Top 5 Luxury Soft Towels Perfect for the Beach in 2023

Top 5 Luxury Soft Towels Perfect for the Beach in 2023

When summer is around the corner, everyone is looking for the perfect beach vacation. We spend time scrolling the web to find the perfect destination that’ll suit everyone (especially our budget…), and we buy some new summer items that bring the holiday a bit closer to us. And if you’re anything like me, you probably want the best gears for this precious time of the year!

Don’t you think that some items, like a luxury soft towel, can make your beach days more relaxing?


How To Pick The Perfect Beach Towel?

Purchasing the best luxury soft towels perfect for the beach may seem simple, but there some few features you need to consider before making a final choice. 

  • Consider the material. Cotton and microfiber are good material to go for. They absorb moisture well and dry faster.
  • 30-inches by 60-inches is a perfect size, but any higher size can be a better choice
  • Thickness is also important. A thicker beach towel will survive both the sandy beach and rocky beach
  • Consider how easy the beach towel is to clean.

The 5 best luxury soft beach towel!

Product  Construction material Size (Inches) Special features

Mizu Towel

luxury soft towels

Bamboo Cotton 56 by 30 600 GSM, pure and natural coated fibers that detect contaminants and kills bacteria, self-cleaning, lint-free, and hyper-absorbent.

Plush Cabana Towel

best quality bathroom towels

Aegean cotton 70 by 35 630 GSM, premium stitching, larger size, and shake off sands.

AmazonBasics Beach Towel

bath and hand towels

Terry fiber cotton 30 by 60 Two matching stripped towels, multiple colors, and low price

Dock & Bay Beach Towels

best water absorbing towels

Microfiber Large is 63 by 31 and extra-large is 78 by 35 Quick dry, different color options, travel pouch, foldable to book size, and different size options

DaniCh Microfiber Luxury Soft towel

luxury cotton bath towels

Microfiber Small is 12 by 12, the medium is 16 by 28, and extra-large is 30 by 60 Multiple size options, ultra-light, and multipurpose

Review of the Top 5 Luxury Soft Beach Towels

  1. Mizu Towel Best Overall Beach Towel
Beach Towel

If you ask us why the Mizu Towel is the best overall of all the top luxury soft towels that are perfect for the beach, we will say “it’s because the features are exceptional.” How?

This vibrant, beach towel is constructed from Bamboo cotton using artisanal Japanese towel crafting techniques. This material and the construction technique make this luxury soft towel one of the few most absorbent and softest beach towels you can find in the market.

When you use them after swimming, the hyper-absorbent towel will absorb the water from your body almost immediately. Imagine using a beach towel that can hold water that is five times its weight. Also, the royal softness the beach towel from Mizu is plush and will treat your skin gently and with care. Additionally, this luxury soft towels that make you shine on the beach is woven specially to allow for quick dryness, as we all know that a beach vacation needs a towel that will take a few hours to dry. This beach towel can dry three times faster than average towels.

The Mizu towel is not only the most absorbent, quick dry, and softest beach towel. It is also a protector. Do you know what this means? It features fibers that are coated with pure and natural silver. With this feature, you can bid bacteria and contaminants goodbye while having a nice time on the beach. The beach towels kill 99 percent of bacteria, and they are also self-cleaning Mizu towels that change color when they come in contact with contaminants. They also tell you when it is time to wash your towel.

What we like about the Mizu towels

  • They are oversized beach towels for complete coverage •
  • The luxury soft towel is highly effective at absorbing water
  • Mizu towel offer excellent softness and maximum durability
  • They are versatile as you can use them on the beach and they can also make the best quality bathroom towels
  • The beach towels are lint-free
What we don’t like about the beach towel
  • They do not come in different color options
2. Plush Cabana Towel – Best Luxury Beach Towel
luxury soft towels


Nothing ruins your day at the beach than a towel that is super sandy and makes you uncomfortable. But with the Plush Cabana Beach Towel, you can shake off sands and make them vanish instantly. The luxury soft towel is a luxurious splurge that you can snuggle up in. The beach towel is constructed with 100 percent plush cotton, which makes it more absorbent and softer. Unlike other beach towels that offer around 250 to 450 GSM, these luxury soft cotton towels feature 630 GSM of cotton. It means the towel is 50 percent thicker than am average towel. The thickness with the premium stitching of this beach towel will make it stand up to the test of time and last longer than expected.

From hotel, high-end, and premium quality comfort to classic style, this luxury beach towel is incomparable to other regular towels. Additionally, the Plush Cabana Beach Towel measures 70-inches by 35-inches. This is much longer than average beach towels. With this feature, you can get maximum comfort and great coverage. Also, the size makes it easy for bundling up, drying off when wet, and lounging.

What we like about the Plush Cabana Beach Towel

  • They are available in three different options
  • The beach towels are more durable in the wash than regular luxury soft towels used on the beach
  • They are absorbent, soft, fluffy, and huge
  • The colors are held after washing
What we don’t like about the beach towel
  • Some users questioned its durability
  • Many users reported that it produces lint
3. AmazonBasics Beach Towel - Best Budget Beach Towel

If you are on a budget but still want a beach towel that will give you a cozy comfort, the AmazonBasics Beach Towel may be all you are looking for. This luxury soft towel looks stylish and will make you shine at the beach. This product is made of 100 percent ring-spun cotton. The durable and soft terry cloth fabric of this high-quality beach towel offers you fluffiness, spa-like softness, and excellent absorbency. You will receive two matching stripped towels for a bargain price. The more you wash these luxury soft towels, the more they get softer and remain absorbent.

Also, the luxury soft cotton towel comes with a hemmed edge, which makes it more durable and stronger than other regular beach towels. Additionally, the size of the towel is 30-inches by 60-inches, and it means you can get optimal coverage. The AmazonBasics Beach Towel features cabana stripe pattern that comes in multiple colors, including seafoam green, sky blue, navy, and yellow.

What we like about the AmazonBasics Beach Towel towels

  • They are thick and soft for ultimate comfort
  • The beach towels absorb fast and dry quickly
  • They last a good amount of time
  • It offers high-quality material and construction at a low price
  • They are available in multiple colors
  • Sand is easy to shake off
What we don’t like about the towels
  • Some users reported that the beach towels are prone to snags
  • Some users complained of excessive lint
  • The threads are prone to breakage, so the durability is questionable.

4. Dock & Bay Beach Towels - Best Quick Dry Beach Towel
quick dry cotton towels

If you are looking for a sand-resistant beach towel that will dry without wasting your time after a day at the beach, the Dock & Bay Beach Towels are the right choice. They are convenient and unique luxury soft towels that are constructed from microfiber (20 percent polyamide and 80 percent polyester). The material provides the towels with the power to dry you quickly and also get dry faster. Not only that, but it also provides the product with lightweight making the beach towel a perfect journey essential.

Another advantage that the microfiber fabric used for the construction of the towel has it brushes the sand off immediately you pick them up and shake them. Additionally, the Dock & Bay Beach Towels features 220 GSM, which makes it feel different and stronger than some other beach towels. A travel pouch is also included to make it look compact and for you to pack the towels easily and take them anywhere.

What we like about the Dock & Bay Beach Towels

  • The luxury soft towel dry three times faster than a regular cotton towel
  • The beach towels come in different size options ranging from large (63 by 31-inches) to extra-large (78 by 35-inches)
  • They are available in about 37 eye-catching color options
  • The beach towels are compact as you can fold them down to the size of a book
  • They are available in round shape
  • This luxury soft towel won’t allow sand to stick
What we don’t like about this beach towels
  • Some users reported that it does not dry them up as expected. So, the absorbency of this product is questionable
  • Also, some users do not like the way it feels on the body thereby doubting the towel’s softness
5. DaniCh Microfiber Luxury Soft towel – Best Multipurpose Beach Towel
luxury cotton bath towels

The DaniCh Microfiber Ultra-light towels are a solid choice if you are looking for a beach towel that you can use somewhere else. You can use this luxury soft towel for travel or at the pool, spa, and gym. To cut the story short, you can use them indoors, outdoors, and anywhere. The beach towel is constructed using microfiber. This material and the construction technique make this towel resistant to wear, machine washable, and get rid of stains easily.

Additionally, the beach towel is absorbent and can absorb up to six times more moisture of its weight. The micropores suck water from your body through an electrostatic effect, making you shine while on the beach. Also, the towel dries quickly. When you leave it outdoors, it can dry within one hour. Furthermore, it comes in two sizes. The medium size measures 16-inches by 28-inches, the extra-large size measures 30-inches by 60-inches, and the small size measures 12-inches by 12-inches.

What we like about the DaniCh Microfiber Ultra-light Beach Towels

  • They are hypoallergenic, antibacterial luxury soft towels that do not carry all sorts of harmful bacteria
  • The beach towels are compact and ultra-light making it easy to take with you anywhere
  • DaniCh Microfiber Ultra-light towels are multipurpose towels
  • They dry faster and comes with a mesh bag for storage
  • Available in different colors and the colors does not fade after wash
What we do not like about the beach towel
  • The durability of this beach towel is questionable as it might not be as durable as the other top luxury soft towels discussed so far.
  • It may not be as plush as other beach towels mentioned in this review

Our Overview

There you have the top 5 luxury soft towels that can make you shine on the beach!

You can’t go wrong choosing any of the best beach towels mentioned above. However, there is one that can be called a champion. It is a Mizu Towel. Do you know why it edges out? The towel is affordable, the softest, most absorbent, quick dry, and thicker. It also detects contaminants, kills bacterial, self-clean, and can be used anywhere. Tell us, what else do you want in a beach towel that the Mizu towel doesn’t have?


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