Every Day...

I went on a weeklong trip to a beach resort with my best friends for the holidays. Over the course of the week, I noticed that my skin looked better than ever. All of my friends commented on it.

I thought it was because I was less stressed on vacation.

But before we left, I heard my friend say something while she was in the bathroom getting ready.

“I’m going to miss these towels… they make my skin feel amazing!”

My ears perked up, and I asked what she meant. She said that the resort’s towels were antimicrobial, meaning they were immune to bacteria and other germs.

“Does that really make a difference?” I asked.

She walked out of the bathroom and gave me a serious look. Then she asked how often I washed my bath towels. I told her once a week. Or maybe a bit less often….

Her jaw dropped.

That’s how I learned the dirty truth:

Towels are one of the main causes of bad skin. In fact, they’re the most germ-infested objects in your entire home.1

When you dry off with a dirty towel after a shower, you cover your skin with hungry bacteria. And your just-cleaned skin has zero defense against them. This causes massive flare-ups, breakouts, and inflammation.

I was giving bacteria the perfect home every time I took a shower.

My friend told me that she didn’t even use a towel to dry her face – she used paper towels or a fresh washcloth. If she used a towel that was even a day old, her face would break out.

Antimicrobial Towels STOP the Bacteria-Acne Cycle.

I went into the resort bathroom that instant and took a screenshot of the towel brand on the rack. They were called Mizu Towels.

As soon as I got home, I ordered a set.

The difference in my skin after using Mizu was night and day. After just a few days, I couldn’t believe what I saw in the mirror. My skin looked healthy and flush. And I didn’t have a single pimple for the first time in... forever.2

I cried. I’ll admit it.

It’s been six months and I haven’t had a single breakout. I get a random pimple now and again, but that’s normal.

Just writing that makes me feel amazing. My skin isn’t bad. My skin is normal!

That wasn’t the only effect.

After a few months, I noticed that I was buying fewer tissues and ibuprofen than normal. I thought about it for a minute and realized that I wasn’t getting pressure headaches or sniffles like I used to.

Mizu also kills mold, fungus, and allergens on contact. I’d been rubbing allergy-causing microbes and spores into my face every day with my old musty towels. Now? No more allergies!

The Mizu Effect.

Mizu changed my life. To me, they seemed like magic. But there’s nothing magic about them.

Mizu’s power comes from natural silver. Silver is an antimicrobial element proven to kill 99.7% of germs on contact, and it’s spun into every thread of Mizu.

This keeps your skin clean, but it does so much more. Mizu kill illness-causing bacteria and viruses like E.coli, salmonella, and COVID-19.3

They also kill odor-causing microbes, so they smell fresh every day, no matter how often I wash them (yes, they’re machine washable too!).

Oh yeah, and my less-than-ideal washing schedule isn’t a problem anymore. Mizu are self-cleaning, so you can wash them half as often as you wash normal towels.

Less time doing the laundry? Yes, please.

One of the coolest things about Mizu is the color-changing fabric that lets you know when it’s time for a wash. Mizu detect body oil, dirt, and grime, and a special strip of fabric changes colors when the situation is getting icky.

Now, I know exactly when my towels need a wash.

Kills 99% Bacteria Growth

3x Less Laundry

Self-Cleaning Fibers

Prevents Odor

Japanese Craftsmanship

Improves Skin Health

Natural Silver Infused Fibers

Premium Luxury
Feel Cotton

Color-Changing Bacteria Detection

Saves Money

5-Star Luxury at Home.

I’m writing about Mizu because of how their acne-fighting power changed my life. But I have to mention one other thing—they’re super comfy too.

As I said, I first encountered Mizu at a resort. They’re the super plush and fluffy towels you’d expect when you’re being pampered on vacation.

Having them at home almost makes me feel guilty… almost ;)

Mizu are made with bamboo cotton — a much softer fiber than the standard cotton in normal towels. Bamboo is also 3x more absorbent, so you won’t have to rub and scrub your skin to dry off. That’s a big plus for anyone with sensitive skin.

What People Are Saying about Mizu.

Mizu Towels are softer, healthier, and more convenient than other towels. So, it’s no surprise that others are ranting and raving about them just like I am:

Getting out of the shower is such a pleasure now!

“I was hesitant to buy these due to the price, but I wanted to splurge since we have been locked down all year from Covid, and the anti-microbial aspects of the towel were important to me. Such a great purchase! Getting out of the shower is such a pleasure now! These towels literally never smell and I love that they have strips that change color…”

‒ Tamika W.

Getting out of the shower is such a pleasure now!

“I was hesitant to buy these due to the price, but I wanted to splurge since we have been locked down all year from Covid, and the anti-microbial aspects of the towel were important to me. Such a great purchase! Getting out of the shower is such a pleasure now! These towels literally never smell and I love that they have strips that change color…”

‒ Tamika W.

Really soft and absorbent.

These towels are so much softer, absorbent than my previous towels. Also they dry much quicker and have a beautiful design.

‒ Catherine C.

My Last Word on Mizu.

I’m honestly still shocked when I look in the mirror every morning. It sounds silly to say it, but these antimicrobial towels changed my life.

It’s hard to believe how much I stressed about my skin. It affected everything I did. And when I think about how much money I spent on treatments and makeup, it makes my stomach go into knots.

Now, I’m happier at work, I love going out with friends, and I feel like I’m the person I want to be.

Switching to Mizu towels was an easy choice. They include free shipping and a guarantee, so I wasn’t risking anything. I also grabbed a set when they were on sale. I’m not sure of the pricing now, but you can check here.


Mizu Towels are in extremely high demand due to the pandemic and their ability to kill viruses on contact. They are often sold out or on backorder.

I highly recommend ordering a set as soon as possible to prevent long wait times.

I also recently discovered that Mizu makes bedding too! The sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers are infused with real silver just like the towels. I haven’t had time to write a review, but the sheets are absolutely divine. They’re silky soft and stretchy, and they kill bacteria from your sweat and skin after a long day. If you have skin like mine, these sheets are a must – especially if you don’t always shower at night! They’re pretty new, so you can still get them for a special price here.

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Over 50% Off

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