What Size is a Bath Towel? | Bathroom Towels Size Guide

What Size is a Bath Towel? | Bathroom Towels Size Guide

You just renovated your entire bathroom tackling hundreds of dilemmas. Now you stand back to admire your aesthetics and hard work, but suddenly you find the most important thing is still missing: Towels!

Buying a towel is so much fun if you have a color or theme to guide you. But sometimes you get stuck thinking about what size is a bath towel? Before you run to get your inch tape and measure your bath towel, let us guide you on what size will best suit your requirements.

Towels come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs. Let's see the standard sizes for the most readily available ones. 

Bath Towel Sizes

Towel Type
             12x12 inches
Fingertip Towel
             11x18 inches
Hand Towel
                                  15x25 inches-20x30 inches
Bath Towels 
                                    20x40 inches-28x54 inches
Bath Sheets 
                                    35x60 inches-40x70 inches 
Beach Towels
              31x63 inches

What is the size of a Bath Towel?

A bath towel generally measures 20x40 inches or 28x54 inches. This size is the most commonly bought towel size amongst all other options.

As long as your bath towel completely wraps you around when you step out of the shower, it's a good size for you.

Ideally, men who are bulky and wide need more oversized bath towels. In comparison, petite women or young adults can easily make use of a towel on the smaller end of the scale.

As long as your towel is soft, absorbent, and a good fit according to your height and body structure, you are good to go.

Washcloths Size

The smallest member of the towel family, a washcloth, is good enough to wipe your face after a good cleanse. You can also use it as an exfoliating tool while you are showering.

It helps remove dead skin cells and buildup on your body, to reveal fresh, invigorated skin. Washcloths measure around 12x12 inches and are handy, cute, and versatile.

If you are someone who loves entertaining guests or have kids, washcloths are a must in your linen cabinet.

You don't want to share your face towels with your guests now, do you?

Neatly folded washcloths look super hygienic and irresistibly cute in a dainty basket next to your sink. You might not need to use them daily, but they are great as a decorative element and add texture to your bathroom vanity.

Stack a dozen, preferably in white, since it's easiest to wash and maintain. A super simple wash with good old bleach and a tiny amount of detergent is all you need to keep your washcloths soft and absorbent.

Remember to use color-safe bleach for colored washcloths and avoid fabric softeners.

Washcloths are highly eco-friendly, as they help minimize the use of single-use wipes. Wash and reuse as many times as you like.

Fingertip Towels Size

Fingertip towels are used mainly for decorative purposes. You will most likely see them as an accessory in hotels or guests' bathrooms. The dainty towels are rectangular, unlike washcloths, and are 8 inches wide and 11 inches long.

It is smaller than a hand towel but a little bigger compared to washcloths. Whether you need a fingertip towel or not depends on your lifestyle. If you like separate towels for your face and hand, a fingertip towel is a good choice for you.

They are usually hung on hooks over the vanity and don't need to be folded or put on a towel rod.

It may not be a practical choice for a household with kids as they are fancy and more expensive.


Hand Towels Size

Hand towels are bigger than face towels, and as the name suggests, are used to dry off your hands.

So why do you need separate hand towels? It will be unwise to use a full-size bath towel that is super absorbent to dry your hands.

Hand towels don't need to be extra absorbent. They need to be quick-drying and soft on your hands. Depending on the size of your towel rod, you can decide on the width of your hand towels. They are generally 15 inches wide and 25 inches long.

When you buy a bath towel set, it contains two bath towels and two hand towels in coordinating designs.

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Bath Sheets Sizes

Bath sheets come in a bigger size than bath towels and are manufactured using more absorbent materials. They are mostly 40 inches wide and 70 inches long.

If you can’t fully wrap around your current bath towel or need two towels to dry yourself, you should think about splurging on bath sheets.

There is no doubt that bath sheets are a good investment if you love to roam around in your towels after baths. Most bath towels feel snug on the waist, and you have to wriggle out of them quickly. In comparison, bath sheets are long enough to cover you entirely and wrap you up.

Bath sheets may not be an ideal option if you are short on space. Since they are relatively bigger as compared to a regular bath towel, you need more storage space. Unless you have a dedicated space in your linen closet for your bath sheets, you will find it difficult to store them.

Moreover, the massive towels take more space in your washer as they are almost twice the size of your bath towels.

Beach Towels Size

Beach towels are all about your style. They reflect your taste as an individual through bright patterns, unlike the solid ones you use in your bathroom.

The bright and bold prints are not the only difference between a bath and a beach towel.

Beach towels are big enough to accommodate you while you lie comfortably on the beach soaking up the sun.

So don't go grabbing your bath towels to the beach; you need a more oversized towel, aka beach towel, specifically for your day under the sun.

Similarly, these towels need to be sturdy enough to act as a barrier between the sand and your skin. Your beach towels won't probably be very thick as you won't need much drying due to the heat.

However, a beach towel will go through a lot more than drying you off. It will be used as a tanning bed, will bear the weight of your bags, and stay under the scorching sun for long. With kids, the beach towel will also double as a play mat.

So if you pick a regular bath towel and call it a day, you'll likely come running back from the beach because your towel may give up on you.

Get a beach towel that's not super heavy as it will be difficult to carry around your back. Neither should you get one that is too soft and plushy; you can't shake the sand off it.

Mizu Towels extra-large size towels are ideal for the beach. They are quick-drying, which is an essential quality of a beach towel. You can spend your day at the beach without the hassle of waiting for your towel to dry.

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What is the Difference Between a Bath Towel and a Bath Sheet?

Bath sheets are almost twice as big as bath towels! They are considered a luxury. Young adults and kids mostly favor bath towels because of the ideal size, though.

Bath towels are not very big, which means they weigh less and dry faster too. For everyday use, a quick-drying towel is a bonus. Nobody likes a dripping wet towel as they step out of the shower.

The size of bath towels makes it easy to handle, wrap, and dry you up conveniently. You can easily buy towel sets that include bath towels and hand towels. So it's easier to find good deals within your budget.

On the other hand, bath sheets are considered a lavish expense for added pampering. They are larger, more absorbent, and can also be bought in sets.

How Many Towels Do You Need?

The rule of the thumb is to have at least two pairs of towels for each family member. Here are some other factors you should consider before stocking up for the next season.

Storage Space 

If you have a linen cabinet to accommodate lots of bath towels, you can go ahead and buy more for your family. However, if you live in a tiny apartment or share space with a friend, it's better to stick to the minimum number of towels.


People who host guests often need more towels as compared to those who rarely have guests over.

Laundry Routine

If you do your laundry more than once a week, you don't need many towels. However, if you are too busy and often end up delaying laundry to alternate weekends, it's better to stock up.


There is nothing more invigorating and refreshing than a plush bath towel around your body after a long hot shower. Choosing that towel should not be a complicated decision to make.

We hope you found the answer to what size is a bath towel and all other available towels. Go ahead and stock up on the best towels for your family. When it comes to quality and comfort, Mizu Towels' revolutionary antibacterial towels are one of the best picks.

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