7 Best Bamboo Towel Racks That Would Look Good in Your Bathroom

7 Best Bamboo Towel Racks That Would Look Good in Your Bathroom

If you want to reach for your towels in the bathroom effortlessly, a bamboo towel holder is just what you need! Having a definite place to hang the towels is essential in organizing your bathroom and keeping it clutter-free.

But, towel holders come in all shapes and sizes. So how do you decide which towel holders will look best in your bathroom? Well, you can never go wrong with bamboo as it not only looks pretty but also is environmentally friendly. 

Best Bamboo Towel Holders 

Who doesn’t love multi-purpose bathroom accessories to save space? Well, here are the best recommendations for the most functional and practical towel racks for your bathroom.

1. Compact Bamboo Towel Holder

You have to consider the size of your bathroom before you purchase a towel holder. If your bathroom is small and it only has enough space for the toilet seat and the sink, then the chances are that you can’t place a towel rack.

A compact bamboo towel holder is suitable for such a situation as it serves to hang your towels without occupying floor space.

This Amazon’s find comes with adhesive stickers for convenient wall mounting.  You do not have to use drilling as this towel holder has strong adhesion. The self-adhesive strip of the bamboo towel holder is even strong enough to support the weight of wet towels. 

The simplistic design saves space and also looks minimalist on the bathroom wall. The best thing about this compact bamboo towel holder is that you can place it in humid conditions or even use it for wet towels, but it would not get damaged as it is extremely durable.

The towel bar also has smooth corners and edges, so you do not get scratches while hanging the towel. Unfortunately, sometimes when you hang a towel, it falls on the bathroom floor and gets dirty. 

For this reason, you should buy Mizu’s antibacterial towels, which have silver-coated threads that efficiently fight bacteria.

These towels also feature color-changing stripes, which turn red to indicate that the towel needs a wash. Hence, these smart towels are perfect for small bathrooms. 

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2.Bamboo Towel Rack Stand

For medium-sized bathrooms, space isn’t always the concern. However, if your bathroom has sufficient space to provide room for a towel rack, you should buy the bamboo towel rack stand. 

This stand will not require a lot of flooring space but will maximize towel storage. The rack stand is about 40 inches tall. You can also use it for hanging large bath sheets. 

The rack stand has a wood texture as it is made from natural bamboo. It is also highly durable because of the sturdy ultra-strong bamboo wood.

This rack will save your towels from having rust particles as it can survive in extremely humid conditions, unlike steel and iron racks.

The installation process of this rack is effortless as you only have to attach the rods then attach the towel rack to the shelf. You won’t need any tools for assembly. Overall, it is an affordable and durable towel rack that can also hold your wet towels. 

3.Tangkula Wall Mount Bamboo Towel Holder

Tangkula’s wall-mount bamboo towel holder is made from 100% bamboo wood. As a result, it is extremely durable and sturdy. This type of bamboo towel holder is suitable for both small and large bathrooms.

It features an upper shelf for storing bathroom accessories such as shampoos etc. Such a multipurpose towel holder helps you efficiently organize your bathroom items. For example, you can also keep folded bathroom towels.

Or, if you wish to display the bathroom towel set, the top storage shelf of this rack is the perfect spot. This shelf has a ten-pound weight capacity so that you can place various towel sets and bathroom essentials on this holder.

Overall, it is a sturdy and beautiful rack with natural textures of bamboo wood. It also effectively saves space. Thus it is the perfect space-saving bamboo bathroom towel holder you can install near your shower. 

4. Three- Tier Bathroom Bamboo Shelf Organizer

The bamboo towel holder with three tiers is a highly functional shelf for your bathroom. You can set it up on the floor or mount it on the wall just above the toilet seat.

Since the shape and size of this rack allow you to hang it anywhere, you can maximize storage without adding clutter to your bathroom. 

If you use this bamboo towel holder as a freestanding shelf, you can still save up space by keeping your bathroom essentials on it. It also makes your bathroom look minimalist as you won’t have to use various hooks and stands. 

The shelf comes with detailed instructions for effortless installation. In addition, specific steps for assembling the shelf are also clearly listed in the instructions. 

The bamboo texture of the shelf adds a touch of decor to your bathroom. Besides storing towels and toiletries, you can keep small plant pots on the rack to create a better look.

5.Three-Tier Rolling Bathroom Cart

The three-tier bamboo bathroom trolley is a portable cart that will store all your toiletries and towel sets. This multipurpose bathroom cart is suitable for large bathrooms as it comes with tires for ease of portability.

The rolling cart comes with three shelves providing plenty of space to store both laundry and shower essentials. Moreover, you can easily move it from the showering area to bring it near your washing machine.

Since there is ample storage space, you can also display various towel sets. You won’t have to worry about keeping hand towel sets separately as this cart will store all the essentials. 

This cart is made from natural bamboo. Thus, it is dense and sturdy. The enhanced durability allows you to keep it in humid conditions. 

This bamboo towel holder is perfect if you wish to take steamy hot showers without worrying about the wood getting damaged. Moreover, bamboo wood looks decent, so it adds a sophisticated look to your bathroom.

6. Bamboo Corner Shelf

If you’re looking for a bamboo towel holder that saves flooring space and maximizes countertop storage, then a three-tier bamboo corner shelf is just what you need.

This multi-purpose corner shelf is perfect for storing your towels as it has three tiers. In addition, you can keep more than one towel on the countertop, thanks to this bamboo towel holder. 

Since the corner shelf is made from 100% bamboo, it can withstand humid conditions. This means that your bamboo towel holder is not only highly functional but also very durable.

It also looks neat on the bathroom countertop. Since it has a wooden texture, it compliments almost every bathroom interior.

It also requires minimal assembly. This bamboo towel holder is also easy to clean as you can wash it with soap and cool water.

For maintaining more hygiene, you can buy antibacterial towels. It is safe to store them in the bathroom as the silver threads present in the towel fight bacteria. This way, you can keep your bathroom and shower essentials clean and hygienic. 

7. Wall Mounted Bathroom Towel Rack

Large bathrooms have sufficient space for expansive towel racks, so storing your towels is not a challenging task. But when it comes to smaller bathrooms, space is a real concern. 

For such bathrooms, you should not buy racks or shelves which add clutter. Instead, you should opt for a towel holder that has multiple arms or hooks. For this purpose, the wall-mounted bathroom towel rack is a perfect choice.

Such a towel holder is extremely functional as it has multiple hooks that you can use to hang various towels. Furthermore, since this towel holder is made from natural bamboo, it has a wooden texture that will compliment your bathroom’s interior.

The towel holder has a unique structure that looks good when you mount it on a wall. The installation process is simple as you can use screws to hang it on your bathroom wall.

It is durable and sturdy, with a thickness of 0.7 inches. As a result, it does not deform due to the weight of wet towels. 

The surface of the bamboo wood is polished with natural wood wax that gives it a clean finish. Hence, it looks good in your bathroom. 

All you need is a screwdriver and a hammer to mount the towel holder on the bathroom wall. It also comes with rotating hooks so you can position them however you wish. Fortunately, this type of bamboo towel holder does not occupy space in your bathroom.

You can even mount it on the door to save wall space which you can utilize for floating shelves. Overall, it is an extremely durable, space-saving solution for hanging your towels in the bathroom. 

Final Words

Our bamboo towel holder recommendations and reviews provide extensive details about why you should buy them. 

These seven towel holders will not only look good in your bathroom but will also serve their purpose of maximizing storage. However, first, you should consider the size of your bathroom and then make a purchase accordingly.

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